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  1. {I have Home Designer Architectural 2021} I'm planning a project that has a 12' x 4' second floor balcony. It extends over the buildable space on the lot so I can't have posts down to the ground. The floor joist are running the wrong way to do a cantilever deck, and I'd like it to have strong support below for snow loads as I'm in the western mountains of Maine and we get it pretty good! I'd like to have braces from the outside edge of the deck back to the side of the house. I don't see any obvious way to change the deck support in the object dialogue. Any suggestions are welcome!
  2. Hi, I just got a .dwg sent to me from my architect. I need it mainly for the building area dimensions on the site plan, but the scale didn't import properly. For instance, one side of my lot is 100', and the dimension tool in HDArchi puts that side at about 1199'. Did I do something wrong in the import settings? Is there any way to scale it to the proper dimensions?