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  1. DanatCV

    Valance location problem

    Many thanks, Eric!
  2. DanatCV

    Valance location problem

    Here ya go. To clarify, this is not a valance, it is a window blind. test.plan
  3. DanatCV

    Valance location problem

    When I select a valance for a double hung window, it positions the valance midway up the window (Z axis). I cannot find any option to control the height of the valance or location of the valance on the window. Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!
  4. DanatCV

    Want gable fascia without eave fascia

    Thanks for your rapid reply, Eric. Yes, I saw that I can reduce the eave fascia to 1/16" x 1/16" and that will probably work ok. I assume that, if I were to eliminate both gable and eave fascias, the soffit tool would be a good option to create the gable fascia. As a relatively new user, I'm still learning what can be fixed within the limitations of the software and when it is better to do a "work around". As I am also a builder, I am trying to minimize work arounds so my material lists are more accurate. Thanks again for your assistance!
  5. DanatCV

    Want gable fascia without eave fascia

    I have a gable end roof plane with its eave resting on an interior wall. So I want a fascia on the gable end, but don't want or need a fascia on the eave. In the Roof Plane Specification / Structure dialog, when I uncheck the eave fascia option, it also automatically unchecks the Gable Fascia option. As a side note, it does allow me to uncheck the Eave Subfascia option. Is there any way to eliminate the Eave Fascia without eliminating the Gable Fascia?
  6. DanatCV

    Roof Intersection Points won't disappear

    Thank you both, Gentlemen! The CAD menu "Delete Points" did the trick. For some reason, hitting the space bar (multiple times) didn't change anything but no worries. I greatly appreciate your rapid and concise replies!
  7. I set the Preferences to "Automatically Place Roof Intersection Points" so I could create some manual roof planes. Now my floor plan is filled with unwanted Xs that won't go away. I've tried turning off layers (turned all of them off simultaneously but they are still on the drawing). Attached is a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. Additionally, I have tried shutting off the "Automatically Place Roof Intersection Points" preference option, but the Xs remain on the drawing. Thanks in advance for a reply.
  8. DanatCV

    Multiple layout sheets in one file?

    Seems like something the Pro version should have included. Multiple layout sheet capability does not justify going from $500 to $3,000 so I, like everyone else, will suffer through creating / saving 1 sheet at a time. Grrrr!!!