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  1. You said, "The Architectural upgrade is not much different than what I already have...Suite 2023". You are mistaken. There is a lot of difference between Architectural and Suite. On the Home Designer website, look at the comparison chart for Suite versus Architectural. Architectural has many more important features that are not available with Suite. To name a few: Sloped soffits, custom countertop, custom backsplash, Architectural Blocks, pony walls, vector view. These features are useful in many other ways, other than what their names imply. The scalloped trim was done using a custom backsplash.
  2. Some items you just have to create for yourself. In my example, I used 'grab bars', sized correctly and placed on the window. When all the bars have been placed, select/group them, and block the group. The grab bars are available in the bonus catalog download, Accessible Design.
  3. Assuming, you want a frame around the glass? Easiest way? Find a picture frame in the library that will let you substitute glass for the pic in the frame.
  4. You should know by now, that something like this should be posted in Q&A.
  5. DJP...That is exactly what I did. I don't know why your backsplash wouldn't stay in place on the cabinet front. My backsplash is 1/2" thick, and stayed where I put it.
  6. That is why I suggested he re-read the previous posts. Eric suggested using the custom backsplash.
  7. I think that you need to re-read the advice that was posted. The soffit was only added as a way to add a molding to the cabinet, just below the ceiling.
  8. You are still fooling with this?! walk out basement egress court basic.plan
  9. Uncheck auto rebuild roof. Use the paint can to apply material of your choice to each roof. You CAN NOT rebuild the roof, or the material will default to the original. ALSO, if you open the roof dialog, and click on 'ok', or hit 'the keyboard 'enter', the roof WILL auto rebuild.
  10. Robborito, ?...You can add a soffit with a molding at the top of the cabinet. You could use a wedge shape at the side end of the cabinet to follow the ceiling slope. But the program does not allow sloped moldings.
  11. The Fredo649 profile joined the forum 5 years ago, and has 147 posts. The questions you have asked, don't really make sense for someone with Fredo649's experience with the software. Are you a new user using this profile?
  12. ??? I suppose that YOU understand what you are trying to describe, but I doubt that anyone else does.
  13. Strange set-up. I'm guessing that you need to keep the railing to keep the 'loft' room, but you want to remove the roof protrusions? Add a wall break near each end of the rail wall. Open each outer portion and make them invisible. The white portion sticking out of the roof, is the diagonal railing. Why are those other railing walls there? If you want to see a 3d view of the loft, with the 3d view selected, open tools > display---and uncheck ceiling surfaces, and roof planes.
  14. Open the front wall of the porch, and lower the roof pitch to about 2", and see if that makes a difference. You really need to look at some of the video tutorials, or some of the roof articles in the Knowledge Base.
  15. Your explanation is not really clear about what the front roof lines of the house should look like. But I think Suite can do it. You need to read up about roofs and wall settings, in your reference manual, and the knowledge base articles.
  16. The solution is in the upper/lower pitch settings on the long outer wall of the deck. Look at the options and start experimenting.
  17. The roof is very easy to let the roof auto-build. The only difference in this article, is that your sun room (porch) will be built on floor 1. Scroll down and pay special attention to the upper-lower directions for the roof.
  18. I followed the directions for the egress window, as I suggested that you try. Of course it became more of an egress 'room', because of it's size.
  19. Why does your file label say x12, and how do you have 'mulled' windows?
  20. In the Knowledge Base search window, type 'egress'. This might get you started on the right track.
  21. If the house is still in the design process, I would re-think the half-bath design. Who wants a bathroom opening into the living room, and with a direct view to the toilet?!!