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  1. Thanks so much David! That was very helpful and I'm grateful for the amount of work you put into helping me find my solution.
  2. I had to do a google to figure out what that means, so here's my best shot.. terrain issue.zip
  3. My terrain is flying crazy. The backyard is how I want it to look. The terrain should be level from the middle of the house up to the front of the terrain boundary. I have no terrain lines in the front of the house(opposite the deck) so why does it do this? What's an easy way to flatten it out (I already tried placing a terrain line every 5 or so feet and add more details but that just created huge "waves". Also, how can I tell my deck to reframe?
  4. Good to know! As long as this is the biggest hassle I come up with, I'll take my 90% savings!
  5. Is it possible to create all my layout documents in one go or do I need to save one and open a new one and manually change the page number? For instance, I want a floorpan layout and a site plan layout for the same project. Edit: I have gone through all the tutorial videos. I have not gone through the User Manual. I'll do that now.
  6. Is there a way to add a countertop overhang where there are no base cabinets?