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  1. Thank you. I actually did do that and even though i unchecked the default box, it kept going back to the the default. I ended up changing ceiling finish in main default settings to 0" and that did expose the ceiling joists. Now I have a very pretty blue showing which I assume is padding under plank floor? I do not know how to remove that layer since it does not show up in my components dialog box. Any other suggestions to this matter is appreciated.
  2. I need instruction on how to have my ceiling joists exposed. I can't seem to remove the finished drywall. It's a flat ceiling with wood plank floor above. Framing is built and display is on. I have read all content on "exposed" but still unable to do it.
  3. Thank you but it has fixed itself!
  4. I get a floating soffit to the main roof when I add a porch to the gable end. I haven't found anywhere where this is addressed. Appreciate the help. Lindsay 2-Perspective Full Overview Image.pdf
  5. I'm looking for someone to help me with mastering the program. I'm located in extreme western Maryland. I will travel or welcome someone who would travel here. I almost have it but a little help would go a big way.