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  1. I have set the structure on both the first and second floors and they match what I intend. You can see in the pictures that it looks right. But when I go to build the framing with what should be a 16" I-joist they don't match up together. PowerPoint has all the shots of the various windows. Thanks MD CA_Issue_002.pptx
  2. I have a similar question but it has to do with either re-orientating the terrain file so that when I import the house plan it is oriented on the terrain how I want it. Not sure if it is best to orient the terrain file so that the house.plan can remain orthogonal or not. Or is there tools for setting this alignment I just have not come across?
  3. I have created an exterior patio room but when I adjust the floor and ceiling heights to the proper dimensions it is randomly pulling down a section of the 2nd floor (which yes is overhung). There are no obvious break lines in the 2nd floor wall it seems to be completely arbitrary. Pro 2016
  4. Did you ever solve the Baluster issue?  Or are you still using the work around.  Where is the picture that you show with the "correct solution from?  Was that also created in Pro?  If so is it something we can download to look how it was generated?

    Thanks similar problem


    1. ethanjsmith82


      Sorry I didn't see this message from you until just now.  I never did solve the issue.  The picture I showed was from mine, from the pro version.  I honestly don't remember exactly how I rendered it but believe I detailed that in my original post.  Sorry, it's been a while since I messed with this.

  5. Thanks everyone, so there is no way to manually cut a cabinet to create a cavity that you could locate the appliance in? Is that what I am hearing. Correct about the other appliance too, I did figure out a workaround for that one with partitions and a custom counter top.
  6. See how sink is not automatically cutting away the base cabinet, I had read another post about making a cavity in the base cabinet when this occurs but it did not explain what tool to use to do this.
  7. What options are available to modify a base cabinet. I have downloaded 3ds files of appliances but no where can I find an option to set to adjust how they work with cabinets. They simply push the cabinet out of the way or if you overlay them you see parts of the cabinet through the appliance. Is there some Boolean tool for cutting a cabinet so it will look as if the appliance is properly installed in it? 2016 Pro Thanks
  8. How to fill the area in a kitchen with base cabinet, top and backslash? Note it is not allowing me to change the corner of the cabinets to an angle by dragging them
  9. Thanks Eric, but that was the video I was going through. One of the last exercise starts with this house and builds a complex roof but as you mention the download is the completed house. It would be helpful if they paired some of the tutorials with download saves that coincided with the videos but I'll get there. Again thanks for trying!
  10. I am working my way through the training videos. I'm at the part in the basic roof training video where he modifies the Chic Cottage Sample Plan. He mentions that you can download the plan from the site. Which I did but it of course has the roof already finished. A] is there a way to revert the roof to the auto roof. (I tried deleting the roof plan but there are so many other wall mods and dormers etc. I am no where close to the basic construction he is working with. B] is there a different download I am suppose to use that is related to the video. Thanks for your feedback. Michael Dehnel 2016 Pro Still Learning ...
  11. Eric, Does this require me to delete the rooms or the framing and start over or can I select all of the first floor rooms over the full basement somehow to set the this all at once. I am getting mixed results trying to select a room at a time and make the first floor changes. No problem, just trying to learn the pecking order at how I should create these items Thanks Mike
  12. Test upload - not sure if it actually uploaded foundationB001_crawlspace.plan
  13. [Picture "actual"] Is how may basement actual is the blue lines represent the living basement and the magenta represents the crawlspace into my step down family room. trying to represent this in Home Designer. When I select the room that represents the basement and pick "Structure" and deselect all of the "defaults" [Picture room specification] no matter what I do the numbers are still dependent upon some hidden requirement and won't let me actual define the numbers I show in "actual" For example when I enter -23" for Ceiling the Floor Above jumps to -10 3/8 even though I have not change it and the default is unchecked. Ideas of how to represent this basement combination? Thanks for your help! Mike
  14. Interesting solution. So it looks the part but that won't be proper for the framing etc. Did yours just snap the molding in place? My Crown was warping into the bay area so I used a room divider and deleted the crown molding in the bay area but it does not continue across the main room. Thanks again for all the help Mike