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    Catalog Downloads - Lighting and More

    Have you visited the 3D Library to see the recent additions? Don't miss out on the new lighting and style catalogs that we've recently made available for download!
  2. Chief_Content

    3D Lighting Items - No.17

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Lighting No.17 Modern light sources to illuminate your work. Includes: Lighting No.17 Canister Canister Multi Light Chandelier Canister Multi Light Floor Lamp Canister Pedant Catarra Catarra Chandelier Catarra Duo Chandelier Circular Circular Style Floor Lamp Circular Style Pendant Circular Style Table Lamp Cloris Cloris 2 Light Bath Bar Cloris 3 Light Bath Bar Cloris 4 Light Bath Bar Cloris Wall Sconce Contemporary Contemporary Chandelier Contemporary Pendant Franc Franc Double Sconce Franc Pendant Franc Sconce Franc Semi Flush Fixture Idriss Idriss Reading Lamp Idriss Sconce Mystic Mystic Ceiling Fixture Mystic Floor Lamp Tube Rectangle Tube Chandelier Round Tube Chandelier
  3. Chief_Content

    3D Lighting Models No.18

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Lighting No.18 Fresh and friendly fixtures will light up your looks. Includes: Darcey Darcey 2 Light Vanity Darcey 3 Light Vanity Darcey 4 Light Vanity Darcey Light Fixture Darcey Pendant Darcey Wall Sconce Drum Drum Chandelier Drum Floor Lamp Drum Pendant Light Drum Table Lamp Estelle Estelle Chandelier Estelle Wall Sconce Henry Henry Bath Vanity Henry Wall Sconce Hoop Hoop 4 Light Chandelier Hoop 6 Light Chandelier Kerry Kerry Foyer Light Kerry Wall Sconce Macy Macy 2 Light Bath Bar Macy 3 Light Bath Bar Macy Wall Sconce Sampson Sampson Flush Mount Sampson Table Lamp Sampson Wall Sconce Sunset Sunset Sconce Sunset Vanity 2 Sunset Vanity 3 Sunset Vanity 4
  4. Chief_Content

    3D Lighting Objects

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Lighting No.16 Contemporary and homey lighting sets for scene brightening options. Includes: Alice Alice 3 Light Vanity Alice Pendant Alice Wall Sconce Ashmoore Ashmoore 1 Light Flush Mount Ashmoore 4 Light Chandelier Ashmoore Flush Mount Ashmoore Island Light Ashmoore Pendant Ashmoore Wall Sconce Briny Briny Cluster Pendant Briny Pendant Clayton Clayton 2 Light Vanity Clayton 3 Light Vanity Clayton 4 Light Vanity Clayton Sconce Conservatory Conservatory Pendant Conservatory Sconce Main Street Main Street 3 Light Vanity Main Street 4 Light Vanity Main Street Pendant Main Street Wall Sconce Stacey Stacey 3 Light Vanity Stacey Mini Pendant Stacey Pendant Stacey Wall Sconce Vintage Cage Vintage Cage Flush Mount Vintage Cage Pendant
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    Bonus Catalogs

    Download these catalogs to expand your Library Object Selection! Some catalogs are available for purchase, others are free of charge. Post ideas for future catalogs in the Suggestions forum.
  6. Chief_Content

    Restaurant Supply

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Restaurant Supply Restaurant Supply. Fixtures, furniture, and accessories geared toward the food service industry. Items included: Restaurant Supply Display Cases Counter Display Case Dual Display System Heated Display Heated Display w/ Shelves Heated Pizza Display Hotdog Roller Grill Popcorn Popper Pretzel Warmer Produce Display Refrigerated Display Retail Shelving Single Display Cabinet Vertical Display Food Prep Back Bar Cooler Baker's Table Baking Rack Baking Rack Tall Bar Sink Bottle Cooler Cocktail Station 1 Cocktail Station 2 Commercial Range Commercial Range Wide Countertop Pizza Oven Draft Beer Cooler Heated Holding Cabinet Portable Draft Cooler Soup Warmer Underbar Sink Food Service Booster Seat Chafing Dish Check Wheel Coffee Airpot Coffee Airpot Brewer Coffee Brewer Coffee Grinder Coffee Urn Coffee Warming Plate Condiment Dispenser Dry Bar 1 Dry Bar 2 Dry Bar 3 Large Capacity Percolator Lid Dispenser Milkshake Mixer Retro Straw Dispenser Smoothie Bar Straw Dispenser Street Vendor Cart
  7. Chief_Content

    Vehicles No.4

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Vehicles No.4 Vehicles No.4 Aircraft Cessna Helicopter Emergency Ambulance Fire Chief Police Car Pumper Fire Truck Tiller Fire Truck Transit City Bus
  8. Chief_Content

    Crime Scene and Fire Investigation

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Crime Scene and Fire Investigation Crime Scene and Fire Investigation Add-on Expansion Pack. Items included: Crime Scene and Fire Investigation Aircraft Boeing 727 Cessna F16 Helicopter Crime Scene Arrow Body Bullet Hole Caution Tape Female Footprint Left Female Footprint Right Female Footprints Fingerprint Handprint Male Footprint Left Male Footprint Right Male Footprints North Arrow Wind Direction Emergency Access & Callouts Access Automatic Sprinkler Egress Electric Panel Fire Alarm Annunicator Fire Alarm Control Panel Fire Bell Fire Department Connection Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher in Case Fire Hydrant Fire Sprinkler Gas Shut-off Hazard Key Box North Arrow Post Indicator Valve Roof Access Smoke Detector Sprinkler Riser Standpipe Water Shut-off Fire Fire 1 Fire 2 Fire 3 Fire 4 Fire 5 Fire 6 Fire 7 Objects Bottle Camera Camera On Tripod Classic Vase Claw Hammer First Aid Kit Flashlight Ladder Pipe Wrench Pliers Scissors Screwdriver Shovel Tape Measure Telephone Traffic Cone Roadside Bus Stop Modern Bus Stop Phone Booth Signs BIKE ROUTE Crosswalk Dangerous Curves DO NOT ENTER FIRST AID Handicap Sign Handicapped Crossing Hospital Arrow Hospital H NO PARKING NO PASSING ZONE ONE WAY RAILROAD CROSSING Sharp Turn SPEED LIMIT 15 SPEED LIMIT 35 SPEED LIMIT 45 SPEED LIMIT 60 STOP WRONG WAY YIELD Surveillance Cameras Dome Camera Exterior Camera Interior Camera (ceiling) Interior Camera (wall mounted) Motion Sensor Traffic Signals Flashing 4-way Traffic Signal Traffic Signals on Poles Trains Train Caboose Train Car Train Engine Vehicles Automobiles Full-Sized Truck Hatchback Large SUV Minivan Pickup Truck Sedan Sports Car - Convertible Wagon Emergency Vehicles Ambulance Fire Chief Police Car Pumper Fire Truck Tiller Fire Truck Recreation Vehicles ATV Bicycle Motorcycle Ski Boat Trailers Cargo Trailer Flatbed Trailer Weapons Bullets 22 LR 3 In 12 Ga Shotgun Shell 32 ACP 357 Magnum 38 Special 38 Super 44 Magnum 45 ACP 45 Magnum 9mm Baseball Bat Bomb Box Knife Dynamite Hatchet Knife M16 MP5 Revolver Rifle Semiautomatic Shotgun
  9. Chief_Content

    Grouped Kitchens

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Grouped Kitchens Grouped Kitchens Galley Kitchen Island Kitchen Kitchen 01 Kitchen 02 Kitchen 03 Kitchen 04 Kitchen 05 Kitchen 06 Kitchen 07 Kitchen 08 Kitchen 09 Kitchen 10 Kitchen Office L Kitchen Peninsula Kitchen Range w/ Hood Range w/ Microwave Hood U Kitchen Vaulted Kitchen Vent Hood Wet Bar
  10. Chief_Content

    Ceiling Fans and Lighting Models

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Lighting No.15 Ceiling Fans Circulate the air in style. Items Included: Fan Only Blade Ceiling Fan Enclosed Ceiling Fan Flyte Ceiling Fan Orbit Ceiling Fan Propel 3 Ceiling Fan Propel 5 Ceiling Fan Sprite Ceiling Fan Windpump Ceiling Fan With Lighting Bright Ceiling Fan Caged Ceiling Fan Chandelier Ceiling Fan Condor Ceiling Fan Cranberry Ceiling Fan Daisy Ceiling Fan Hanger Ceiling Fan Houston Ceiling Fan Lanai Ceiling Fan Lola Ceiling Fan Marker Ceiling Fan Orchard Ceiling Fan Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan 1 Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan 2 Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan 3 Spiral Ceiling Fan Stained Glass Ceiling Fan
  11. Chief_Content

    Globe 3D Models

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Accessories No.15 Globes It is easy to change your world-view when you have a selection of globes and maps like these to choose from. Items Included: Globes Anderson Floor Globe Antique Desk Globe Axis Desk Globe Axis Floor Globe Barrel Floor Globe Classroom Globe Compass Desk Globe Deco Desk Globe Desk Globe Desktop Globe Farley Floor Globe Flared Floor Globe Floor Globe Globe Bar Metal Desk Globe Mid Century Desk Globe Nest Desk Globe Obelisk Globe Orbit Desk Globe Pendant Globe Light Queen Anne Floor Globe Scroll Stand Globe Star Desk Globe Trident Globe Tripod Globe Maps World Map Antique World Map Beige World Map Black World Map Blue World Map Bronze World Map Frost World Map Grid
  12. Chief_Content

    Backyard Ponds and Water Features

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Backyard Ponds and Water Features Use these items to create ponds and water features. Includes koi pond necessities, aquatic plants, and special water items to add an extra touch to your renderings. Items Included: Accessories Automatic Fish Feeder Automatic Fish Feeder on Stand Fish Transport Tank Floating Thermometer Waterfall Reservoir Box Biology Aponogeton distachyos (Water Hawthorn) Colocasia esculenta (Taro) Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) 1 Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) 2 Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) 3 Floating Planter Koi Fish 1 Koi Fish 2 Koi Fish 3 Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) 1 Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) 2 Nymphaea (Hardy Water Lily) 1 Nymphaea (Hardy Water Lily) 2 Pistia stratiotes (Water Lettuce) School of Koi Fish Typha spp 1 Typha spp 2 Typha spp 3 Victoria (Giant Water Lily) 1 Victoria (Giant Water Lily) 2 Filtration and Mechanical Aeration Puck Air Diffuser Air Pump Algae Float Filter Bottom Drain Filter Ball Filter Balls Gate Valve Inline Filter Pond Drain Pond Filter Pond Return Pond Skimmer Prefilter Attachment Pump Basin Rotary Filter Box Submersible Filter Tangental Pond Return UV Inline Filter Water Pump Waterfall Filter Lighting LED Garden & Pond Light LED Outdoor Light Waterfall Light Materials Geotextile Underlayment Pond Water Pond Water Rippled Pond Water with Duckweed Pre-configured Ponds Koi Pond Block Pond Block Water Features Bell Fountain Curtain Waterfall Faucet Water 1 Faucet Water 2 Floating Fountain Pool Edge Fountain 1 Pool Edge Fountain 2 Pool Edge Fountain 3 Pool Ripples Pool Spout Rock Waterfall Shower Spray Water Jet Water Ripples Waterfall 1 Waterfall 2 Waterfall 3 Waterfall 4 Waterfall 5 Wet Footprint 1 Left Wet Footprint 1 Right Wet Footprint 2 Left Wet Footprint 2 Right Wet Footprints 1 Wet Footprints 2
  13. Chief_Content

    Boho Style Inspiration

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Boho No.1 An eclectic and peaceful collection to aid in visualizing scenes for calm, meditation, and mindfulness. Items Included: Accessories Ammonite Fossil Conch Crystal - Amethyst Crystal - Dark Crystal - Quartz Crystal Pendulum Incense Incense Cone Meditation Coloring Book Singing Bowl Smudge in Shell Lighting Basket Pendant Light Himalayan Salt Lamp Oversized Drum Pendant String Light Tripod Lamp Seating Box Chair Floor Bed Footed Pouf High-back Boho Dining Chair Meditation Chair Peacock Ratan Chair Reed Bundle Bench Soft Floor Platform Swirl Ottoman Stool Upholstered Bench Hairpin Legs Wicker Chair Tables and Storage Block Coffee Table Gina Side Table K-Base Dining Table Round Tripod Coffee Table Slate Coffee Table Sliding Barn Door Cabinet Tree End Table Wall Decor Driftwood Wall Art Feather Wall Decal Feathers Lotus Flower Wall Decal Mandala Wall Decal Metal Feather Wall Art Triangle Mirror Yoga Cushions and Meditation Floor Pillow Meditation Cushion Meditation Floor Mat Neck Pillow Tatami Floor Cushion Thai Floor Mat Thai Triangle Cushion Thai Triangle Mat - Folded Thai Triangle Mat - Unfolded Transcendence Meditation Chair
  14. Chief_Content

    Lighting No.01

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Lighting No.01 Lighting No.01 Lamps Desk Lamp Desk Lamp 2 Easel Lamp Ellington Floor Lamp Modern Lamp Swing Arm Lamp Tripod Floorlamp Pendants Artichoke Pendant Caged Pendant Simple Pendant Star Pendant Shell Lighting Shell Chandelier Long Shell Chandelier Short Shell Floor Lamp Halogen Art Light
  15. This blog post covers some ways to represent brands that aren't currently available as Chief compatible catalogs. We also offer some messaging to help draw attention to the available brand partner opportunities in catalog development.
  16. Chief_Content

    Boho Style 3D Objects

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Boho No.2 The natural and lush materials and shapes in this catalog will help you create cozy, comfortable, and relaxing atmospheres. Items included: Accessories Burl Bowl Essential Oil Essential Oil Diffuser Global Jar Large Ring Planter Lotus Candle Holder Stacked Rocks 1 Stacked Rocks 2 Tall Planter Vase on Planter Stand Fur Accessories Furry Blanket Furry Blanket 2 Furry Indoor Swing Furry Pillow Furry Rug Furniture Antique Buffet Cabinet Colossal Coffee Table Corner Coat Rack Slab Coffee Table Lighting Bee Hive Light 1 Bee Hive Light 2 Bee Hive Light 3 Macrame and Weaving Boho Hammock Dreamcatcher 1 Dreamcatcher 2 Macrame Wall Hanging 1 Macrame Wall Hanging 2 Macrame Wall Hanging 3 Macrame Wall Hanging 4 Seating A-Frame Chair Bentwood Arm Chair Cane Chair Curved Side Chair Hollow Frame Chair Hoop Chair Hoop Side Table Platform Sofa Pod Suspended Chair Reed Chair Reed Footstool Retro Footstool Sling Chair Stretched Canvas Rocking Chair Upholstered Bench Wavy Chair
  17. Chief_Content

    Commercial No.9 Retail

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Commercial No.9 Retail Commercial No.9 Retail Display Business Card Holder Domed Sample Tray Drink Cooler Gondola Front Greeting Card Display Jewelery Display Magazine Rack Merchandise Display Rack Mobile Kiosk Newpaper Dispenser Retail Clothing Rack Retail Display Retail Display Cabinet Retail Shelving Round Clothing Display Tiered Clothing Display Vintage Dress Form Watch Display Purchasing Card Reader Cash Drawer Cash Register Digital Cash Register Digital Register Receipt Printer Shopping Call Bell Gift Bag Gifts Grocery Cart Paper Grocery Bag Reusable Shopping Bag Shopping Basket Signage Cafe Barrier Feather Flag - Open Feather Flag - Sale Feather Flag - Welcome Sandwich Board Sign Table Top Sign Yes We're Open Sign
  18. Chief_Content

    Commercial No.8 Desks

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Commercial No.8 Desks Commercial No.8 Desks Crate Home Office Desk Desk (corner) Desk (w/ shelves) Filing Cabinet District 48x30 Left 48x30 Right 60x20 Credenza 60x30 Double 60x30 LH Return 60x30 RH Return Hampton Classic 48x30 Left 2 48x30 Right 2 60x20 Credenza 2 60x30 Double 2 60x30 LH Return 2 60x30 RH Return 2 Work Tables Reception Counter Reception Counter - Standing Standing Desk 1 Standing Desk 2 Workstation - Angled Workstation - Narrow Workstation - Wide
  19. Chief_Content

    Commercial No.7 Assemblies and Meetings

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Commercial No.7 Assemblies and Meetings Commercial No.7 Assemblies and Meetings Conference Tables Glass Top Long Octagonal Long Rectangular Rounded Thick Top Wide Legs X Base Podiums Arced Posts Podium Open Storage Area Podium Post and Base Podium Rectangular Podium Presentation A-Frame Easel Chalk Chalk Board Chalk Board Eraser Flip Chart Nest Easel Whiteboard Short Throw Projector Smart Board White Board White Board Marker Seating Assembly Chair Assembly Chair - Stacking Assembly Chair - Upholstered Chair Desk Combo 1 Chair Desk Combo 2 Desk Open Front
  20. Chief_Content

    Commercial No.6 Supplies

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Commercial No.6 Supplies Commercial No.6 Supplies Accessories Ballpoint Pen Binder Calculator Composition Notebook Desktop Calendar Eraser Glasses In/Out Basket In/Out Baskets -Stacked Legal Pad Paper Cutter Paper Supply Box Pencil Ream of Paper Retractable Ballpoint Pen Ruler Scissors Stapler Sticky Notes Tablet Tape Dispenser Textbook Wide Ruled Paper Cords, Cables, Power Power / USB Hub - Wall Power / USB Hub 1 Power / USB Hub 2 Power / USB Hub 3 Power Cord - Floor Power Cord - Hanging Power Strip Power Strip - Clamp Power Track - Door Threshold Surge Protector Surge Protector - Swivel Office Machines Commercial Printer Copy Machine Paper Shredder Printing Calculator Refreshments Drink Vending Machine Snack Vending Machine Soda Vending Machine Water Cooler Science Bunsen Burner Erlenmeyer Flask Glass Flint Striker Glass Beaker Graduated Cylinder Lab Gloves Periodic Table Poster Petri Dish Pipette Dropper Safety Goggles Test Tube Test Tubes in Storage Rack
  21. Chief_Content

    Exterior Shutters

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D LIbrary - Exterior Shutters Exterior Shutters Beadboard Double Panel Shutter Beadboard Shutter Beaded Triple-Cross Shutter Breadboard Plank Shutter Cathedral Double Raised Panel Shutter Cathedral Raised Panel Shutter Cathedral Reflected Raised Panel Shutter Cottage Shutter Divided Panels Shutter Louvered Double Shutter Louvered Shutter Plank Shutter Raised Double Panel Shutter Raised Four Panel Shutter Recessed Double Panel Shutter Slab Shutter
  22. Chief_Content

    Outdoor Rooms And Gardens

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    3D Library - Outdoor Rooms and Gardens Outdoor Rooms and Gardens Gardens All-Summer Color Garden Archway Garden Bench Garden Birdbath Garden Blockbuster Sunny Garden Blooming Entryway Garden Bouquet Garden Cherry Tree Full Sun Garden Shady Border Garden Shady Garden Shrub Border Garden Spring Garden Summer-Tough Garden Sunny Garden Outdoor Rooms Cabana Bar Gazebo on Terrace Gazebo w/ Path L-Shaped Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen Pergola w/ Fountain
  23. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Craftsman No.2 Homey furniture, house numbers, and hardware are a few of the highlights to help honor Arts and Crafts, Mission, and Prairie influences in the Craftsman family of style. Items Included: Hardware Barrel Hinge Mission Ring Pull Prairie Ring Pull Pyramid Knob Pyramid Knob 45 Rect Ring Pull Riveted Bail Pull Sphere Knob Strap Handle House Numbers House Number 0 House Number 1 House Number 2 House Number 3 House Number 4 House Number 5 House Number 6 House Number 7 House Number 8 House Number 9 Lighting Flower Flower 3 Light Shower Flower Chandelier Flower Lamp Flower Pendant Flower Wall Sconce Lily Lily Desk Lamp Lily Wall Sconce Petal Petal Pendant Light Petal Table Lamp Pillar Pillar Pendant Pillar Post Light Pillar Sconce Millwork Mission Railing Panel 1 Mission Railing Panel 2 Newel Post w Light Pegged Newel Post Pegged Railing Panel Seating Boyd Boyd Dining Chair 1 Boyd Dining Chair 2 Chapel Chapel Dining Chair 1 Chapel Dining Chair 2 Mission Mission Loveseat Mission Side Chair Mission Sofa Prairie Prairie Arm Chair Prairie Loveseat Prairie Sofa
  24. Chief_Content

    Craftsman Furniture and Accessories

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Craftsman No.1 Find furniture, lighting, and accessories that celebrate the Craftsman style. Items Included: Accessories Prairie Style Mantel Clock Stained Glass Hanging - Rectangular Stained Glass Hanging - Square Furniture Bookcase Side Shelves China Cabinet Curio Case Letter Writing Desk Mission Canopy Bed Mission Foot Stool Mission Sideboard Mission Small Desk Lighting Box Lantern Lamp Box Lantern Sconce Keystone Floor Lamp Moon Floor Lamp Prairie Floor Lamp Prairie Style Light Stained Glass Pendant Stained Glass Table Lamp 1 Stained Glass Table Lamp 2 Seating Craftsman Rocking Chair High Backed Dining Chair Mission Side Chair Vintage Office Chair Wood Arm Chair Wood Slat Tall Back Loveseat Tables Cabinet End Table Coffee Table Dining Table End Table Entryway Table Mission Coffee Table Mission Console Table Mission End Table Nightstand Side Table Tapered Leg Nightstand Tenoned Round End Table
  25. Chief_Content

    Materials Tile - The Harris Collection

    From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Materials Tile - The Harris Collection Throw safe out the window. Say bye-bye to beige! Add unique color schemes and an unexpected twist to your design with tiles from The Harris Collection. Items included: 3D Rhombus Shelf 3D Rhombus Tile Black Beehive Tile Chaos Striped Tile Chaos Tile Colorful Picket 1 Colorful Picket 2 Colorful Picket 3 Funky Chevron Tile 1 Funky Chevron Tile 2 Metallic Glass Tile Moss Tile Penny Tile 1 Penny Tile 2 Penny Tile 3 Penny Tile 4 Pixel Tile 1 Pixel Tile 2 Pixel Tile 3 Sand Tile Sandstone Tile Seaglass Tile 1 Seaglass Tile 2 Seaside Tile 1 Seaside Tile 2 Seaside Tile 3 Splatter Tile Tiny Square Tile Tri Hex Tile Triangle Tile 1 Triangle Tile 2 Triangle Tile 3 Yellow Tri Hex Tile