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  1. I want to superimpose a drawing of an addition onto the survey of a house to which the addition will be attached (or vice versa: superimpose survey drawing onto floor plan) . I did "import picture" of the survey from a screen captured image of the survey so the scale is unknown. How do I get the two drawings to be matched up in scale? (The floor plan's scale is 1/8"=1'-0" and the survey states 1"=40') Rock HDPro 2023
  2. For the last couple of days, I have tried to work on a drawing and I am unable to do anything due to program not able to perform simple tasks. I just get a spinning circle as I click on something-to the point of having to 'end task' in task manager to get out of it. I don't doubt it has something to do with drawings somehow 'piling up' in association with the opened drawing. Any help, insight, tricks to fix, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks, Rock HDPro 2023
  3. Why are base cabinets showing up as dotted lines when looked at with wall elevation tool? Thanks, Rock HDPro2023
  4. I am doing an electrical plan for a renovation project. I want to delineate new duplex outlets from existing outlets. I wanted to do it with color on the plan. I thought I could use the eyedropper but it is not enabled in the electrical plan. Can this be accomplished by another method? Is this the way such a thing is done? If not, how do others do this besides having notes everywhere. Thanks, Lexington HDPro 2021
  5. Could you please share where the tutorial is to create a drop-in tub. Thanks!, Rock HDP2020
  6. I too have not been getting this temporary interior dimension feature (when clicking the interiors of doors or windows) since I upgraded to Pro 2016. I now have Pro 2019 and it still isn't working. Any clues as to why and/or a fix? Inadvertent buried setting somewhere? Thanks, Rock HDPRO2019
  7. I looked in the link that you suggested and the answer states: When choosing a file naming convention and file management system, therefore, try to use short file names and limit the use of folders nested within other folders. Through poor file management on my part, I now have important files with multiple "too long" names, and multiple nested folders and they won't 'save'. The only way I am able to save them is to print pdf's of them. Is there a way to re-name these files with shorter names, ie to separate the long name from the file itself in order to resave it and start doing what the "resolution" suggests?
  8. Here is screen capture of scanned drawing of back of house with polyline/fill experiment on right side porch
  9. Working on getting attachment up. Not working at the moment! R
  10. Attached is the line drawing of the back elevation Rock HDPro2016
  11. I have a paper line drawing elevation of the back of a very large house with multiple levels. I gave up trying to get this monster drawn correctly into the program-given my deadline. My plan now is to scan/import a line drawing of the elevation into the program and essentially do a CAD drawing over the drawing. Is there a way to attach an elevation view of a window or a door (for instance) into a CAD drawing or is there a way to apply/paste an elevation object of a window or door (for instance) into one huge transparent wall that's the width and breadth of the entire back of the house (as represented by the line drawing)-allowing me to put them where they correspond to object locations on the imported line drawing layer? I don't know if I'm communicating well at all so I will try a different description of what I'm trying to do: my line drawing is a scaled sketch of all the basic lines of the elevation of the back of the house. I want to then use this as a template for a hand/CAD drawing of the back elevation within the program. I want to be able to trace bricked areas with polylines for instance then fill in bricks over a large area. I want to paste railings/windows/doors/etc. into the elevation drawing I'm creating from scratch. I think a monolithic wall would work but how would I make it transparent or invisible? Is my confusion clearer now?! Any thoughts and/or approaches would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Rock H HDPro2016
  12. I keep getting a warning that the file can't be saved because the name is too long. How do I rename the file and/or move it to a simpler file? Thanks! Rock HDPro 16
  13. Thanks, David. That is definitely worth exploring... print-out a PDF of the floor-plan and overlay the links. Appreciate it. If anyone wants to provide a step-by-step, that would be cool. In fact, I may be the one if I have time to delve into this. Rock