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  1. Jo_Ann

    Invisible Walls, Soffits, and unwanted Crown Molding

    I think what you are saying, is that using soffits for the trey ceiling will not build your framing correctly, to show a lower wall/ceiling on the exterior family room wall. Maybe this approach will get what you want?
  2. Jo_Ann

    Invisible Walls, Soffits, and unwanted Crown Molding

    Surely you know that you can't raise ceilings with 'auto rebuild roof' turned on, because the roof will rebuild to accomodate the taller ceilings? If you raise the buffet-hutch to the default height of 94.6", the knobs won't be up in the air.
  3. Jo_Ann

    Ceiling rendering too low

    On the top tool bar: Edit>Default Settings>Floors and Rooms>Current Floor. Set your ceiling height. Do this for each floor. If it doesn't auto reset, then ... On the top toolbar: Edit>Reset Defaults. Put a check mark in All Floors, Ceiling Heights, and Floor Heights.
  4. Jo_Ann

    Ceiling rendering too low

    Open one of those windows and post a pic of the dialog settings box.
  5. Jo_Ann

    Invisible Walls, Soffits, and unwanted Crown Molding

    Try this work-around. The invisible wall placement is strategic. You will also have to realign the attic wall above it. Looks like you have a lot of upper cabinet fixing to do. Did you notice that your hall country buffet has knobs above it in the air?
  6. Jo_Ann

    Invisible Walls, Soffits, and unwanted Crown Molding

    Open the invisible wall with the unwanted crown molding, and change it to a room divider wall. Both problems go away.
  7. Jo_Ann

    Hood crown molding

    You should have started a new thread for your question. Suite does not allow you to add molding to soffits or wall cabinets. However, you might be able to work around this. The plan template you chose to begin with, evidently does not offer a wall cabinet with crown molding. But other plan templates, DO. Open a 'new' plan (try the 'Traditional' template) and vertically tile it beside your current plan. Place a wall cabinet in the 'Traditional' plan. COPY this cabinet. Make your current plan the active plan, go to the top tool bar and edit/paste the copied cabinet into your plan. You can then alter the cabinet door to the style you want, either through it's dialog box door tab, or from the library cabinet doors.
  8. Jo_Ann

    Roof Slope and Knee Walls Help

    Try this.
  9. Jo_Ann

    Roof Slope and Knee Walls Help

    Which of the programs are you using, and what version?
  10. Jo_Ann

    Exterior Pony Wall - Extra Surfaces Keep Appearing

    You have added an exterior wall covering. Select the exterior wall, then press the "tab" key on your keyboard. Open, and delete the wall covering.
  11. Jo_Ann

    Roof Slope and Knee Walls Help

    The one crucial piece of information that you didn't upload, is, the PLAN file.
  12. Jo_Ann

    Why is siding material continuing through windows?

    Beautiful remodel. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you did a good job with using the software program, too.
  13. Jo_Ann

    A few truss questions

  14. Jo_Ann

    Ceiling surface not displayed

    Posting your plan will get a quick answer instead of all the guessing.
  15. Jo_Ann

    Scrolling plans

    Look under the 'View' tab on the tool bar.