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  1. I think you changed the line color for "fixtures" in the display options.
  2. You haven't answered my last question, about the north side of the house. And it's difficult to communicate with you, because you keep leaving the forum for days or a week.
  3. This roof is complicated for HD Architectural. Based on your floor plan, and dimensions/settings, I have gotten this result. The roof settings, with the various pitches and types, and ceiling heights, are daunting. After looking at the pics of the real house, I think that some of your settings are not accurate, and this can result in some crazy looking roof planes. You did not post a pic of the real house on the north side, so I'm not sure what the roof eaves are supposed to look like on that north wall.
  4. You may think you have posted enough info, but you haven't. What is the 1st floor ceiling height, and what is the height of the 2nd floor knee wall? What is the main roof pitch? Posting a jpeg of the 1st floor plan, and the 2nd floor plan, would be helpful.
  5. Your interior plan needs refining and some creativity. Some food for thought.
  6. For the garage roof, Some trickery is needed. I hope this pic is explanatory enough.
  7. "The pitch change happens a little bit further up". What pitch change are you referring to?
  8. Thanks for moving your post, and thanks for the floor plan image. The main house roof is correct, and you are trying to add a garage addition? It is confusing what the garage roof is supposed to look like. A little more info is needed. Is it supposed to look like this?
  9. You need to post this in the Q& A category. A jpg image of the floor plan would also be useful.
  10. In the floor plan view, select the pdf and delete it or drag it out of the way. The basement walls usually auto build when you draw floor 1.
  11. For building the manual dormer, you can not have "ignore 2nd floor" checked in the build roof dialog. The dormer will otherwise not rise above the roof. The dormer needs another interior wall added to allow it to be selected as a "room". Sometimes the one topic per post, can be a somewhat grey area. Both your problems are roof related.