Accessories No.05 Pet


3D Library - Accessories No.05 Pet

Kennels, crates, beds, toys, and treats. Use this catalog to make those special areas for your furry, feathered, and scaly family members.

Items included:

Accessories No.05 Pets
        Auto Feeder
        Auto Pet Fountain
        Dog Bone Jar
        Dog Bone Large
        Dog Bone Small
        Doggie Hooks
        Food and Water Arch
        Food and Water Dish
        Food and Water Scroll
        Food and Water Stand
        Food and Water Table
        Food Bowl
        Leash Coiled
        Leash Hanging
        Litter Box
        Litter Box Corner
        Litter Box Covered
    Aquariums and Terrariums
        Aquarium Stand
        Bow Front Aquarium
        Bow Front Aquarium Stand
        Heat Lamp
        Hexagon Aquarium
        Large Aquarium
        Medium Aquarium
        Small Aquarium
        Bird Cage 1
        Bird Cage 2
        Bird Cage 3
        Ferret Cage
        Parrot Stand
        Rodent Cage 1
        Rodent Cage 2
    Crates and Gates
        Adjustable Gate
        Indoor Crate 1
        Indoor Crate 2
        Pet Cabinet Door
        Pet Carrier
        Pet Crate
        Pet Door 1
        Pet Door 2
        Pet Door Freestanding
        Pet Door Panel
        Pet Stairs
    Pet Beds
        Pet Basket
        Pet Bed Baffled
        Pet Bed Basket
        Pet Bed Bolstered
        Pet Bed Enclosed
        Pet Bed Foam
        Pet Cushion
        Pet Shelf
        Ball Toy
        Cat Bungalow
        Cat Castle
        Cat Post
        Cat Scratcher
        Cat Tree
        Horseshoe Scratcher
        Rolling Cat Scratcher
        Scratch Post

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Do you have a dog wash station?  In the image on the download page it looks like there is one, but in these images above, I don't see one.

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I can't tell if this includes a dog door or not. It looks like it has dog door flaps, but they don't look like they have the frame.  A list of the items, rather than just pictures, would help.

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