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Digital Doorbells, Wireless Security Cameras, Motion Sensors, and Control Consoles covers home security for our modern lives.

Items included:

Home Essentials No.3 Security
        Security Camera 1
        Security Camera 1 Wall Mount
        Security Camera 2 Motion Sensor
        Security Camera 2 Motion Sensor Flood Light
        Security Camera 3
        Security Camera 4
        Security Camera 4 Wall Mount
        Security Camera 5
        Security Camera 6
        Security Camera 7
        Security Camera 8 Wall Mount
        Security Camera 9 Ceiling Mount
    Control Panels
        Security System Control Center 1
        Security System Control Center 2
        Security System Control Center 3
        Security System Keypad 1
        Security System Keypad 2
        Security System Touchpad 1
        Security System Touchpad 2
        Security System Touchpad 3
        Security Doorbell 1
        Security Doorbell 2
        Security Doorbell 3
    Sensors and Alarms
        Motion Sensor 1
        Motion Sensor 2
        Motion Sensor 3
        Motion Sensor 4
        Motion Sensor 5 Landscaping
        Motion Sensor Floor Light
        Motion Sensor Light

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In the South, a scroll "wrought iron"  Porch column. . 

I want to recollect . . that I saw a " S " shaped item, that I could use to assemble a column . . 

In which catalog would I find these items. . ?


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