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  1. Thanks Roy! It kills me they stopped distinguishing automatic and manual dimensions in the reference display. It makes much more problematic in putting sheets together when you have to factor that all dimensions will be shown, not just manual or automatic.
  2. Are there any controls for this beyond turning on the layer display? The problem with this in HD is the first floor walls display as solid lines and makes it too difficult to see the dimensions of the foundation plan. Would love to see those displayed as dashed lines if possible like I've seen other plans do. Also would love to see if plumbing fixtures could be displayed and locatable in the foundation floor. That would greatly improve the foundation plans for houses built on slabs.
  3. I'm trying to create a custom backsplash over my exterior garage wall, but any portion that extends past the edge of the garage doesn't display. Is there something I'm missing, to make this display? The first picture shows the backsplash with it sitting 4' away from the wall. The second shows it positioned against the wall where I need it, but the left edge of the backsplash wont display. Ignore the roof though, I'm working on it.
  4. I'm even struggling to select the backsplash in the plan view in this version. I can't simply select the backsplash, I have to drag my cursor over it to select it.
  5. I have no problem copy/pasting it away from the building, but as soon as I get it within 16" or so from a wall it will not display in elevation or orthographic view. And as soon as I get it about 6" or so away from the backsplash will snap to the wall. I'm not sure if backsplashes are supposed to behave different than they were in previous versions but I never had any trouble manipulating backsplashes until this version. I use them all the time to model the timber frames in open gables.
  6. Is it possible to model sloped/flared walls similar to the ones seen in the pic around the front door and the garage? I thought I was close using custom backsplash, but the flared portion that I had protruding past the physical wall isn't visible. #2333 SAMPLE PLAN.plan #2333 SAMPLE PLAN.plan
  7. Nevermind. I forgot to check the library. Thanks.
  8. What is a valance? That term isn't in the reference manual.
  9. What would be the best way to model arched exterior trim similar to this picture?
  10. No replies so I guess there isn't something I'm missing. Thats such an odd feature to nuke as its very helpful to control when both automatic and manual dimensions are displayed.
  11. Is it possible to display manual and automatic dimensions separately in the Layer Display box? Where there used to be (HD Pro 21) separate lines for manual and automatic dimensions, now I only see "Dimensions" and it will only hide or display ALL dimensions.
  12. Only way I know of is using the in the sill area of the window specification and use one of the course brick options in the core catalog. I don't think you can specify the angle or anything though. I just gives you the general appearance of a sill
  13. Excellent Solver! Thanks as always! Im definitely going to start using the pony wall tip and the break wall tip there. Like I said I run into this sort of problem on seemingly every plan.
  14. I keep having this issue where it looks like a cross section of an interior wall is visible from the exterior and I can't find a way to get it to go away. The problem only occurs when a roof plane passes the intersection between somewhere between the bottom and top plate. The visible wall is already designated as an attic wall and I really have no idea where how else it could be remedied. The problem wall here is the wall behind the tub-shower upstairs. FREDERICK 2021.plan
  15. Welp. I guess I have to upgrade to 2021 now. Thanks guys! This has been an aggravating problem for me on every plan I do.