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  1. Excellent, that fixed it.. I was definitely headed down the wrong path.. Now I just have to figure out the origination point. Thank you for your help.
  2. Yes, I have created a plot plan. No elevations though. I am able to get GIS info from the county, but it isn't in the dxf format. I ended up importing the plot on PDF and then dragging and matching the lines and close on the measurement. I just thought this version of the program allowed me to input direct off of bearings and measurements. I found the grade stake on the property so I will go out and get my own elevations.
  3. Exactly.... that is the same link I posted above.. still no way to change the angle to bearing that I can see.
  4. I'm in the final stages of my plan and I am developing the plot plan to submit to the Architectural Review Board for the subdivision. I have the survey with bearings and measurements but the cad function does not allow me to input into that format. Following the directions on another post on this forum Survey data, I do not have an Angle style button under Terrain Specifications. How do I enter that info to have an exact representation for my plot plan. I'm using HD Pro 2020.
  5. Outstanding, That fixed it. Thank you for your help. NewB Allen
  6. Finally got it sized down. Truss company is doing my truss plan and Engineer is doing floor, foundation and load points. Q&A plan 1.plan
  7. Plan file is 28 Meg. Any way to cut it down a bit.. Almost a complete house with furniture and the works. I will put a beam back under the wall and keep working with it. The truss will still extend up over the vaulted entry walk.
  8. I have been working on trying to get this gable sided for several weeks now. I'm showing the end gable truss, but it will not extend over the vaulted ceiling covering the walk to the front door. I've used invisible wall, Attic wall, even tried pony wall... If I extend the wall into the vaulted ceiling area, the bottom of the wall pokes down through the vaulted ceiling. I've attached pictures. Thanks for the help Allen
  9. BAllenII

    Ceiling Designs

    After messing around with the soffits to no avail, I finally went the other route and used the defined rooms within rooms with invisible walls and taller ceiling levels for those objects. It worked better for the truss design that actually recognized the ceiling level changes. BAllenII
  10. BAllenII

    Ceiling Designs

    Turned on signature and added. Home Designer Pro 2020. I have watched hours of video and that is where I learned that the soffit tools were how you built tray ceilings. Any suggestions to keep the soffit from poking through the hip roof? Thank you BAllenII
  11. BAllenII

    Ceiling Designs

    I am trying to create a two step up tray ceiling (16" total above the 109 1/8 ceiling). I raised the ceiling level and used the soffit tool like the videos instructed. The issue is that the larger of the soffit sticks out of the roof. If I choose the attach to bottom of ceiling or bottom of roof, I get a sloped soffit, which isn't what I want. I thought about defining a room inside of a room and raising the ceiling in the center room, but then it leaves a gap where the sheetrock would normally cover. I'm working on submitting this to the truss company for design then it goes to the engin