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  1. Jo_Ann

    Roof over part of porch

    I moved the room divider wall out farther, so it runs into the window, and there is still no problem. You might need to upload the REAL plan for anyone to see why you are getting the attic wall problem.
  2. Jo_Ann

    Problems with Gable over Front Porch

    If a small gable is what you want, then it is easy to do with auto build roof. Place wall breaks on each side of the invisible wall, and set the center of the wall as a gable.
  3. Jo_Ann

    Roof over part of porch

    Is this what you want the roof to look like (extended overhang)?
  4. Are you sure you entered the elevations correctly? -80mm and -80cm are not the same thing.
  5. Jo_Ann

    Adding roof to a deck

    Ditch the thick black ceiling.
  6. Jo_Ann

    Adding roof to a deck

  7. Jo_Ann

    Monitor style roof Barndominium

    If you followed Eric's instructions (which you didn't), then you would get this result.
  8. Jo_Ann

    Monitor style roof Barndominium

    A 4/12" pitch rising across a 13' 7" span is going to rise about 5'. Your center room rises only 30" higher than the side rooms. What did you think would happen?
  9. Jo_Ann


    Put a wall break here, then open the wall (showing as green) and set it to hip roof. Then start lowering the pitch on that wall. You might not like what is showing at the top of the roof, but the program is generating it that way because the roof needs to shed water away from the house wall. If you want to play with the upper pitch setting (roof tab) , you can lower that part of the roof to look better, but still have enough slope to shed water (pic #2).
  10. Jo_Ann

    Creating a triangular hearth

    Slab or custom countertop.
  11. Jo_Ann

    Glitches with Vaulted Shed Roof

    Your first floor roof plane is cutting into the 2nd floor walls. Adjust the roof plane.
  12. Jo_Ann

    Terrain contour "dips" near garage stem wall

    Instead of trying to fashion a complicated elevation detain around the garage, maybe you should consider using french drains?
  13. Jo_Ann

    Porch Roof

    #1. Move the short end wall of the porch inward, until you see the gable of the main house pop up. #2. Lower the pitch on the short wall and the front (porch) wall. #3. Turn on the floor reference, and go to the attic level. Draw an exterior wall (attic wall) over the gable wall below. Open this wall and check the box "no room definition" and "no locate".
  14. Jo_Ann

    Importing lot geometry

    If you want to try DJP's method (I think)... Set the elevation regions as shown, based on your pic. For the garage level to be correct on the terrain, open the terrain perimeter (dbx) and set the "subfloor height above terrain" to -84" (garage foundation needs to be slightly higher than -110"). You have terrain climbing up the foundation wall at the rear of the house. Uncheck the box for "flatten terrain" (in the terrain perimeter dbx) to get rid of that. As you can see, there is usually more than one way to get the same result.
  15. Jo_Ann

    How do I adjust height of house to match my terrain?

    You are getting closer. The flat region should look like this after you have shaped it.