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  1. Thanks - I should have thought of that - but adding a gable line in had worked before I lowered the roof. The house I am remodeling is a mid 80s that is pretty much as the original build and is pretty featureless. Those big picture windows do however open up to a spectacular view of a lake and the area you refer to is where I am thinking of adding two large triangular windows to break up the look of the house. I am therefore thinking of making a cathedral ceiling in a small area behind the windows to allow the use of such high windows. Anyway breaking the walls and ma
  2. I have saved the file and I had changed a lot of items DIG5050. Thanks for the suggestion. Probably should have saved a version before I did such wholesale changes. Attached is the native file of my plan SOLVER. Appreciate any help - I find this software both wonderful and frustrating. Very powerful features but at times not intuitive. 44 Windward with garage & Rear Extension Both Directions 2.plan
  3. I lowered the roof pitch on my house plan from 8" to 6". It regenerated my roof successfully except I lost a couple of gables - over my entry door and my rear picture windows. Whatever I do whether I try and put them in manually or do the gable over window command - nothing happens. I tried a simple 4 wall plan with the same 6" pitch, 27" eaves overhang with the same windows and door and it worked. I am wondering if I missed one feature when I was redoing the pitch and that is screwing up these gables. My isometric of the house looks fine, apart from omission of these two gables. Any hel
  4. I am starting to get the hang of this. Appears a bit more of a black art than the CAD programs I am used to. But maybe that is just because I am more used to those programs' foibles! Anyway, thanks for all your help - I truly appreciate your patience. Now I gotta concentrate on the actual house plan remodeling.
  5. Jo_Ann: I hate to be dimwitted but for the life of me I cannot see how you can create more than one terrain area in any plan. As soon as you add one the option to add another is grayed out. I thought I had found it under terrain-feature-rectangular feature but that is not a new terrain object. I feel as if I am so close to breaking through here but no searching or watching training videos seems to indicate a way to have multiple terrain regions. thanks again!
  6. Whoa - did you just do that - obviously it it possible? Do you do that by trial an error or by importing csv data? I have HD Architect 2020 - so obviously should be able to do it. Any tips on how you did that would be gratefully recieved.
  7. Thanks for you help David. I have spend a few more fruitless hours wrestling with Home Architect and have decided it is not up to doing landscaping. Pictures show what I am trying to do - I have a parking area about 9' above the house with a sloping driveway down to where I am going to put in a garage. When I model in the parking area at the top in Home Architect it works OK if built on a flat terrain but as soon as I import even a simple sloping terrain, it has a mind of its own - it totally reshapes itself and the parking area and even if I try and rotate it through 90 degrees - it only r
  8. My house is built on a sloping lot with lots of changes in elevation and slopes. I modeled the gardens in Inventor fairly well then used that to make a csv file which I imported as Terrain data. Unfortunately chief architect smoothes terrains far more than I want and the result is unusable. Without making a holacious # of contours I can’t see a way around this. If chief architect could import OBJ or other 3d files as CAD objects the program would be so much better. Has anyone got any bright ideas for this problem.