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  1. scottb613


    Hi... I'm flattered - this is my first attempt with no prior building experience. I actually plan on building this home. Thanks for creating a powerful easy to use tool that can enable a layman to realize his vision. Regards, Scott
  2. scottb613

    The Maine Lake House

    Home Designer Suite 2021
  3. scottb613

    Internal Vaulted Ceiling Rafters ?

    Hi... Thanks... LOL - while I am attempting to be as accurate with my plans as I am able - given my skill and limited functionality of the software I chose - I'm certainly no builder... I'm just trying to nail down the look of what I want so I can have the discussion with the builder - it will be up to the him to make it happen or tell me it's impossible or too expensive. Yeah - pretty similar use of space - I liked the idea of a walk out basement to utilize typically unused space and the slope of the land where I plan to build this facilitates the design. Hah - I could probably fit a piano in the basement den. Nice job on your plan ! Regards, Scott
  4. scottb613

    Internal Vaulted Ceiling Rafters ?

    Hi Keith, Thanks for responding. Yeah - I don't think I can do anything but look at the "framing". I bit the bullet and modeled it all externally and then imported it - LOL - it took some doing - but it really changes the flavor of the ceiling. Regards, Scott
  5. scottb613

    Internal Vaulted Ceiling Rafters ?

    Hi... Thanks - I was afraid of that - LOL - good thing I know how to 3D model. This went pretty smoothly as I added a 16" shape hidden in the roof as part of each rafter pair - that way it snaps and stacks to 16" on center. The real mother will be getting the ends to meet properly on the two gable intersections. Hmm - perhaps it might be better to build the entire roof and walls in my modeling software - then build all the rafters as a single unit ? Visible Rafter Testing Regards, Scott
  6. scottb613

    Internal Vaulted Ceiling Rafters ?

    Hi... Thanks for the response - I looked - it doesn't appear that the "Sofit Tool" adjusts to sloped ceilings in my version - doesn't appear to be any real controls that would address it either. Regards, Scott
  7. scottb613

    Internal Vaulted Ceiling Rafters ?

    Hi Folks, Is there an easy way to create rafters on vaulted ceilings such as this ? I have two 90 degree intersecting gables that need them. Thanks... regards, Scott
  8. scottb613

    Riddle me this - Angles and Dangles ?

    Hi... Thanks. I'll take a gander... Regards, Scott
  9. scottb613

    Riddle me this - Angles and Dangles ?

    Hi Folks, OK - I played with this some more - drop the base cube - it will rotate without distortion - X/Y/Z. If I resize the cube - I get the distortion above. If I rotate first - then resize - I get the distortion above. I was simply trying to create a very basic shape of 6x6 timbers that I had to go to an external modeling program to make - as I have yet to identify a way in HDS2021 to do the same. Regards, Scott
  10. scottb613

    Riddle me this - Angles and Dangles ?

    Hi Folks, Hmm - maybe it's my stripped down version of the software ? In the Top Down View - you can rotate it around the Y axis fine. In both the Elevation View or 3D View I get the following when attempting the Z axis. I haven't tried the X yet - as I need the Z. Before Rotation After Rotation Thanks for the response ! Regards, Scott
  11. scottb613

    Riddle me this - Angles and Dangles ?

    Hi Folks, Spent a great deal of time attempting to place a basic cube at some angle other than horizontal - no joy - massively distorts the shape every time. Imagine my surprise when I accidentally rotated a sofa at other than horizontal and it maintained its perfect shape at the new angle... Why is that - and is there a way to set a cube at an angle ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  12. scottb613

    Maine Lake House

    Hi... Thanks for the comment and tips - I’ll play around with it some more. I put the entire project in an album on Flickr for anyone interested - I’ll probably keep it up when we start construction - hopefully next year. Maine Lake House Regards, Scott
  13. scottb613

    Maine Lake House

    Hi Folks, Just a few images of the place in HDS - perhaps I should purchase some plants? Regards, Scott
  14. scottb613

    Maine Lake House

    Hi Folks, As a testament to the ease of use of HDS - I've completed most of my planned home build in about a week after my initial purchase of HDS - first time through with absolutely no prior building experience. I certainly have enough to sit down with a builder and discuss my plan intelligently. I've attached the file for review - external site hosted as it exceeds capacity here - feedback most welcome (especially critical) and I have a few questions. I imported custom objects and used all the addon libraries extensively - I'm not sure if the "plan" file contains all this extra data. As displayed - in the first pix - I have two [Anderson Bay Window 45 Degree (7' 2" 1/2 x 3' 2")] incorporated in the design - which I can't seem to add in HDS - would something as I've illustrated in the first picture work ? Is there a way to make it in HDS I am unaware of ? The "Bay Window" function in HDS seems pretty limited so I just through in some casement windows as a place holder. In the second image - there's the timber roof support holding up the massive overhanging roof - HDS seemed unable to create same - so I built the shape in an external program and imported it into HDS. Doing this means it's just a pretty shape and has no structure in the actual model. Does it appear as if what I modeled would work practically in real life ? I wanted beefy 6x6 timbers and this doesn't match up with the deck supports below - which it appears - I have absolutely no control over. I would want the 6x6 posts to go all the way to the ground eliminating some of the automatically generated deck supports. I want the fireplace - to be a "real" masonry fireplace - not one of those instant pieces of tin with a boxed in stove pipe attached. Are the dimensions I set big enough to handle a true masonry fireplace ? I'm not sure how they are constructed these days - concrete with rock veneer façade ? Maine Lake House (Plan File) I would certainly appreciated any input - - - Thanks... Regards, Scott
  15. scottb613

    Artifacts - First Day User - Help Please.

    Big Help ! Thanks... Regards, Scott