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  1. Please forgive my ignorance but I'm noticing something on Home Designer 2021 that I hadn't noticed before. I'm seeing overlapping surface textures on my exterior walls. Can I get rid of this or is this something that "just happens"? It's really no big deal other than annoying when I pan around in 3D. I attached a screenshot.
  2. Thank you so much David! I kept playing with the program and discovered exactly what you were talking about. Seems to be all good now! And just to be clear; I realize the software is not to blame. I just don't have enough knowledge about the software to know how to fix mistakes I make right away. Sometimes I don't realize I made a mistake till I look at the 3D view. Then I have to go back and try to figure out what I need to do to fix it. I'm no architect but my wife and I decided to design our own home so we're playing with this program. I truly love it but wish I had more knowledge on how it works. I'll keep hacking away till I have something that a REAL architect can decipher once it comes time to build. Thanks again and I know I'll definitely have a thousand more dumb questions to post in the Q&A.
  4. Hope this works
  5. So I've been playing with the elevations and floor heights and anything else I can think of but I just can't seem to fix my disappearing walls issue... It seems like every time I think I have it figured out, something else gets screwed up. I need serious help!!!!
  6. Beyond pissed! I don't understand what's happening to my design.... I tried changing the entire elevation....
  7. I will definitely get on that webinar! Thank you!
  8. Thanks Rick! This is definitely a brain buster but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Just so many damn boxes to check. I just don't quite understand how elevations work on this program. I change one elevation in one room and the whole thing goes south. I will post my design asap.
  9. Well, they were there before! Then I changed an elevation parameter on the building then this happened!
  10. So I just upgraded to Home Designer 2020 and I'm trying to adjust elevations but when I go to 3D. This is what I'm seeing!!! My walls are missing!!!! Also, What's up with those beams sticking out my tower roof??? What is going on??
  11. Hello forum, So I just purchased Home Designer Pro 2020 as an upgrade to the 2018 version and I'm having a hard time understanding the terrain and elevation features. I've been working on a split-level design of our home and I can't seem to get the elevations to play right. I managed to make it happen in the earlier version but can't seem to make it happen on the new one. I change elevation in one room and it changes the elevation in another... I've looked at all the videos but can't seem to find one that addresses the issues I'm having. I have tons of questions such as: Do I design terrain BEFORE adding the building or do I design the building FIRST then the terrain AROUND the building?? I don't want to flood the forum with dumb questions so I'd simply like to know where everyone is getting their knowledge from. What would be the best source to learn to use this program? I attached a screenshot of what I'm currently working on. Thank you!