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  1. Does anyone know if Chief Architect ever plans to allow Home designer Pro to export out any type of useful 3D data? (Stl. is better then nothing, but not much). Anything would be nice, 3DS, SKP, 3D DXF, collada, etc? I have been waiting a few years, and except for great floor plan layouts, I don't use HD Pro much since I have to draw everything again from scratch again in other programs, so why draw it twice! It would be great to have HD Pro more useful so I could really get into the details of what it can do. I don't see anything in 2018 either? So no need to upgrade yet again
  2. I'm having a little trouble dragging the dimension point that snaps to the wall edge naturally to snap to the centerline of the wall? Thanks for your help.
  3. I'll keep trying here, it seams quite difficult.... The master list is empty, can't figure out how to cut and past existing material info, so next drawing it will already price out 2x4 and the like? If I just type something in from scratch...Not sure how to tag the program with this info so when a wall using 2x4 members is used, it will automatically price it out in the exported price sheet? But I'll keep dabbling with it, thanks for the Help menu info that is suppose to help figure this out?
  4. I think Chapter 40 (PG 947 of the Ref. Manual) talks about this, I'll have to dabble a bit to see what I get?
  5. Is there a way to add the price per unit/item inside HD Pro? Or can you only export to excel and hand insert each individual unit price every time you export? Thanks, MatE
  6. MatE

    Match Properties

    Thanks, I'll just erase it and input a new one of the correct type.
  7. MatE

    Match Properties

    Hi All, How do I pick a cabinet in my drawing, pick "match properties" and pick another cabinet next to it so it changes to the same type? Thanks MatE
  8. Definitely have to type in Word first, retyping that is scrapped by the site is no fun! Anyway, I already had the image created in 3D, so thought it would be easier to just cut and paste. But your right, next time I will created it in HD Pro, should give me a little more control on where (“layer”) the data will be created. But starting to get a handle on how things are working, Many thanks for all the advice everyone is sharing!!!
  9. Thanks, that makes things more clear...Though really strange they decided to have all imports sent to the "Interior Fixture Layer". You think they would have made a layer called "Import / Misc / User" Or something like that so you can turn them off without messing with the actual interior fixtures in the model? But all in all I am really liking this HD Pro!!! I just have to put in more time to get a better handle on things! I really appreciate everyone's help and advice, it is really helping the learning curve by not trying to do something the program is not set up to do.
  10. I must have moved a wall or something to remove the auto draw parts, mine use to look like yours? What do you mean by: "Copied one with framing to the other side" I'll try making a new front? wall and see if I can get things back to normal. Thanks !!! for the help, I really appreciate it
  11. Yea! it worked, copied it to another server before Upload, that did the trick. Not what I did but now the roof framing disappeared also, boy did I mess this one up!!!!!! Thanks MatE HD Pro Test - 1F.plan
  12. I tried but it is about 3-4 Meg and the download is refused? I'll try again
  13. Hi All, I was hoping to get a better workflow steps from one of you experienced HD Pro users? I copied in a few things Into Into HD Pro. - I didn't pay attention to what Layer was on? - I tried to have the "Display Options Dialog" open permanently on the other monitor to "Know what layer was on" - Cant seem to make it happen? Anyway it put a wall on the "fixture layer".... How do I create a "Misc 1, Misc 2, etc" layer and move the item to a layer that doesn't interfere with the things on the HD Pro "Default Layers" and items in them? Thanks, MatE
  14. I am having a similar problem, I use to only see the stud framing on the main floor and not garage, now they are both gone? Thanks for any insight! on this problem. MatE