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Hi All,

Attached is an image for a remodel, My main reason so far for purchasing HD Pro was to help generate a basic parts list to save lots od time. (I do go back to verify and add missing parts in the generated excel spreadsheet).  The question I hope you can help me with is this:

The walls that are "X" 'ed out our not needed because they are existing walls.  How do I remove these from being calculated in the list.  I think I had another somewhat similar problem and it was suggested that to make those walls out of an "Air Gap" center instead of 2x6's?  I guess I would only have to add the door and window framing material by hand since the wall is now "Air".  Does this seam to be the best method?  Or does just making the wall Invisible do the same thing?

Thanks, MatE


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Cool, Figured this out!  All you have to do is after generating the "Build Framing" and then Tool Pallet>Ortho Frame View Button is.... Just pick each piece ("One at a time") and delete them.  Though I assume if the framing is regenerated, this will be over ridden and you have to go back again and pick them all over again?

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