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  1. DanatCV

    Total living area label won't display

    I cannot get the living area label to display in plan view. The "Show Living Area Label" option is selected in the Plan section of the default settings. I also carefully scanned through the display options dialog list and checked (selected to display) anything and everything that may affect this label. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided!
  2. DanatCV

    Splined driveways & sidewalks won't curve

    Hi Eric. I attached the plan file to the first post of this thread. Thanks.
  3. DanatCV

    Splined driveways & sidewalks won't curve

    Thanks for your post, DIG5050. Nope, it still won't work. I connected three spline segments but they are acting like straight segments. Opening the properties of each segments shows them to be spline segments but they act like straight segments... they only have tabs to widen/narrow and lengthen/shorten. They end up being three straight connected segments angled to each other. Perhaps I have inadvertently screwed something up in the settings.
  4. For some reason, I can no longer create splined driveways and sidewalks (I have successfully created them in the past - even on the drawing I attached.) I create two splined segments that connect but they remain straight and do not have control tabs for curvature adjustment. If I open the properties of the splined segment, the dialog box does include the spline angle setting so that tells me that it indeed is a splined segment, but it functions as a straight segment. Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!!! Small spec.zip
  5. Eric, I cannot thank you enough for all the time and expert advice you gave me!!! A few comments... The version of the house plan file I sent you was, by your request, stripped down to just the essentials. Looking back, I should have zipped the full plan as it zipped down small enough to post. As I wear all three hats (developer, architect & builder), I try to utilize Home Designer to its max and therefore do want to use the framing component, although I am finding a few limitations as well as a few bugs. But all-in-all, this software is the best I have found - especially for the price. So again, many thanks!!! You are a gentleman and a scholar!!!!
  6. Thanks for helping me, Eric. Attached is a temporary, stripped down version in a zip file. Small spec temp.zip
  7. DanatCV

    Internal Vaulted Ceiling Rafters ?

    I use the soffit tool to create exposed beams, scissor trusses, etc.
  8. The plan file is 30 Mbs so I can't attach it.
  9. I have some attic walls that either won't frame, partially frame, or end up being balloon framed. Also, I have some framing going through windows. I tried to attach the plan file, but it exceeds the 25 Mb max. I'll try to post it separately. Suggestions?
  10. DanatCV

    Valance location problem

    Many thanks, Eric!
  11. DanatCV

    Valance location problem

    Here ya go. To clarify, this is not a valance, it is a window blind. test.plan
  12. DanatCV

    Valance location problem

    When I select a valance for a double hung window, it positions the valance midway up the window (Z axis). I cannot find any option to control the height of the valance or location of the valance on the window. Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!
  13. DanatCV

    Want gable fascia without eave fascia

    Thanks for your rapid reply, Eric. Yes, I saw that I can reduce the eave fascia to 1/16" x 1/16" and that will probably work ok. I assume that, if I were to eliminate both gable and eave fascias, the soffit tool would be a good option to create the gable fascia. As a relatively new user, I'm still learning what can be fixed within the limitations of the software and when it is better to do a "work around". As I am also a builder, I am trying to minimize work arounds so my material lists are more accurate. Thanks again for your assistance!
  14. DanatCV

    Want gable fascia without eave fascia

    I have a gable end roof plane with its eave resting on an interior wall. So I want a fascia on the gable end, but don't want or need a fascia on the eave. In the Roof Plane Specification / Structure dialog, when I uncheck the eave fascia option, it also automatically unchecks the Gable Fascia option. As a side note, it does allow me to uncheck the Eave Subfascia option. Is there any way to eliminate the Eave Fascia without eliminating the Gable Fascia?
  15. DanatCV

    Roof Intersection Points won't disappear

    Thank you both, Gentlemen! The CAD menu "Delete Points" did the trick. For some reason, hitting the space bar (multiple times) didn't change anything but no worries. I greatly appreciate your rapid and concise replies!