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  1. Jo_Ann

    Dormers won't build opposite each other

    You already HAVE a room to designate a ceiling in. Turn OFF "auto build roof" 1st, then open the room dbx. Set the ceiling to 8' and put a check in the box for "flat ceiling over this room".
  2. Jo_Ann

    Dormers won't build opposite each other

    If you lower the dormer ceiling height to 48", it will build.
  3. Jo_Ann

    Fretwork Ideas

    Step 1. Place and size doorway (10' ?) set with a broken arch (arch height 12") and remove exterior casing. Step 2. Add a backsplash. Step 3. Arch the backsplash, using the doorway arch as a guide. Step 4. Shape/resize the arc . Also reset the facet angle for a smoother arc ( 1° ?). Step 5. Pull the arc away from the wall. Edit it's thickness (4" ?).
  4. Jo_Ann

    Foundations under fences?

    Instead of connecting it to the deck, try placing a room divider wall (perpendicular to the fence), between the fence and the deck (preventing the fence from snapping to the deck).
  5. Jo_Ann

    Fretwork Ideas

    DJP... After creating the backsplash arc, I moved the arc away from the wall (to see it better). Then I centered a soffit in FRONT of the arc. After sizing the soffit (depth,width and reasonable height), I then lowered the soffit to where it would contact the arc. Next, I copied/sticky pasted all the "spindles" (in FRONT of the arc). Because they were all easy to see on the floor plan, it was easy to select all of them (including the arc) and BLOCK them. Using the tab key, it was then easy to select and move each spindle into position, in the 2d view. Then I moved the entire block back into the porch wall.
  6. Jo_Ann

    Fretwork Ideas

    The custom backsplash also works great (used only for the arc portion). Then use soffits for the spindles. Block it all together. The individual spindles can then be selected and resized or moved by use of the "tab" key (no need to unblock). Once made, the block can then be copied/pasted or added to the user library.
  7. Just a suggestion... Flip the bathroom fixtures and relocate the door. Your guests will appreciate you.
  8. Jo_Ann

    Shed roof

    Your ceiling heights do not appear to be, what you say they are.
  9. Jo_Ann

    Best approach for my roof design

    Maybe this will help. Walls marked in red are HIP walls.
  10. Jo_Ann

    Best approach for my roof design

  11. Jo_Ann

    Best approach for my roof design

    The roof shown here, is all done using "auto build roof". So much easier than trying to manually build all the roof planes. The living room vaulted ceiling is done using 2 ceiling planes, set to 15' at their peak. I did only partial ceiling planes, so you can see their pitch difference from the 8/12" default roof pitch, exposed above the ceiling planes. The 8/12" roof pitch does not interfere with the vaulted ceiling height.
  12. Jo_Ann

    Another Roof Plane Question

    There are 3 factors here that will determine that roof build. Ceiling height in the bump-out. Roof pitch on the bump-out. And also the overhang size on the main house wall.
  13. Jo_Ann

    Another Roof Plane Question

    That bump-out looks to be much shorter than 8'.
  14. Jo_Ann

    Another Roof Plane Question

    Reference Manual: With the software open...Top of the toolbar, under "Help", "View Reference Manual". The Reference Manual PDF will load, and you can choose to download it from the "download" option on the top right side of the PDF.
  15. Jo_Ann

    Vertical angle framing

    For some unknown reason, the railing wall you have used, will not accept the backsplash. Build the wall the same way the existing wall with the backsplash is built, then copy/paste the backsplash. P.S. I would block the backsplash X before copy/ paste.