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  1. Over the next few days, we hope that you get to take a moment celebrate the things you are thankful for. In honor of the season (for a limited time) our content team is hosting some autumn colors to use in your scenes. Download the catalog now on the 3D Library before it gets raked away!
  2. Chief_Content

    Bonus Catalogs

    Download these catalogs to expand your Library Object Selection! Some catalogs are available for purchase, others are free of charge. Post ideas for future catalogs in the Suggestions forum.
  3. Moso® develops and creates bamboo products for interior and exterior applications that meet the highest technical requirements and quality standards, enhance the beauty of applications and are made from the sustainable, renewable resource Moso bamboo. Download Moso Bamboo from the Chief Architect 3D Library today. Learn more about Moso on their website.
  4. Hidden Treasures IGSQ.MP4 For a limited time only! Do you ever wonder what lurks behind the walls of your home? What treasures might be hidden? Find out what awaits you beneath the surface in this limited edition catalog. Get them before they go back in hiding.
  5. New catalogs to help you plan work spaces! Download Tools and Shop into your Library Browser inventory
  6. Are you designing wine cellars or looking for solutions to beautifully display a wine collection? Download our newest catalog from Kessick. Estate by Kessick Wine as Art (by Kessick Wine Storage Systems)
  7. Blum manufactures cabinet hardware including soft-close hinges, slides, metal drawer boxes and lift systems that are designed to last for the lifetime of the cabinet in any application throughout the home. Find Blum in the Chief Architect 3D Library and include this high-quality hardware in your next design. To learn more about Blum and the products they offer, visit their website. Get the latest update from Blum's product line. Use the "Update Library Catalog" command, or download it for the first time from the 3D Library.
  8. Timeless design and enduring quality are what you get with Cambria Surfaces. Cambria is American made and family owned. They are defined by their values, animated by passion, committed to sustainability, and focused on their customers. Cambria products are made of the finest quartz. They are distinctively durable, nonabsorbent, easy to maintain and backed with robust service, support, and a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty. Make your next project stunning. Download or update your Cambria Surfaces catalog today. Learn more about Cambria on their website
  9. We've refreshed the selections available from partner brand Kohler in 2023 versions. Use the Update Library Catalog tool or download Kohler for the first time today!
  10. We've merged the PentalQuartz and MetroQuartz catalogs together in X14 to create the Architectural Surfaces Catalog! This includes the latest solid surfaces and natural stone products from their line-up. Download it today!
  11. Get the latest selection of GE's appliances for your Home Designer 2023 catalog. Visit the 3D Library to download it for the first time, or use the Library>Update Library Catalogs feature to automatically get the latest version.
  12. Get the latest selection from our partner brand, Diamond Kote.
  13. Get the latest updates and selection from Blum! Visit the 3D Library to get this and other catalog downloads.
  14. Use the Update Library Catalogs tool, or visit the 3D Library to access the latest updates from Cambria!