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  1. I have taken a normal Cross Section which shows roof framing but also the other items in the background. To avoid seeing items in the background, I took a backclipped section but this do not show any roof framing. Is there a work around this? StaffordRd577 Store.plan
  2. ChiefJeet

    Text, Notes

    I have contacted Chief and they said what Eric said. It's left there by mistake
  3. ChiefJeet

    Fill Patterns to Cross Sections

    No. Back clipping section
  4. ChiefJeet

    Fill Patterns to Cross Sections

    I think I got it. Side clipping section?
  5. ChiefJeet

    Fill Patterns to Cross Sections

    Thank you Eric. The section in the clip is taken through the window but in the background, there is a solid fill, perhaps the door in the background. How can I clean the section so only entities the section is cutting across are visible and then I would be able to hatch the walls?. YareGrove5.plan
  6. ChiefJeet

    Fill Patterns to Cross Sections

    I have searched for this topic and have come across suggestions about using Cad to enhance the section. Can the fill patterns same as on the floor plan be applied to sections?
  7. ChiefJeet

    Layout View Label

    Thanks Eric but I tried all that and it does not give me editing handle. Pls see the vide Layout label recording.mp4
  8. ChiefJeet

    Text, Notes

    Thanks in advance
  9. ChiefJeet

    Text, Notes

    I would like to ask the same question as Brewer. I understand that there are no custom layers but this layer (Text, Notes) is present in HD Pro. So what objects are programmed to go into this layer. I have tried Rich text, Call outs and all the entities listed under Cad but none goes into that layer. What is the properties of Notes?
  10. ChiefJeet

    Layout View Label

    In the Layout sheet, I cannot seems to move the label so the gap between the view border and the label is not so much. David di a video on this few years back where he could move it around with X premier. On my PC it does not allow me to move. Every time I select the label, it selects the whole view. Please help. Layout file attached. Sutherland29 DetachedB.layout
  11. ChiefJeet

    Wall not showing in elevation

    I have drawn a circular wall as shown in the clip below but it is invisible in the elevation. I have check the properties of the wall and it is not invisible. I have placed one window in the wall and it can be seen standing in iscolation. I have drawn gable roof over it and don't know if the roof is causing this issue. Please help. File attached. StaffordRd577.plan
  12. ChiefJeet

    Auto Build Roof keeps generating different pitches

    Thank you Eric. You either have very sharp eyes to notice the 13mm off alignment or you new what the problem was. The mis-alignment was not intentional but I could not get rid off it. It probably occurred by snapping onto another object or to intersection. You solved two problems in one. Thank you
  13. I have Auto build roof checked and the default pitch set to 35 degree but the roof keeps producing two different pitches. When I select left and the right wall, the properties of both walls states the pitch to be 35 deg but left roof plane keeps drawing at 22.5 deg. If I select the right side of roof plane in elevation view ,its "Top of wall plate" is locked and if I select the left hand roof plane its Baseline height is locked but cannot change it to "Top of wall plate" to be locked because it says NA.. I keep deleting it but it keeps rebuilding in the same location. Drawing file attached. Please someone help to resolve this issue. Derwent103 extn.plan
  14. ChiefJeet

    Roof flashing

    Is there an option in roof specifications to generate flashing as shown on the image below?. I could not find it anywhere but might be missing it. I understand that it may be possible with box shape but just wondered if it is built in as an option.
  15. ChiefJeet

    Hide part stairs to see enclosure below

    Thank you David and Eric.