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    Bonus Catalogs

    Download these catalogs to expand your Library Object Selection! Some catalogs are available for purchase, others are free of charge. Post ideas for future catalogs in the Suggestions forum.
  2. Find our newest catalog partner, Blum, on the 3D Library! This catalog features the hardware from Blum's product line including hinges, slides, and inserts. Place these elements independently in your designs to be reflected in your Materials Take-offs and 3D Views.
  3. SSA Members are NOT charged for these. These catalogs are intended for Home Designer user only. Please read the description on the 3D Library. For Chief SSA Members:
  4. Get the latest updates and product selections in the updated catalog from The Galley on the 3D Library! Follow The Galley on Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Have you visited the 3D Library to see the recent additions? Don't miss out on the new lighting and style catalogs that we've recently made available for download!
  6. This blog post covers some ways to represent brands that aren't currently available as Chief compatible catalogs. We also offer some messaging to help draw attention to the available brand partner opportunities in catalog development.
  7. Hi @boozilla47933, which version of Home Designer are you using? We updated the catalog for 2021 to included additional items that may not be in the previous versions. It looks as though we didn't include notes that describe this difference. If you are using a version prior to 2021, please contact our customer service team and they can issue a return for this catalog if you would like
  8. The content team is continuing to work towards offering more catalogs for download to expand your decor and product options. Here are some of the most recent additions, in case you haven't gotten them yet. Brands: Mercury Mosaics Bonus: 3D Plants - Annuals 3D Plants - Bulbs 3D Plants - Climbers 3D Plants - Edible Garden 3D Plants - Vases and Pots No.2 (check out this fun announcement video) Cabinet Doors No.2 Cabinet Hardware No.2 Exterior Fence Panels No.2 Hobbies No.1 Gardening If there are brands that you would like to see available as Chief Architect digital catalogs, please reach out to your reps. or directly through social media posts to let them know how useful downloads are for you. You can tag @chiefarchitect when you post to include us in the conversation, and share our partner information: Please send requests for bonus content to:
  9. It looks like you might have a room divider where your color changes. We'll need to see the plan to be sure, but I'm guessing if you made the kitchen and outer area one room, then you'd get a more consistent floor. Let us know how it goes.
  10. Chief Architect's Content Team has recently released new and updated catalogs. Visit the 3D Library to download these and see what else you may have missed. Brand Catalogs: Dacor The Quarry Mill Bonus Catalogs: Accessories No.12 Family Command Center Commercial No.3 Facilities Management Design Trends No.1 Maximalism / Biophilia Door Hardware No.5 Interior Knobs Kids No.2 Kitchen Accessories No.6 Containers MEP No.7 Exhaust Fans
  11. Over the years, the Content Team has been working to provide state-of-the art tools to improve your designs. In 2018 we added realism to your kitchen designs, in 2019 we helped bring super-shine to your floors. We are happy to be working on your behalf again with the release of our latest utility - Home Accessories. You'll find easy ways to quickly emphasize traits of the houses you design. Make your smart house smarter, your cottage cuter, and your southwestern more... well, western. Visit the 3D Library soon, these will only be available for a limited time!
  12. As we wrap up 2019, we are glad to get an opportunity to look back at the catalogs we've been able to release and update for our users! Have you gone to the 3D Library and Downloaded catalogs in the last few months? If not, here are some of our recent offerings you can expect to find. Brand Catalogs: The Galley Bonus Catalogs: Accessories No.11 Signs Docks and Waterways Lighting No.14 Mirrors MEP No.6 Specialty Electrical Man Cave No.6 Sports Fanatic Man Cave No.7 Audiophile Materials Fabric / Wallpaper No.2 Tack Room We've also made updates to a variety of catalogs, make sure your use the Update Library Catalog feature to ensure you have the latest content!
  13. As 2018 came to a close, so did many updates and additions of HD 2019 Catalogs! If you haven't gotten the latest versions for your designs, I implore you to make this one of the easiest New Year's Resolutions to check off of your list. Use the Update Library command to automatically get the latest updates, and visit the 3D Library to see what's new-to-you. Our recent releases: PentalTek Accessories No.10 Bells and Chimes Corbels and Brackets No.2 Shelving Corbels and Brackets No.3 Gable Country Primitives / Farmhouse No.1 Country Primitives / Farmhouse No.2 Door Hardware No.4 Doorbells Home Essentials No.3 Security Man Cave No.1 Outdoorsman Man Cave No.2 Hot Rod Man Cave No.3 Gamer Man Cave No.4 Brew Master MEP No.4 Fire Sprinklers Storage No.6 Shelving Units As always, we love to hear from you! If you have suggestions for new content and branded catalogs, please get in touch:
  14. Thanks HeliDude, there is a description at the 3D Library where we host the catalog. I would love to know what other expectations you have so that we can do a better job here.
  15. 3D Library - Kitchen Accessories No.4 Barware A nearly complete set of glassware and barware will outfit your spaces like the best mixologist. Fourth of 5 catalogs refreshed and derived from the "Kitchen Accessories" group of items. Items included: Kitchen Accessories No.4 Barware Cocktails and Goblets Banquet Goblet Glass Cosmopolitan Cocktail Glass Footed Irish Coffee Glass Footed Rocks Glass Goblet Schooner Glass Hurricane Glass Highballs and Beer Glasses Cooler Glass Double Bulge Iced Tea Glass Faceted Cooler Glass Footed Pilsner Glass Highball Footed Glass Highball Tumbler Glass Iced Tea Glass Pilsner Glass Pilsner Weizen Glass Pint Glass Pub Pint Glass Seidel Glass Zombie Glass Service Brandy Service Tray Martini Pitcher Pitcher Shaker Shots and Aperitifs Cordial Glass Double Shooter Glass Footed Cordial Glass Marked Shot Glass Sherry Glass Shot Glass Single Shooter Glass Stemware Brandy Snifter Flute Glass Footed Iced Tea Glass Grande Wine Glass Margarita Saucer Glass Margarita Welled Glass Martini Glass Poco Grande Glass Red Wine Glass Teardrop Goblet Glass White Wine Glass Tumblers Beverage Tumbler Glass Double Rocks Glass Old Fashioned Glass Rocks Glass