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    importing a dwg or pdf

    I will review the links provided. I had read " the options under File>Import" and I didn't really find it very helpful. Thank you for your help
  2. JoAnnWodke

    importing a dwg or pdf

    Thank you, sorry I guess I didnt make it as clear as I thought I had. I added, Home Designer, Architectural (2021) to my signature.
  3. JoAnnWodke

    importing a dwg or pdf

    I created a house plan in my HomeDesigner Chief Architect 2021 and sent the basic plan to my builders Architect for adjustments and corrections. He will be sending it back to me soon as both a dwg and a pdf. What is the process or is there a process to import his finished design back into my program? I want to be able to build on his finished plan. Or do I have to totally correct each line, each cabinet ect ect when its sent back to me? The roof was kicking my butt so I was hoping his roof would also correct my issue. If I can ask a second question? I have a irregular lot on a curve and drawing it has been impossible, for me. Is there a easier way to bring the lot in besides drawing by measurements? Also elevations? Thank you. JoAnn I've only had this program for a couple weeks. I'm hoping to perfect using it!!!!
  4. JoAnnWodke

    Using Roof Baseline Polylines

    You are miles ahead of me, I'm still just learning the terminology. I have my house plan drawn but when I started making changes on the roof I started to loose my mind. Im on a bit of a time crunch so I'm hoping to learn from other comments on this tread. this is only day 2 for me. So far I'm loving the program Thank you, Jo