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  1. Monolithic Slab is not checked in the Rebuild Foundation setting. But I now have a new problem. I tried to just delete everything in that area so I could start completely over, and now it automatically puts a roof in the middle of the first-floor area. Any time I try to redraw anything in that area, the roof intersects with it, creating odd-shaped walls, with the roof remaining in the same spot. Even if I try to create a second story room directly above it, the roof remains in the same spot on the first floor in the middle of the layer. I must have some sort of slim piece of a wall somewhere that I can't find to delete. I've tried to delete the entire roof, and start over, but I still can't find any piece of wall anywhere in that lower left corner that could explain it generating that roof in the middle of the first floor. And when I try to redraw the vestibule on level 0 and the entry on level 1, the entry won't let me label it on level 1, and it has no floor at all now. I'm trying to create an entry on the main floor, with a vestibule underneath that connects the basement to a greenhouse along the south side of the house. The vestibule would be on level 0, with the entry above it. The entry and vestibule would be the mirror opposite of the entry and vestibule on the right side of the duplex plan. The left-side wall of the greenhouse is now deleted, eliminating the floor in the left greenhouse, so it is no longer labeled on the left side. But the area would be the mirrored duplicate of the right side of the duplex. The roof only seems to be visible in camera mode. I can't see it on the plan, for some reason. I'd gladly go back to the 4" thick floor on the main floor entry, but I can't even redraw it now. Zero Net
  2. I am working on a house design in Home Architect 2019 and am having problems with two of the rooms. I have a main floor room above a basement room that are the same identical size. The main floor room keeps listing the floor structure depth at 4". I can't find a way to change it. The default is supposed to be 12 5/8", but there is no way to reset it to the default setting in Architect 2019, and I don't know how it got changed, because it isn't supposed to be a changeable measurement. There is no box to check next to it. I've deleted both rooms completely and tried to redraw them from scratch using all default settings, and it automatically adds back in the settings from the previous draw as soon as I connect the walls and line them up where I want them, including the main floor structure depth as 4". It won't let me check the default setting for the basement room ceiling height, even though it will let me reset everything else that can be reset to defaults, and it won't let me change the floor structure default for the main floor room because there is no access to a default button for that function in Architect 2019. None of the rest of the floors in the building have that problem. It also automatically adds in the same room labels as the deleted rooms as soon as I redraw the walls. How can I get it to change the floor depth back to the default setting? How can I get it to stop automatically relabeling the rooms with the previous names? Even when I try to reassign the room names to unspecified, or any other room name, it retains the same structure settings with the 4" thick main floor room floor structure. I've tried everything I can think of to try to get it to fix the flaw, and it won't allow the main floor room floor structure to be anything other than 4", even if I try to change the floor height.
  3. I can't tell if this includes a dog door or not. It looks like it has dog door flaps, but they don't look like they have the frame. A list of the items, rather than just pictures, would help.