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Hi All,

I was hoping to get a better workflow steps from one of you experienced HD Pro users?


I copied in a few things Into Into HD Pro.

     - I didn't pay attention to what Layer was on?

     - I tried to have the "Display Options Dialog" open permanently on the other monitor to "Know what layer was on"

     - Cant seem to make it happen?

Anyway it put a wall on the "fixture layer".... How do I create a "Misc 1, Misc 2, etc" layer and move the item to a layer that doesn't interfere with the things on the HD Pro "Default Layers" and items in them?

Thanks, MatE

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You cannot create layers in any of the Home Designer products.


Imported items, like things made in SketchUp, are always on the Interior Fixtures layer.


The software is very modal -- you must close a dialog to continue. Very frustrating. So no leaving things open.

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That is why you pay so much more for Chief.  It rivals (and for home design beats the pants off) AutoCAD Architecture for about the same price.  I used the later for many years and it's fine for commercial buildings but not very intuitive for houses.  It took me about three hours to create a custom wall with quoins -- 10 seconds in HD.


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Thanks, that makes things more clear...Though really strange they decided to have all imports sent to the "Interior Fixture Layer".  You think they would have made a layer called "Import / Misc / User" Or something like that so you can turn them off without messing with the actual interior fixtures in the model?  But all in all I am really liking this HD Pro!!!  I just have to put in more time to get a better handle on things!  I really appreciate everyone's help and advice, it is really helping the learning curve by not trying to do something the program is not set up to do. 

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  • 7 years later...

I imported my stuff from Auto CAD from a civil engineer.  The imported information ended up on the CAD Default layer.  Searched the UI then the Web for about two hours. I found web sites referring to Home Designers Pro ability move things to another layer using several methods.  Some of the features didn't even exist. The descriptions for the ones that did not allow layer creation.  I'm finding HDPro utterly a royal pain in my rear.  Layer support is basic functionality.  Used for organization that allows one set of objects to stay away from other objects.  I have some 100+ layers in a blank drawing so originally I literally guessed where it ended up.  The UI is about the messiest unorganized pile I have ever seen on Mac, Windows or Linux.


I have a terrain layer.  I want to create a layer for the road from the Civil Eng. (Road CE)r.  Import it, rotate it (with precision).  Correctly place it on the terrain (again with precision).  Trace over it to create a HD Pro 'road'.  This official road, of course, would be on the actual Road layer.  Turn off the Road CE layer and do the same with drawings from the Architect.  I don't see support for grouped objects (all the vids talk about grouping as a set of selected objects not a permanent group) so if everything ends up on the same layer then it will be impossible to adjust anything as all drawings will be on the same layer.  it will be impossible to select the architects detail and not select the civil engineers data. I'm finding HDPro's precision to be horrible considering what this application is used for.

Sorry spent a bit to long on the soap box but it has been frustrating after spending so much for a poorly designed application.

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you need chief architect the pro version

where as HD is more for the novice IMHO.


HD does have layers you just donot get to create them nor decide what is on each as software does all that ...

Their way of doing it in HD but in CA I think you can create your own and/or change items layers like in autocad...


HD will never be as accurate as Autocad as for home building where they measure with Tape measure not micrometers.


ps way to wake up an olde thread 2016 last post. should read where they all say what you want is Chief Architect

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