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  1. MatE's post in Match Properties was marked as the answer   
    Thanks, I'll just erase it and input a new one of the correct type.
  2. MatE's post in How to Hide things (Imported Things) was marked as the answer   
    Definitely have to type in Word first, retyping that is scrapped by the site is no fun!
    Anyway, I already had the image created in 3D, so thought it would be easier to just cut and paste.
    But your right, next time I will created it in HD Pro, should give me a little more control on where (“layer”) the data will be created.
    But starting to get a handle on how things are working, Many thanks for all the advice everyone is sharing!!!
  3. MatE's post in Create and change layers? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks, that makes things more clear...Though really strange they decided to have all imports sent to the "Interior Fixture Layer".  You think they would have made a layer called "Import / Misc / User" Or something like that so you can turn them off without messing with the actual interior fixtures in the model?  But all in all I am really liking this HD Pro!!!  I just have to put in more time to get a better handle on things!  I really appreciate everyone's help and advice, it is really helping the learning curve by not trying to do something the program is not set up to do. 
  4. MatE's post in Wall Framing Part List (Minus Extra Parts) was marked as the answer   
    Cool, Figured this out!  All you have to do is after generating the "Build Framing" and then Tool Pallet>Ortho Frame View Button is.... Just pick each piece ("One at a time") and delete them.  Though I assume if the framing is regenerated, this will be over ridden and you have to go back again and pick them all over again?
  5. MatE's post in Collision Overide ? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks David, the control key is of great help...I can even embed a file cabinet into a wall !
  6. MatE's post in New walls (Data) VS Old Walls (Nothing) was marked as the answer   
    When I made two walls in and L shape (The Exterior reference walls imported from SketchUp).  There is created a "Box" around the shape.  So when I add  walls from a perspective view all is cool.  But in plan view picking anywhere in the rectangular area made up by the two walls that make an "L shape", Always picks the Imported Reference walls and you always have to use the "pick next" button to modify the walls etc..... I noticed a "bring object to front" option, but have not found a send to rear option?  Is there such a thing?  Otherwise I'll keep doing it the slow way.
    Thanks !!! Matte
  7. MatE's post in Center Plot was marked as the answer   
    Thank you both, I haven't played with the layout yet, so that will be a good education to play with.  Some how (By Accident) The Sheet Boundrys shows up under the plan view, I might have selected as you mentioned accidently?  I Windowed all and "back" windowed just the page to deselect it.  then moved with the "grab box" "I think"???  Thanks Again
  8. MatE's post in 3D Export was marked as the answer   
    Nope... Its a Ruby you just add to your existing set that you can get at Sketchup or Sketchucation.