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  1. Thanks Dig! I was wanting to do the straps as well. I'll look at both options you and Eric presented. Mind you, most of this is just for visual presentation, but wanted to add some finer detail.
  2. Thank Eric. I'll do that. Might be a day or two before I can post.
  3. One more question.... I have the braces built and I'm applying to the structure. I have some posts/beam close to the house and when I try to position this brace, it snaps to the exterior wall (since it is a backsplash object I assume). I've tried turning off all the snap functions, but sill can't place the object. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello! I'm working on a home plan in HD Pro 2021 and I'm in the process of drawing up a timber frame covered porch off the rear of the home. I want to create some angled support gussets/braces but I'm not sure how to get what I want at a 45 degree angle. I'm using a slab object to dimension and trim up. I'll need to do the same thing when it comes time to do the rafters. Attached is a photo of what I'm trying to replicate:
  5. Thanks again Eric. Lots to go over and replicate on my end. Mike
  6. JoAnn...THIS IS AWESOME. Did you do as David suggested and align some of the external walls to get the auto build roof to work?
  7. David, Let me take the time to thank you for looking at my plan and giving me some valuable pointers with the roof design and the floor plan geometry! The video was more than I expected and certainly very eye-opening when someone with as much experience as you takes a look at it. Yes, I agree about the ridge line of the roof and will work on get that straightened out this weekend. The covered deck in the back was really going to be pergola with a ledger board attached to the house and planks run out from that. A couple of 4x4's on the corners. Regards, Mike Keys
  8. Here is the floor plan.
  9. Eric, I'll post that tonight when I get home. I wouldn't mind a critique of it either, since I'm a newbie to this whole "design your dream home" mentality I have.
  10. No. I want to vault from 9' at the wall to 15' in the middle.
  11. Hello. I'm in the process of designing a home for my wife and I. I have, what I think, is a good floor plan. The house is a basic ranch-style with a nice front porch and a bump out in the back for a four-season room. Ceiling heights are a default of 9' with the exception of the dining room area which has a slightly raised ceiling for a coffered ceiling. I've used the auto roofs tool and I'd say the software got about 40 - 50% of it right. I've been watching videos of manipulating roof planes to get it more where I want, but think I am confusing myself on how to approach this. Right now I