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    Foundation question, Is there a way...

    Is there a way to create a pier style foundation with the building support members being steel i-beams between the piers? I'm not seeing any options other than concrete curtain wall or slab for foundations.
  2. ChrisMe

    Odd sizes in Material List

    Sure, thats what I did. I rounded everything on the buy list to the closest to the dimension then went to Lowes and dropped $700 on the framing materials. Doing that in excel is not a problem. Its far simpler than most of the excel stuff I do. But that aside it looks like the answer is that what I'm asking for is not a feature in the software. Thanks for the confirmation.
  3. ChrisMe

    Odd sizes in Material List

    I would like to constrain the buy list to the more common sizes available at the big box stores. As an example where I live its easy to get 8', 10', 12', 14' 16' lengths of lumber. The fractional lengths are not commonly stocked. It would be a benefit to be able to specify the lengths of lumber the software would list on the material list when using the "buy list" setting. You are correct that the version I purchased today is the 2021 version.
  4. ChrisMe

    Odd sizes in Material List

    Sounds like there is no way to control the sizes the software chooses. A bit disappointing.
  5. ChrisMe

    Odd sizes in Material List

    Sorry, typo on my part. Should have been item F6. You are right, a 2x10 is readily available. 2" x 4" - 8'-8 5/8" isn't a standard item.
  6. ChrisMe

    Odd sizes in Material List

    Hi, I am a new user of Home Designer Pro (EDIT) 2021. I'm laying out a simple camping cabin. I've noticed that in the material list I'm getting sizes of material that are not typical sizes available at the local lumber yard. Is there a way to correct this? As an example in the image of the material list below item F5 is not a standard length of material. I have the Structural List Reporting set to "BUY LIST". I have not found a place in the software that allows me to enter standard material dimensions.