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  1. I met with a builder and took a look at some land and it looks like i need a walkout basement. That being said any suggestions on where i could put them in this plan? I assume I start in the basement and add them and they will auto connect to 1st floor? 2bed_vaulted_v7.plan
  2. cooldood

    Fix roof heights

    The saga goes on. Somehow I screwed up the wall height and i think this is causing roof issues. any suggestions?
  3. cooldood

    Fix roof heights

    I am the "IT" guy and not so fun on this side for a change. Actually it is not fun on my normal side either LOL
  4. cooldood

    Fix roof heights

    Thanks but I already have watched some videos but I must have missed how to fix this. I apologize for inconveniencing you
  5. cooldood

    Fix roof heights

    In floorplan view I try to increase the pitch but is is grayed out. I will try to raise the height
  6. cooldood

    Fix roof heights

    Ok guys sorry to keep buggin you but I ma so close I do not want to make things worse I want all my roof heights to be the same. I tried changing the pitch on the two gables but doesn't seem to change. I would alos like to be able to fix the porch to have the same "timber" looking trim not a wall.
  7. I used the straight stair tool. When I do this the stair meets 2nd floor perfectly but touch the first floor door. If I adjust the bottom of stairs away from door the op of stairs do not meet snd floor
  8. I deleted roof and rebuilt and seems ok
  9. I fixed one thing an broke another
  10. I drew the second floor walls as reference I have not finalized
  11. I have created a simple Cape Cod and want the front two rooms to have a vaulted ceiling. I uncheck ceiling over this room but nothing changes It still has the default ceilings. Grey cape.plan
  12. cooldood

    Porch Roof

    Ok gut some corner boards on and color. I have a box window and not sure how to trim that out. Also the pic in the OP you see a trim board near the eave. Can I get some help with that
  13. cooldood

    Porch Roof

    two more quick questions. For some reason I can not select the roof to change the color. I am in full pers, view and can change walls Walls how do I add trim to exterior walls? I want blue shingles but it seems I can pick shakes/shingles but I cannot change the color
  14. cooldood

    Porch Roof

    Thanks so much for the help. I now have something that looks like I want
  15. cooldood

    Porch Roof

    I promise last one for the day. How do I fix my porch roof? Bungalow3.plan