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  1. Draw 2 railing walls where those invisible walls are, forming a room that you can select and open. Make sure the walls are aligned with the walls below. Open the room, and uncheck "roof over this room".
  2. I see that you've had the software for more than 6 years, and after 173 forum posts, I sure don't understand why you do not know how to do this?
  3. How deep will the pond be, at the end nearest to the door? At the south end of the far down does that slope? (8', 10'?) I'm trying to replicate your plan more accurately. First you must set the rectangular feature depth, then shape the rectangle to what you want. THEN shape the slab walls around the rectangular feature shape. A flat 6" slab was used for the water.
  4. I think you aren't communicating what you really want. Do you not want the bottom of the pond to follow the slope? Do you just want a flat bottom pool?
  5. I can't tell from looking at the pic...did you recess the rectangular feature as mentioned? Or... did you put 4 slab walls together and add a flat slab of water to the pool? Is there going to be a deck partially around the pool?
  6. As mentioned in an earlier post, you need to set the depth of the rectangular feature, to recess it into the ground.
  7. ??? "This rectangle is following the ground level, which is sloped." Um...that is the general idea for the "pool", because you said the "pond" would be set into the slope. You really need to start posting the images that were asked for, because otherwise, this is all a big guessing game.
  8. For some unknown reason, that pdf would not open. So, yes, resend. If you want anyone to be able to help, you should also post some screenshots of your efforts.
  9. Jo_Ann

    Mansard Roof

    Setting the main roof pitch to 16" looks more like the picture.
  10. Do not post a pdf. I asked you to post a jpeg. Use the rectangular feature (need to set the correct depth) for the basic "recessed into the ground" pool. The rectangular feature can be changed to any shape. Then use the slab. You need to fashion it into a wall. Use several, if that is easier for you. It can be straight or curved. It's easier to raise or lower the height and position of the "wall" in the 3d view.
  11. I think that you need to elaborate more on what your idea of a "pond" is. Maybe post a jpeg of something similar. It would also be helpful to say what depth of the slope you are talking about, and post an image of what you have done in the program so far.
  12. Jo_Ann

    Hiding "Ghost" Line

    Tools > Display Options
  13. Since you have not uploaded the plan, I guessed at replicating it, based on the picture. Using auto build roof, I did not get the same results.