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  1. Hi Eric, Thanks so much - let me take a gander. Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Jo_Ann, Thanks for the response. I’m not a professional or even a Home Designer hobbyist - I simply bought the package to build my own home - there is much about the software I am sure I don’t know. Understood - unable to do what I want with the package I have. Fortunately - I’m fairly decent with Blender and I think I can build the necessary ceiling panels with that - as I did for the trusses and fireplace. It’s a bit of a pain but I should be able to hobble together something. Might as well add the purlins as well. Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Jo_Ann, I updated the image to make it more clear on what I am trying to achieve - with red lines. Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Folks, Question using Home Designer 2021 Basic. As per attached image. I've changed the home and it will be a log home when built. The great room will have purlins anchored into the load bearing wall. I don't think I can model purlins with the software I have. I'm just trying to visualize the proper ceiling lines in the great room. I have two gables intersecting - I need to extend the gable of the great room - the lower gable from where my image perspective origin is - back to the load bearing wall. I'm currently stuck with the vaulted ceiling changing to the larger and higher gable where they intersect. The gable ceiling should remain constant throughout the room - so - the sheetrock panel would be covered and not seen. The ceiling would look something like the red lines illustrated on the image. Can I do this? Thanks. Regards, Scott
  5. scottb613

    The Maine Lake House

    Home Designer Suite 2021 My first attempt at designing a home with no prior building experience. Includes custom models I created externally and imported - such as the fire place. I actually plan on building this home on some land I own. Thanks - Chief Architect - for creating a powerful easy to use tool that can enable a layman to realize his vision. If there's interest - I'll follow up with some construction photos once we start building.
  6. Hi... Thanks... LOL - while I am attempting to be as accurate with my plans as I am able - given my skill and limited functionality of the software I chose - I'm certainly no builder... I'm just trying to nail down the look of what I want so I can have the discussion with the builder - it will be up to the him to make it happen or tell me it's impossible or too expensive. Yeah - pretty similar use of space - I liked the idea of a walk out basement to utilize typically unused space and the slope of the land where I plan to build this facilitates the design. Hah - I could probably fit a piano in the basement den. Nice job on your plan ! Regards, Scott
  7. Hi Keith, Thanks for responding. Yeah - I don't think I can do anything but look at the "framing". I bit the bullet and modeled it all externally and then imported it - LOL - it took some doing - but it really changes the flavor of the ceiling. Regards, Scott
  8. Hi... Thanks - I was afraid of that - LOL - good thing I know how to 3D model. This went pretty smoothly as I added a 16" shape hidden in the roof as part of each rafter pair - that way it snaps and stacks to 16" on center. The real mother will be getting the ends to meet properly on the two gable intersections. Hmm - perhaps it might be better to build the entire roof and walls in my modeling software - then build all the rafters as a single unit ? Visible Rafter Testing Regards, Scott
  9. Hi... Thanks for the response - I looked - it doesn't appear that the "Sofit Tool" adjusts to sloped ceilings in my version - doesn't appear to be any real controls that would address it either. Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Folks, Is there an easy way to create rafters on vaulted ceilings such as this ? I have two 90 degree intersecting gables that need them. Thanks... regards, Scott
  11. Hi... Thanks. I'll take a gander... Regards, Scott
  12. Hi Folks, OK - I played with this some more - drop the base cube - it will rotate without distortion - X/Y/Z. If I resize the cube - I get the distortion above. If I rotate first - then resize - I get the distortion above. I was simply trying to create a very basic shape of 6x6 timbers that I had to go to an external modeling program to make - as I have yet to identify a way in HDS2021 to do the same. Regards, Scott
  13. Hi Folks, Hmm - maybe it's my stripped down version of the software ? In the Top Down View - you can rotate it around the Y axis fine. In both the Elevation View or 3D View I get the following when attempting the Z axis. I haven't tried the X yet - as I need the Z. Before Rotation After Rotation Thanks for the response ! Regards, Scott
  14. Hi Folks, Spent a great deal of time attempting to place a basic cube at some angle other than horizontal - no joy - massively distorts the shape every time. Imagine my surprise when I accidentally rotated a sofa at other than horizontal and it maintained its perfect shape at the new angle... Why is that - and is there a way to set a cube at an angle ? Thanks... Regards, Scott
  15. Hi... Thanks for the comment and tips - I’ll play around with it some more. I put the entire project in an album on Flickr for anyone interested - I’ll probably keep it up when we start construction - hopefully next year. Maine Lake House Regards, Scott