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  1. If the house is still in the design process, I would re-think the half-bath design. Who wants a bathroom opening into the living room, and with a direct view to the toilet?!!
  2. If you don't want to see the roof, while in the 3d view, go to 'display options' and uncheck 'roof planes'.
  3. To prevent (sloped) soffits from interfering with the dollhouse view, place them on the 'attic' level, and then reposition them to where they need to be (height?).
  4. Turn OFF 'auto rebuild roof', then use the paint can to apply different materials to portions of the roof. If you accidentally rebuild the roof, the materials will default back to the original.
  5. It sounds like you are trying to use the 'attic' space as your 2nd floor, and the software does not allow that. Search the Knowledge Base for 'Cape Cod ', and then view the directions for "Automatically Building a One and a Half Story Roof".
  6. If your 2nd floor walls above the kitchen (left and right), are not set as 'gable', then you will have to add a sloped soffit to serve as the vaulted ceiling.
  7. Poor,confusing explanation of what you want it to look like. So, I am guessing. Is this what you want?
  8. Is this what it is supposed to look like?
  9. A word of advice: Snapping stairs to a landing can be very frustrating. Keep at it until you get the hang of it. Landings have to be perfectly sized (side to side) to get the stairs to snap to them.
  10. This is a complicated design for a new user. Too many elements and settings to try to explain, but it can be done. Practice and experience will get you better results. Keep working on it.
  11. This is my interpretation of the type of roof you were trying to build. Full height 2nd floor over the front of the house, story and a half over the living room (new master bedroom), and a story and a half room between the 2, (possible large walk-in closet). Wrap around porch added for the new entry. The porch roof also helps to distract from the top heavy looks of the 2nd floor master bedroom addition. It is unclear what the 1st floor remodel is supposed to look like.
  12. If the label is bothersome, open the tiny cabinet and suppress the label.
  13. I hope that the new architect that you hire has a good sense of design style. You need to clean up / fix the house plan, so that the next plan that you post is more correct. This assists anyone trying to help you.