Materials Tile - The Harris Collection

Materials Tile - The Harris Collection

Throw safe out the window. Say bye-bye to beige! Add unique color schemes and an unexpected twist to your design with tiles from The Harris Collection.

Items included:
    3D Rhombus Shelf
    3D Rhombus Tile
    Black Beehive Tile
    Chaos Striped Tile
    Chaos Tile
    Colorful Picket 1
    Colorful Picket 2
    Colorful Picket 3
    Funky Chevron Tile 1
    Funky Chevron Tile 2
    Metallic Glass Tile
    Moss Tile
    Penny Tile 1
    Penny Tile 2
    Penny Tile 3
    Penny Tile 4
    Pixel Tile 1
    Pixel Tile 2
    Pixel Tile 3
    Sand Tile
    Sandstone Tile
    Seaglass Tile 1
    Seaglass Tile 2
    Seaside Tile 1
    Seaside Tile 2
    Seaside Tile 3
    Splatter Tile
    Tiny Square Tile
    Tri Hex Tile
    Triangle Tile 1
    Triangle Tile 2
    Triangle Tile 3
    Yellow Tri Hex Tile

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