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  1. Hi, my name is James Simmons. My client wants a corner cabinet on the corner of the island but the countertops are not touching, When I try to add to the back and right of the countertop, the software keeps the gab in-between the countertop. Thank you for your help Thank you James Simmons Home Designer Pro 2021
  2. @Jo_AnnThank you that worked. @solver @DavidJPotterI didn't try that but Thank you for your assistance
  3. Hi, I tried the line break and I got the same results here's a video. I was using the wall break option before s
  4. Hi, I am trying to create a sloping retaining wall that is very similar to this image below. The issue that I am having is that after I put the breaks in the wall, then I go into the elevation view and I start to bring the wall height down but the wall keeps connecting to each other despite that I already put a break in the wall. I have tried this on the retaining wall, exterior wall, interior wall and all of there curved walls. The retaining wall that I am designing in my plan is a curved retaining wall. Thank you for your assistance
  5. Hi, this is James Simmons. I would like your opinion on something @solver@DavidJPotter. So recently I have been exporting pictures for a project I have finished and last night I was playing around with the resolution, width and height of exporting a image. I want to get the best resolution out of my images without making them too big in width and height. I normally set the width to 1920 and resolution to 900.0 but after playing around I noticed that when I set my width to 3,840 and 9,000 in resolution, I got the best resolution picture out of all of them I have tried. I got 3,840 after multipl
  6. I have kinda found a solution, I switched the door to a panel but I cannot place a knob to the cabinet
  7. Hi, I have been trying to remove the lines in the cabinets for the elevation views ( image of line in screenshot 277 ). I quickly looked through some of the chief webinars and I spotted a kitchen elevation without the lines in screenshot 279. I have played around with the settings but I couldn't find anyway to change this, How would I remove the lines ? Thank you for your help Happy Holidays
  8. Thank you @solver, this should work
  9. @solver, yes the wall is curved from the top to the bottom. I looked up curved wall in the help section and the closes article I got was " Editing Straight/Curved Wall Combinations " but that article shows how to make a curved wall for the ceiling.
  10. 313Architect

    Wing Wall

    Hi, I am having some difficulty creating a wing wall. I can bend the wall but how do I curve the wall ? I am using home designer pro 2021. Images of examples are below Thank you for your help
  11. 313Architect

    Porch Roof

    Try to edit in 2D - open for specification - go to materials and edit it from there To add a corner trim click the icon seen in the image and video below To change the color go into 3D ( At the top toolbar ) there is this icon that has three colors click that icon, then click the material you want to change, then go to texture - material color - check the box that says blend with texture - then click what color you want it to be
  12. @DavidJPotter I'll try that. For my next project I just had numerous areas where some parts of the house where elevated and I wanted to see if I could lock the foundation height from coming from the terrain but its ok @solver I have done that and as I was playing around with it yesterday and I noticed in the 3D view I could pull down the front exterior material over the foundation wall - for anyone new Thank you both
  13. Hi, over the past few days I have been playing around on how to adjust the wall and foundation height. I feel like I have a good understanding on how to edit each but I am having one issue. I want to edit ( raise the 1st floor height ) but the foundation also rises. So my question is there a way to lock the height of foundation so I can edit the 1st floor without the foundation rising ? The reason I want to do this is because I want to keep the foundation under the terrain. Also some of my notes I took are below to help anyone new out ↴ Thank you James Simmons