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  1. Chrisw1

    Winders - "new shaped stair " dialogue missing

    I updated my signature per your advice. I upgraded to Pro 2021 and I still do not see that dialogue box to convert a shaped staircase to winders. It looks the same as the earlier screen shots. Any idea what I am missing?
  2. I am trying to follow the instructions on this article,, to convert a standard L shaped set of stairs to winders. However, the dialogue box depicted in the article doe not come up with I chose to make L or U shaped stairs. How do I convert these stairs to winders or how do I find the dialog box? Here is what I see: I do this: And then the stairs appear instantly ready to place like this: I'm using this version of Home Designer:
  3. Chrisw1

    Can't change a setting

    That did it, thanks!
  4. Chrisw1

    Can't change a setting

    Software: Home Designer Pro. The walls in my floor plan view have lost their color and I can no longer attach dimensions to them. I've restarted the application, but the setting won't reset. Also, I have multiple floor plans open and they are not all like this, so I assume this is a setting I checked by accident. Has this happened to anyone else? I can't seem to find the setting as I don't know what it's called. Dimensions don't work: Dimensions work:
  5. Chrisw1

    House in piers creates hole in terrain

    Hi, I am working on my first design that has a house positioned on a slope and uses a pier foundation system. I used the auto-build basement feature to generate the piers. For some reason, the terrain is disappearing under the house. Any ideas on how to make the terrain show up under the house? The "grass" should continue under the house.
  6. Chrisw1

    Importing 3D models from .dwg or .dfx

    Yes. Here what I get for both import options that I am aware of: Left is an uneditable 3d model and the right is just polylines.
  7. Chrisw1

    Importing 3D models from .dwg or .dfx

    I started using a new app called that creates 3D models from pictures. It's really impressive. This is what they generated and it's accurate within inches: I'd like to import their model into Home Designer Pro so I can make edits to the exterior. However, I can only figure out how to import a 3D symbol or CAD lines. Is there a way to import the attached files as .plan file so they can be edited? The files they provide do not provide the textures and colors, but that is fine. measurements.dxf measurements.dwg
  8. Chrisw1

    Materials List for Landscaping?

    @solver Thanks, I was hoping there was a better way. Do you know if Cheif Architect has this functionality?
  9. Chrisw1

    Materials List for Landscaping?

    Is there a way to pull a material list for landscaping? I'm looking for a quick way to know figure out the total area (and linear feet where applicable) of gardens beds, walkways, parking, grass, trees, etc. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2020 Thanks!
  10. Ok. Does that mean I'd have to work in both versions to create a single site plan with designed homes?
  11. I am trying to design "tiny home communities" that fit into existing in town lots <1acre. My tiny homes are already designed and just need to be positioned on the lots based on setbacks, space utilization, site design, etc. Are there are resources that show the best way to do this? Specifically, I have not been able to figure out how to: - Freeze/lock lot lines so you don't keep moving them accidentally when moving the houses - Freeze/lock setbacks so you don't keep moving them accidentally when repositioning the houses - Convert a home into an object do I can be easily moved around a site plan I am using Home Designer Pro on a Mac.