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  1. We are excited to include KitchenAid in our lineup of catalog partner brands! Download the 2025 compatible catalog from the 3D Library, or use the search tool in the Library Browser for direct download.
  2. We've dug up and planted a new selection of items in our 3D Potted Plants catalogs. Add some life and color to your interior and exterior scenes. 3D Plants - Potted No.1 3D Plants - Potted No.2 *Compatible with Home Designer 2025 products.
  3. We've updated the Cambria catalog to reflect their current product lineup. Download or use the Update Library tools to insure your version is current too! Learn more about this catalog partner:
  4. Accessorize your storage spaces with the new Bathroom Linens catalog.
  5. Make sure you use the update tools (or download from the 3D Library) to get the latest digital catalog from our friends at Blum. Learn about their product line: Like and follow on social media and let show your appreciation. Instagram Facebook YouTube
  6. Use these components and clothing groupings to create custom closet spaces.
  7. The market for environmentally friendly and sustainable construction materials is increasing, and Moso Bamboo Products is at the forefront with its inventive range of building materials made from bamboo. Learn more about their products: Show them some love on social media: Instagram Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Check out their catalog today. Update your existing catalog directly from the Library Browser.
  8. Help us welcome our new catalog partner Arrange-A-Space by downloading the catalog! Learn more about their product selection: Custom Closet and Storage Solutions design is a hot topic, choose from this catalog's selection of products to create beautiful and useful spaces.
  9. Create classic storage solutions with stylish wardrobes and armoires. Download this catalog today.
  10. Are there specific brand catalogs that you would like to us in your Home Designer software, but aren't available from the 3D Library? Although there are some feature limitations that prevent access to all brand types (like cabinets, for example), Appliance, Fixture, Surfaces, Furniture, and many other types of objects can be made for your software to represent brand products you would like to specify in real life. Be a catalog brand advocate! Your voice is more powerful than you might think. This blog post covers some ways to represent brands that aren't currently available as Chief compatible catalogs. You'll also find messaging to help draw attention to the available brand partner opportunities in catalog development. When you reach out to your favorite brands on Social Media, make sure you tag @ChiefArchitect. This will notify us as well so we can join the conversation!
  11. Add softness and comfort to your scenes using this selections of blankets, throws, and comforters perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other lounging spaces. Download the Linens No.1 catalog from the 3D Library, or search for it using the web search features in the Library Browser. What other items would you like to see in your designs? Reach out with examples to Are there favorite brands on your mind? Contact your rep or comment on their social media posts and let them know you want a Chief Architect compatible catalog. Make sure to tag us too using @ChiefArchitect so we can join the conversation.
  12. New year, new trends. Discover 2024’s Color of the Year announcements from our catalog partners Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams. Download them in the Chief Architect 3D Library or update your catalogs right from the library browser. What do you think of this year's color choices? Share your thoughts in the comments.
  13. Download this selection of volutes and transition objects for handrails. Manually place the decorative pieces and use the <CTRL> + Move features to align them into place. Adjust with resize and rotate handles.
  14. The last of our Limited Edition 2023 catalogs, Holiday Ornaments, is available right now! These ornaments are sure to spice up any holiday scene and is available until the Chief Grinch takes it away on Dec. 27!
  15. We are excited to welcome True Residential as our latest brand partner! Join us on Instagram LIVE, Tuesday, December 5th, to learn more about the company and their products. Visit True Residentials website: And follow and like on social media: Instagram Facebook