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  1. That roof can easily be auto-roof built. Like DJP mentioned, pay attention to ceiling heights, and also to the way the rooms are situated. When the roof is correct, you can turn OFF auto build roof, and change ceiling heights and walls within the building, to what they are supposed to be.
  2. Just use soffits or box shapes (library) to make the the bottom, cap, and even the post. Size them correctly, add the correct materials, and ctrl drag them into each other. DONE. This IS the "quick fix"! The toe kick CAN be deleted from a cabinet in Suite.
  3. Open the porch "room" dialog box, and check "use soffit".
  4. I don't know why this works... On level 0, uncheck "roof over this room".
  5. You need to experiment with the stair settings.
  6. With Architectural, you will need to use an inverted wedge from the library, to cover it up.
  7. You need to read the instructions.
  8. So, do the same thing that you did up front. The reason it didn't work for you in your video, is because you have to keep a small gap between the dormer wall, and the interior wall.
  9. Maybe this is what you are trying to do?
  10. 1) I do not see that large fir wall designated as a "railing". Draw a railing wall over it, and change it's style in the railing wall dbx, to show only posts to ceiling. 2) On floor 1, delete the wall directly below the balcony railing wall, and the balcony railing will show correctly. 3) The balcony needs to be shortened, and the stairs extended over to it, to avoid bumping into the exterior/roof wall. You can then set the portion of the new wall at the top of the stairs, as "invisible". 4) On floor 2, uncheck "flat ceiling over this room". Architectural does not build rafters, so you will
  11. Jo_Ann

    Terrain problems

    The elevated regions are shown with different hatch patterns. The side walls are regular terrain walls, and the horizontal walls are terrain retaining walls.