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  1. Hi Jo Ann, Can you show me what I'm doing wrong with my HDA 2021? Can you share the file? Hi Eric, Can you share the file ? Thank you Scott
  2. Hi Eric, I have watch your tutorial a few times now and I do not think I have the features you have for the roof and I would need to upgrade to pro to have them. I believe and correct me if I'm wrong but we can only use the auto roof in any ver of HDA? This is why I was trying to start from the beginning to get the roof to work and see what I was doing wrong? As for the drawing being upside down, being a laymen I drew it the way I sit at my computer in the house. Another feature I haven't found yet it the wall height? I was having a difficult time with the height of the backwall which I believe you were able to set in your program. Do you know if HD Pro 2021 is computable to the Chief Architect ver you use?
  3. Hello Eric, Fantastic job you did! the roof is exactly the way it should be! I will take some pictures of the backside of the house tomorrow. Your tutorial is great also! I think some of the tips will work with HDA 2021 but it sounds like I may be best to up-grade to pro if I were to do similar roofs. at lease it looks like the program you have has a lot more features. I did not recall seeing all of the features and universal settings you have in HDA 2021 Thank you for your help with this and i will upload the backside tomorrow Scott
  4. Attached is my original master plan that was generated in HDA8 and converted to HDA2021. MrG1328-Master.plan
  5. Hi Eric, Thank you for replying. Yes I can, I did convert it to the 2021 ver. but I'm so frustrated with the roof I decided to try it from the start with the new program. Attached is the the 1st and 2nd level in HDA 2021.
  6. Thank you for replying, the version is in my signature as advised. let me know if you can't see it and I will see whats wrong. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2021 Up-Grade from HDA 8.0 The roof will be the same on the second floor and I'm trying to learn the roof portion of the program. I should be able to create the roof using only the first level. here is a picture of the 2nd floor from HDA 8 and the picture of the house and it's roof
  7. Greeting's, I have been working using HD ARC since ver 8. I have always had issue with generating the roof of my 1 and 1/2 story California house. so I decided to start from the beginning and get the roof right first. this is my first time on the chat board. sorry for 2 pics. I could figure out how to dleete one. the house is currently only 1 level. after I put the inside corner in and shorten the wide of the house the roof drops. the roof should be level with the rest of the roof. like the bottom right pic