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  1. Use the update features in your Library Browser, or download the Cambria catalog for the first time, to be certain you have their latest product selection. Learn more about Cambria, and follow and like them on social. Facebook Instagram
  2. Calling all designers. Now available in the Chief Architect 3D Library, an array of satellite & cellular towers. Accompanied by satellite dishes and other communications equipment. Don’t be out of touch, download today!
  3. Update your library catalogs, or download the Sub-Zero - Wolf catalog for the first time from the 3D Library.
  4. Now available for download! Enhance the relaxing and cozy atmosphere of your outdoor spaces by incorporating modular furniture, matching sofas, and chairs, specifically designed for leisurely comfort. All this available for download from the Chief Architect 3D Library.
  5. We've updated MEP No.1 Energy Sources to include more components for sustainable, off-grid, alternative energy sources like solar, wind, hydro. Use the Update Library Catalog tools to get the latest revision to this catalog if you've already purchased, or visit the 3D Library to download it for the first time today!
  6. Architectural Surfaces is an importer and distributor of natural stone, engineered stone and tile for residential and commercial applications and includes both PentalQuartz and MetroQuartz products. Update your catalog, or download today from the Chief Architect 3D Library. Learn more about Architectural Surfaces on their website.
  7. Did you know that you can discover additional downloadable library items while you are using Home Designer Pro, Architectural, and Suite 2024? Use the "Include Web Results" feature when searching to discover online options, then download and access them directly from the library browser!
  8. Access the latest selection of beautiful blown glass light fixtures from NICHE Modern. Update your library catalogs, or download it from the 3D Library today. Learn more about Niche on their website.
  9. Hey there @jdremo, check out this bonus catalog that is available for download from the 3D Library. Commercial Salon There are a number of other catalogs that you might find useful to use in conjunction with this one, like: Bathroom Accessories Home Spa Poolside and Sauna Retail Commercial Fixtures Task Seating Commercial Supplies Generally, you can see a preview of what is available in the catalog download when you click on the image, then follow the link in the description. Best of luck on your projects!
  10. Hi @UserMjaanes, It looks like our team accidentally miscategorized this catalog as being compatible with Home Designer Pro. Unfortunately, it is not. Branded Cabinet Catalogs are developed for our professional software, Chief Architect Premier, and are accessible through our SSA service program. Chief Architect Premier has the full selection of advanced cabinet editing, schedules, and material take-off tools that make cabinet catalogs like this one appropriate for our professional users. My apologies for the confusion. I've corrected that status of this entry on the 3D Library. If you would like to try cabinet catalogs like this one, you can initiate a monthly subscription to Chief Architect for full access and feature selection. Here is some information on our subscription program: Kindest, Adrean Stephenson Content Development Manager
  11. Hi @joemjr2 Thanks for mentioning this, our team will review the catalog and make additions as necessary. The version number, 2023, doesn't necessarily relate to a date or update process. Updating the catalog is a manual task that our team undertakes, ideally with the input of our brand partners. Until an update is made, there is a relatively easy work around to getting the accurate color you need directly from the Benjamin Moore Website. If you tile your screen so you see the color swatch on the website and the Home Designer UI side-by-side, then follow the steps in this article, you can add HC-182 to your custom color in a matter of moments.
  12. Get the latest bonus catalog additions to add fireplace details to your designs. Fireplaces No.2 Chimneys Fireplaces No.3 Accessories
  13. Chief_Content

    Bonus Catalogs

    Download these catalogs to expand your Library Object Selection! Some catalogs are available for purchase, others are free of charge. Post ideas for future catalogs in the Suggestions forum.
  14. We are proud to announce that we've added Moen as a digital catalog partner! Learn more about Moen and give them a shout, thanking them for making products available for your designs. Website - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
  15. As a result of some user requests, we have created a catalog of Wood Cook Stoves. Use them in kitchen designs and as heat sources, perfect for cabins, off-grid, and tiny homes.