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  1. Thanks Eric. I reloaded it into the layout sheet on another PC with better specifications and its just fine. A time to go out shopping for new laptop. Thanks again
  2. Hi David. Are you viewing the layout sheet? The problem is in the layout sheet.
  3. I am keep getting unpleasant splashes of colour all over my elevation views. I cannot think of any suitable keyword to search for a solution. This does happens on most drawings and cannot really issue this standard of drawings to the customers. Please help. Drawings and layout sheet attached. MountRd124.layout MountRd124.plan
  4. Thanks Eric. Would we then have to "paint over" to hide the framing?
  5. The specified rafter thickness is 325mm. I purposely specified a deeper rafter size to demonstrate the issue. It is the same if I build new roof from scratch.
  6. I deleted it and rebuilt it few times
  7. I am changing the default rafter size but it does not change and just lifts up in the air as shown in the clip. I have tried changing the sub-fascia height and eaves fascia height and it does not seems to make any difference. Can any one help please?. File attached Rafter sizes dont change.plan
  8. Ok David. New walls are constructed to the current standard and will have different composition to the old walls and will always be different. Even with new build, one can have different composition. Is there a solution to this other than patching up?
  9. Yes David. I can explain why I did what I did. The is a remodelling project or an extension to the house as we say it in UK. The traditional convention for presenting the drawings is to show the new work as hatched. That is why I have left the existing house as blank and the new part is hatched. For 3D presentation, I want to show the house as real so both the existing and the proposed is shown in bricks. With regards to the layers, the brick wall is the main layer and do not have any cladding. This is shown as 100mm which is near to 102mm width of brick. For the inside, I do not wish to show too many lines and just want to show the structural width of the wall which is 300mm. As I don't want to show bare blockwork inside, I have taken 1mm from the wall thickness and created a 1mm internal layer. The total thickness as 300mm. My brick layer is not 1". So there still remains the unsightly issue of overlapping walls which messes up our presentation drawings. The splashback is a workaround but we want to determine the cause of it. We don't want to be plastering around the patches if we can help it. I wanted to know if I was missing the obvious but I think it may be a bug in the application. I will raise it with CA. Thanks for your time.
  10. Hi David. The connection I am referring to is outlined in red. It also appears overlapping in the elevation
  11. I am joining two different exterior wall types and at the junction it overlaps the other wall and creates an unsightly appearance. I have lived with it for a while it gives unsightly appearance on the drawings. I wonder if if any one know the cause and a solution for this issue. Thanks in advance. File attached Wall connections.plan
  12. By default, text is centre aligned in callouts. I wish to align the text to the left but when you open it in specifications, there is no option to align the text. Would any one know how to left align the text?
  13. ChiefJeet

    Make Cad Block

    Thank you Rookie, those are architectural block not Cad blocks. I am trying to add text blocks to the library and HD Pro don't allow this. I thought the work around could be to create them in Premier and then import them in. From what I can understand from Eric, that would not be possible. Is there a workaround this other than saving the text to one file and copy them in?
  14. ChiefJeet

    Make Cad Block

    I understand that "Make Cad Block " is not available in HDPro 21 but would it be possible to create cad blocks in Premier, add them to the library and then import the library content into HD pro 21?
  15. Yes Eric. The line weights are ticked. Please see plan attached earlier.
  16. Thanks Eric . I have tried changing the line weight of Walls, Foundation and it does not have any effect on the slab line. I have not created a foundation plan and there are no foundation walls. If I open the room specification and on structure, only the floor slab is shown. Please see the plan attached in the earlier post.
  17. I wish to change the edge line weight of ground floor slab visible in the elevation. Normally I would switch to the elevation, find out the layer of the object and change the line weight in the Display Options. When I select the slab in the elevation, its layer is given as Rooms and I change the line weight in the Display Options to 150 and it has no effect on the thickness of the layer. If I open up the room spec and edit the floor structure, there is no option to change the line weight there. Please advise if there is a solution for this. I have attached the plan file and the video. Thanks in advance. Floor Edge line weight.mp4 AAPlan1.plan
  18. Recording #35.mp4 Recording #35.mp4 I am trying to draw a gable roof over bay window to represent the image in the clip . I have drawn a gable line roof and increased its over hang to cover the bay window projection. However, the top of the bay window is empty and the ceiling on the projected roof follows the rafter line. I have tried filling this in with a manual ceiling plane but it does not appear the the section elevation or the over view. I suppose I can draw soffit but is there a simpler way of doing this? Please help. Plan file attached. StaffordRd577B.plan Recording #35.mp4
  19. I did search "door position" but could not identify any relevant answer. If you could give me a link, that would be appreciated.
  20. When inserting door in external wall, it is positioned on the side of the wall that it is swinging into. In UK the external doors are placed typically 2" from the outside face of the wall regardless of the direction of the swing. I have looked through all the settings for the door and cannot determine how to position the door 50mm in from the outside face. I would be grateful if someone can help me with this. Plan and video attached. AAPlan1.plan Door Position.mp4
  21. ChiefJeet

    Gap above door

    Thank you Gary. Your suggestion resolved the problem. I have changed the wall definition as you suggested David, giving each wall a thickness to exterior and interior layer. The manual says that one can have multiple layers as main layer as the case is with the cavity wall. In the case of blockwork wall, there can be an exterior layer as render but with facing brick wall, there will not be an exterior layer. Even with using walls with with exterior layers, I still have ca cross wall showing through the elevation and there is a gap on the side elevation. I cannot figure out how to avoid this. I have attached the plan file and a video for seeking a solution. Kindly help me to resolve this issue. AAPlan1Composite.plan Walls showing through.mp4
  22. ChiefJeet

    Gap above door

    I have a door and a window in place. The window fits the full opening of the wall but the door shows a gap above the top of the door. I have opened the window specification and the door specifications and the both looks similar. There is insulation wrap showing above the door and I wish to show brickwork. Tried changing most of the settings but cannot seems to correct it. Please help. Plan file attached. FinchfieldRdW47.plan