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  1. Have you visited the 3D Library recently? We've added quite a few new catalog download options in recent months. You'll find a variety of topics to outfit your design spaces. Check them out!
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    Bonus Catalogs

    Download these catalogs to expand your Library Object Selection! Some catalogs are available for purchase, others are free of charge. Post ideas for future catalogs in the Suggestions forum.
  3. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Seating No.3 Task Pick your seat and get comfortable taking on any task that falls in your lap. Included: Assistant's Stool Basic Task Stool Bike Seat Stool Desk Chair Egg Swivel Chair Ergonomic Stool Kneeling Stool Modern Swivel Chair Pleated Crescent Stool Rainbow Stool Saddle Stool Tall Office Stool Task Chair Technician Stool Teeter Stool Upholstered Desk Chair Wheeled Ottoman Yoga Ball Stool
  4. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Hobbies No.4 Photography Whether it is for a hobby or an established professional, you can set the scene for a photographer's studio with these objects. Items Included: Camera - DSLR Camera - Studio Camera Drone Camera Drone Controller Camera Lens 1 Camera Lens 2 Camera On Tripod Diffuser - Balloon Diffuser - Barn Door Diffuser - Filter Diffuser - Light Cover Diffuser - Soft Grid Gimbal Phone Camera Hard Body Case Hard Body Roller Case Light Panel Pantograph Par Light Parabolic Umbrella Photography Light Box Reflector Reflector Case Rigid Case Ring Light Ring Light with Phone Camera Soft Body Bag Spotlights on Tripod Studio Backdrop Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod Case Tripod Collapsed Video Camera On Tripod Wide Angle Crystal Ball
  5. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Commercial No.12 Elevator / Escalator Need a lift? Commercial Elevators and Escalators got you covered with a handful of ways to move people without expending the effort. Up? Down? Side to side? Have all the axes covered with commercial grade people movers, lifts, freight elevators and more. Items included: Elevator Elevator Button Panel - Exterior Elevator Button Panel - Interior Elevator Guard Elevator Handrail - Bumper Elevator Handrail - Flat Elevator Handrail - Round Elevator Indicator Freight Elevator Door Escalator Materials Escalator Rail Escalator Riser Escalator Tread Escalator Panel Escalator Rail Return - Bottom Escalator Rail Return - Top Escalator Railing Profile Escalator Threshold People Mover Turnstiles and Tickets Full Height Turnstile Ticket Kiosk Turnstile
  6. For a limited time only! Every house needs to have good bones. No more cabin femur when you have these no-bodies over for Halloween. Get them before they make their marrow escape!
  7. We are excited to announce another new catalog partner, download Fiberon from the 3D Library. Fiberon composite decking is made from locally-sourced recycled plastic, lumber mill scraps and other materials.
  8. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Hobbies No.3 Beekeeping Items Included: Beekeeper Beekeeper Gloves Beekeeper Hat Beekeeper Silhouette Beekeeper Suit Hive Parts Frame - Deep Frame - Deep, Foundation Frame - Medium Frame - Medium, Foundation Hive Bottom Board Hive Box - Deep Hive Box - Medium Hive Cover Hive Cover - Gable Hive Stand Hive Stand - Elevated Langstroth Hive 1 Langstroth Hive 2 NUC Hive Top Bar Hive Honeybees Honeybee 1 Honeybee 2 Honeybee Swarm Materials Beeswax Honey Honeybees Honeycomb Products Beeswax Ball Candle Beeswax Beehive Candle Beeswax Pinecone Candle Honey Bear Honey Dipper Honey Jar Tools Extractor Extractor - 2 Frame Frame Grips Hive Smoker J Hook Tool Jar Feeder
  9. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Cabinet Hardware No.4 Hinges Hinge barrels, semi-concealed hinges, and surface mount hinges in a variety of shapes and sizes can be used to add detail to cabinets, furniture pieces, and doors. Apply semi-concealed hinges to cabinets with Traditional Overlay doors, and surface mount hinges to cabinets with Flush Inset doors. Items Included Exposed Hinge Barrels (Traditional Overlay and Inset Cabinets) Hinge Barrel 01 Hinge Barrel 02 Hinge Barrel 03 Hinge Barrel 04 Hinge Barrel 05 Hinge Barrel 06 Hinge Barrel 07 Hinge Barrel 08 Hinge Barrel 09 Hinge Barrel 10 Hinge Barrel 11 Hinge Barrel 12 Hinge Barrel 13 Hinge Barrel 14 Semi-Concealed Hinges (Traditional Overlay Cabinets) Semi-Concealed Hinge 01 Semi-Concealed Hinge 02 Semi-Concealed Hinge 03 Semi-Concealed Hinge 04 Semi-Concealed Hinge 05 Semi-Concealed Hinge 06 Semi-Concealed Hinge 07 Semi-Concealed Hinge 08 Semi-Concealed Hinge 09 - Fleur Semi-Concealed Hinge 10 - Butterfly Semi-Concealed Hinge 11 - Butterfly Semi-Concealed Hinge 12 - Butterfly Semi-Concealed Hinge 13 Semi-Concealed Hinge 14 Semi-Concealed Hinge 15 Semi-Concealed Hinge 16 Semi-Concealed Hinge 17 Semi-Concealed Hinge 18 Semi-Concealed Hinge 19 Semi-Concealed Hinge 20 Semi-Concealed Hinge 21 Surface Mount Hinges (Inset Cabinets) Surface Mount Hinge 01 Surface Mount Hinge 02 Surface Mount Hinge 03 Surface Mount Hinge 04 Surface Mount Hinge 05 Surface Mount Hinge 06 Surface Mount Hinge 07 Surface Mount Hinge 08 Surface Mount Hinge 09 - Fleur Surface Mount Hinge 10 - Butterfly Surface Mount Hinge 11 - Butterfly Surface Mount Hinge 12 - Butterfly Surface Mount Hinge 13 Surface Mount Hinge 14 Surface Mount Hinge 15 Surface Mount Hinge 16 Surface Mount Hinge 17 - H Surface Mount Hinge 18 - H Surface Mount Hinge 19 - Olive Knuckle Surface Mount Hinge 20 - Olive Knuckle Surface Mount Hinge 21 - Olive Knuckle
  10. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Commercial No.11 Salon Create spaces for barbershops, full-service spas, or in-home hair stylists with this collection. Pair with items from the Bathroom Accessories catalog for added details. Items Included: Accessories Color Trolley Pedicure Cart Pedicure Rolling Cart Portable Styling Station Salon Mat Stylist's Station Appliances Nail Dryer Paraffin Spa Towel Warmer UV Sanitizer Wax Warmer Service Chairs Barber Chair Dryer Chair Combo Salon Styling Chair Shampoo Chair Shampoo Chair Reclining Shoe Shine Station Washing Pedicure Spa Shampoo Pedestal Sink Shampoo Sink Shampoo Sink W Fixtures Shampoo Station Sprayer Faucet
  11. Find our newest catalog partner, Blum, on the 3D Library! This catalog features the hardware from Blum's product line including hinges, slides, and inserts. Place these elements independently in your designs to be reflected in your Materials Take-offs and 3D Views.
  12. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Accessories No.17 Sculptures Add artistic quality to your spaces with these sculptures and knickknacks. Items included: Abstract Glass Art Glass Art 2 Knot Sculpture Starburst Animals Brass Duck Elephant Head Silver Fox Statue Sitting Cat Stag Figurines Bicyclist Bust Statue Walking Figure Woman with Umbrella Geometric Baby Bear Bear Cubes Giraffe Triangle Decor Wire Fox Monuments Arc de Triomphe Eiffel Tower Golden Gate Bridge Guggenheim Museum Leaning Tower of Pisa Pyramid St. Louis Arch Stonehenge Taj Mahal Twin Towers Religious Crucifix Round Stone Carving Sea Life Coral Merulina Coral Octopus Seahorse
  13. SSA Members are NOT charged for these. These catalogs are intended for Home Designer user only. Please read the description on the 3D Library. For Chief SSA Members:
  14. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Commercial No.10 Trade Show and Promotional Banners, Signs Grommeted Banner Hanging Frame Banner Inflatable Arch Lawn Sign Pole Banner Pop Up Sign Pop Up Sign - 3-Sided Retractable Banner Sidewalk Sign Teardrop Flag Tripod Sign Stand Tube Dancer 1 Tube Dancer 2 Canopy Tents, Booth Dividers Canopy Tent Canopy Tent - Back Wall Canopy Tent - Small Divider - Drape Divider - Pop Up Inflatable Dome Tables Covered Folding Table Round Covered Cafe Table Round Covered Cafe Table 2 Round Covered Table
  15. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Hobbies No.2 Pottery Kilns Front Load Kiln Glass Kiln Top Load Kiln Closed Top Load Kiln Open Prep and Forming Clay Extruder Potter's Wheel Potter's Wheel - Tabletop Pug Mill Slab Roller Wedging Table Supplies 1 Gallon Bucket Bat Mobile Clay Ball Clay Block Unwrapped Clay Block Wrapped Clay Sink Trap Clay Tools Clay Tools 2 Clay Tools Jar Digital Scale Dirty Towel Hanging Apron Large Sponge Throwing Bat - Large Throwing Bat - Medium
  16. Get the latest updates and product selections in the updated catalog from The Galley on the 3D Library! Follow The Galley on Instagram and Facebook.
  17. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Nautical / Coastal Decor No.2 Accessories Anchor Hook Coral 1 Coral 2 Driftwood Mirror Fish Plate - Large Fish Plate - Medium Fish Plate - Small Paddle Railing Panel Porthole Mirror Rope Tie Baluster Sea Coral Mirror Wave Mirror Equipale Furniture Equipale Barrel Chair Equipale Round Coffee Table Equipale Sofa Equipale Stool Furniture Crate Coffee Table Driftwood Coffee Table Tide Chair Tisser Table Hansen Patio Furniture Hansen A-Frame Swing Hansen Chair Hansen Chaise Lounge Hansen Lounge Chair Hansen Porch Swing Hansen Sofa Hansen Table Lighting Beaded Wood Semi Flush Mount Drifted Floor Lamp Driftwood Floor Lamp Hamptons Floor Lamp Netted Floor Lamp Reed Light Rope Floor Lamp Spindle Floor Lamp Wooden Lantern Pendant Tropical Bedroom Set Tropical Bed Tropical Dresser Tropical Dresser Tropical Nightstand
  18. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Scandinavian No.1 Bedroom China Cabinet Credenza Cabinet May Bed Single Drawer Nightstand Storage Cabinet Dining Room Dining Chair Dining Table Norse Pendant Light Pendant Light Living Room Coat Rack Coffee Table Coffee Table 2 End Table Floor Lamp Leather Lounge Chair Side Table Sofa Woven Chair Woven Stool Materials Flower Wallpaper Gray Flower Wallpaper Hand-drawn Chevron Petals Wallpaper Stars Wallpaper Triangles Wallpaper Office Bookcase Corner Writing Desk Lounge Chair Office Chair Table Lamp
  19. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Items Included: Outdoor Living No.3 Porch Furniture Alpine Alpine Porch Bench Alpine Porch Chair Alpine Porch Swing Bluffdale Bluffdale Porch Bench Bluffdale Porch Chair Bluffdale Porch Swing Columbine Columbine A-Frame Swing Columbine Porch Chair Columbine Porch Swing Cross Cross A-Frame Swing Cross Bench Cross Porch Swing Highland Highland Swing Bed Jackson Jackson Deep Porch Loveseat Jackson Deep Porch Swing Jackson Porch Bench Jackson Porch Chair Swing Lindon Lindon Chair Swing Lindon Porch Bench Lindon Porch Chair Lindon Porch Swing Lindon Porch Swing Bed Logan Logan A-Frame Swing Logan Chair Swing Logan Porch Bench Logan Porch Chair Logan Porch Swing Riverdale Riverdale Porch Bench Bed Riverdale Porch Swing Bed Rustic Rustic Loveseat A-Frame Swing Rustic Loveseat Swing Summit Summit A-Frame Swing Summit Porch Bench Summit Porch Swing SunRay SunRay Metal Bench SunRay Metal Chair SunRay Metal Porch Swing Sunset Sunset Porch Bench Sunset Porch Chair Sunset Porch Swing
  20. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Tables No.4 Bar Carts Facilitate your favorite libations in [any] style with a plethora of rolling service carts. Items Included: Aberdeen Bar Cart Archer Serving Cart Artesian Avenue Bar Trolley Ashland Vintage Cart Astor Serving Cart Astor Wine Cart Blackhawk Bar Cart Burnside Wine Cart Campbell Bar Cart Clair Bar Cart Coulter Bar Cart Dawson Metal Serving Cart Drake Bar Cart Drexel Bar Cart Fletcher Coffee Cart Francis Bar Cart Garvey Bar Cart Glenroy Serving Cart Glenwood Bar Cart Gunn Bar Cart Hamlin Bar Cart Harper Bar Cart Haskins Bathroom Cart Holden Storage Cart Hudson Bar Cart Industrial Bar Cart Kenosha Bar Cart Kenton Bar Cart Langley Bar Cart Leona Round Bar Cart Maria Serving Cart Meade Bar Trolly Melody Bar Cart Morgan Bar Cart Page Bar Cart Reserve Serving Cart Ridgeway Bar Cart Ross Trolley Cart Round Industrial Serving Cart Sawyer Serving Cart Winona Bar Cart
  21. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Bar Stools No.3 Items Included: Adjustable Bar Stool Alec Barstool Arlo Barstool Baybrook Barstool Bloomfield Counter Stool Brynwood Counter Stool Cadan Counter Stool Circular Counter Stool Clear Creek Counter Stool Delmonte Barstool Denton Counter Stool Finn Counter Stool Holden Barstool Juniper Counter Stool Low Back Stool Mayfield Counter Stool Melrose Counter Stool Morris Barstool Phoenix Barstool Ribbon Stool
  22. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Bar Stools No.2 Items Included: Albion Counter Stool Albright Counter Stool Apex Counter Stool Beaman Bar Stool Becker Counter Stool Blank Bar Stool Blossom Barstool Bosse Counter Stool Broxon Barstool Burton Counter Stool Camden Barstool Coach Barstool Collins Counter Stool Country Kitchen Stool David Bar Stool Derring Barstool Honky-tonk Bar Stool Logan Barstool Michael Bar Stool Perforated Stool Warehouse Bar Stool
  23. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Bathroom Fixtures No.5 Soaking Tubs Items Included: Corner and Wall Tubs Anastasia Bathtub Aqueous Corner Bathtub Aspen Bathtub Broadway Bathtub Poseidon Bathtub Soaker Corner Bath Sterling Bathtub Freestanding Tubs Adelaide Freestanding Bathtub Alessio Freestanding Bathtub Amalia Freestanding Bathtub Boseman Freestanding Bathtub Carston Freestanding Bathtub Cassidy Pedestal Bathtub Cassie Freestanding Bathtub Classic Pedestal Bathtub Dahlia Freestanding Bathtub Elia Freestanding Bathtub Felicia Freestanding Bathtubs Gianna Freestanding Bathtub Giulia Freestanding Bathtub Jenna Freestanding Bathtub Marissa Freestanding Bathtub Mellnor Freestanding Bathtub Sampson Freestanding Bathtub Selina Freestanding Bathtub Ofuro Deep Tubs Akina Soaking Tub Benigno Soaking Bathtub Daisuke Soaking Tub Hinata Soaking Tub Ino Soaking Tub
  24. From the album: Bonus Catalogs
  25. From the album: Bonus Catalogs

    Lighting No.22 Items Included: Allen Allen Flush Mount Allen Pendant Allen Semi Flush Mount Allison Allison Large Suspension Chandelier Allison Suspension Chandelier Almeda Almeda Chandelier Almeda Pendant Bailey Bailey Pendant Bailey Small Pendant Clifton Clifton Pendant Clifton Wall Sconce Dale Dale Bath Bar Dale Wall Sconce Dome Dome Mini Pendant Dome Pendant Kipling Kipling Flush Mount Kipling Mini Flush Mount Lily Lily Chandelier Lily Pendant Lily Wall Sconce Simple Simple Pendant Simple Wall Sconce