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  1. Jo_Ann

    Attic Walls above open areas won't appear in 3D view.

    Like Eric said...everything looks correct in newer versions of the plan (I haven't tried opening it in the 2021 version). Pro 2018 opens it looking just like you said, so it must be a glitch that they fixed? The attic walls show correctly in the 2D plan view, so there's nothing to correct there that I can see. the 3D view, select and drag the attic walls into the correct position.
  2. Jo_Ann

    Issues - front overhang, roof lines, front gable

    Everything Eric posted in his videos is 'spot on'. The only thing he didn't address (I believe) is the 2nd floor back wall roof plane. You built the 2nd floor with the back wall directly over the 1st floor back wall. Move that wall (2nd floor back wall) closer to the front (gabled wall) until the roof plane is where you want it.
  3. Jo_Ann

    Vaulted ceiling

    Is it the invading/protruding part of the bedroom roof, into the vaulted living area, what you are referring to? The only way to fix that is to cover it with a carefully set sloped soffit. Place the soffit in the attic level, then drag it down. Placing it on the attic layer, will prevent it from hindering your view of the living area, when using the dollhouse view camera.
  4. Jo_Ann

    HD Suite Roof Question

    This is not perfect, but close. It is all done using only the tools available in Suite (except the gable millwork decorations). The garage roof is enabled by careful use of 2 invisible wall "rooms" with "no roof in this room" setting. One "room" is at the end of the porch (next to garage). The other "room" is on the back wall of the garage (adjacent to the porch). These "rooms" allow better control of the overhangs, that are causing trouble in that area.
  5. Jo_Ann

    HD Suite Roof Question

    This floor plan, in particular, requires some unconventional strategy to get auto build roof to work somewhat correctly. You will be doing a disservice to yourself if you do not also add the porch and the garage bump-out extension, when building this roof.
  6. Jo_Ann

    HD Suite Roof Question

    LawB10, the plan is not corrupted. It was done in an early version of Suite, and that is how it will display. I think the floor and ceiling have no ceiling finish thickness, because SBBranch set it that way for some unknown reason. In this particular plan, I think that drawing all the interior walls before getting the roof correct, is detrimental.
  7. Jo_Ann

    Hangar Help
  8. Jo_Ann

    Dormer Construction Again

    I don't know if this will help you, because all the roof settings are very sensitive to room size and ceiling heights, and this was all done with "auto build roof". If you manage to get your main roof correct, then the projection (at the peak of the main gable) is easy to do with manual roof control. Eric...What happened to your video? Kusmic Lane roof.plan
  9. Jo_Ann

    Stepped floor in garage not working

    That is true. But with Suite, this is probably the only way to make it look correct, and also be a floor that the stairs will respond to. The stair landing method also works, but doesn't look right because the tread overhang can not be removed.
  10. Jo_Ann

    Stepped floor in garage not working

    I see that Suite does not have a foundation wall listed in the wall toolbar. So, draw ANY type of wall on the foundation level, then open it and change it to a stem wall. To fix the garage stairs: 1. delete the stairs 2. On the foundation level, I see that you already have a foundation "divider" wall (creating a "raised area" room). Open that wall and change it to a "room divider" wall (because the foundation type wall is causing problems in the garage level 1). 3. Open the "raised area" room, and change floor (C) to -30" (this raises that area 5"). 4. On the garage level, make sure that the existing " room divider" wall (that you placed?) is aligned with the wall below. 5. Redraw the stairs. You may notice that you now have a gap between the raised area and the garage floor. That is because the "raised area" has been raised 5", but the floor structure slab is only 4" thick. Place a soffit outside the garage on the foundation level, and set it's "floor to bottom" to -28", then move it into position against the foundation "room divider", resize it, and change it's material to concrete. The gap on floor 1 should be gone (covered by the soffit).
  11. Jo_Ann

    Dormer Construction Again

    I'm confused as to which style roof you want, but I think that the roof pitches that you mentioned are not going to work. The shed/dormer, and porch roofs need to be a lower pitch. The main gable needs to be a higher pitch. Which style are you wanting?
  12. Jo_Ann

    Complicated Exterior Siding Challenge

    I think that you are wanting to bring more attention to the height of the house, and divert attention from the really long length of the structure? I would start with the front door. Adding a sidelight gives the entry more impact. Make the front porch wider, so that you can add board & batten siding in that area for interest (also gives the porch more oomph). Add the stone to the entire front bay projection. Lastly...window boxes added beneath the 2 smaller windows help to visually elongate/heighten that area (at very little cost), and add some seasonal color.
  13. Jo_Ann

    extend only one eve of a she roof

    If you have turned OFF "auto build roof" (as per your last post), then why would you think that your overhang should rebuild?
  14. Jo_Ann

    wall definitions

    You should be seeing these dialog boxes. You would then choose 16" oc from the library drop down, that also shows.
  15. Jo_Ann

    Roof Alignment Struggles

    It has nothing to do with the pitch of the roof. Extend the left wall across as shown. In the new "room" that is highlighted, start lowering the ceiling until the roof blends with the roof on the left.