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  1. Thanks for the video. I'll see if I can reproduce that on my end. The second floor wall system will cover the beams and lap over the concrete lower floor walls. I expect the ceiling on the lower floor will be the floor above for an industrial look. We can always go in and frame in something later if they want a smooth ceiling.
  2. Hm.. Ok. I'll try that. I've started over and changed the wall type for the basement. Thanks for the idea!
  3. Yes, that is what I'm after. What was I doing wrong?
  4. I tried that and it didn't change the behavior.
  5. I drew the beams on top of F1 so they would be below the floor of F2.
  6. The plan is attached to my first note.
  7. Thanks Keith, I saw that in a tutorial and I did change those settings. I can draw in the beams but they don't sit on top of the concrete wall without me manually moving them up and the consequence of that is the floor joists for the next level wants to sit on the concrete walls and not on the beams I put in. I can't figure out how to make the beams sit on top of the concrete below and have the floor above sit on top of the beams.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to put a series of steel beams above the basement floor to support the main floor. I've not been able to get the main floor joists to build on top of the steel beams. What is the trick to getting this to work? I've attached the model to this post. StephenStudio_04.plan
  9. Is there a way to create a pier style foundation with the building support members being steel i-beams between the piers? I'm not seeing any options other than concrete curtain wall or slab for foundations.
  10. Sure, thats what I did. I rounded everything on the buy list to the closest to the dimension then went to Lowes and dropped $700 on the framing materials. Doing that in excel is not a problem. Its far simpler than most of the excel stuff I do. But that aside it looks like the answer is that what I'm asking for is not a feature in the software. Thanks for the confirmation.
  11. I would like to constrain the buy list to the more common sizes available at the big box stores. As an example where I live its easy to get 8', 10', 12', 14' 16' lengths of lumber. The fractional lengths are not commonly stocked. It would be a benefit to be able to specify the lengths of lumber the software would list on the material list when using the "buy list" setting. You are correct that the version I purchased today is the 2021 version.
  12. Sounds like there is no way to control the sizes the software chooses. A bit disappointing.
  13. Sorry, typo on my part. Should have been item F6. You are right, a 2x10 is readily available. 2" x 4" - 8'-8 5/8" isn't a standard item.
  14. Hi, I am a new user of Home Designer Pro (EDIT) 2021. I'm laying out a simple camping cabin. I've noticed that in the material list I'm getting sizes of material that are not typical sizes available at the local lumber yard. Is there a way to correct this? As an example in the image of the material list below item F5 is not a standard length of material. I have the Structural List Reporting set to "BUY LIST". I have not found a place in the software that allows me to enter standard material dimensions.