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  1. I'm having trouble drawing raised panels on back side of a run of cabinets. when I "open object" its showing my the front side when I want to get a blank slate to layout panel design. I need a quick refresher thanks. (homedesigner pro 16)
  2. pro 16. tried a triangle but can only adjust size in two axis(not dia,) im thinking something is set to limit my adjustment to shape. need to adjust triangle to foof pitch as well(34 degrees)
  3. Im looking to build a triangular shapped cornice under a saltbox roof rafter. it seems to me i did this in the past by turning a soffit into a triangle shape. cant seem to do this now. do i have an edit behavior turned off / guidance please. thanks.
  4. Im trying to generate a second floor with rafters sitting on a plate above first floor joists. when i want to see a doll house view ,the roof i created manually shows up when it shouldn't in this view. i know that im not creating my 2nd floor correctly here. i need to know how to create a 2nd floor that has no exterior walls(except for gable wall) and rafters sitting on first floor ceiling joists. Help please.
  5. Im trying to draw some interior walls on my 2nd floor of a new drawing. they draw in plan view but are not visible in any 3d drawings(doll house etc.) im thinking something is turned off ?! any help? Windows that show in plan view, fail to show in 3d view as well. I forgot to mention that i dont have this problem on the 1st flloor. i resent my computer and now the windows show but still not the walls. (pro 16)
  6. Ok,im stumped. Ive got a dxf topo from my engineer that is loaded with elevation data etc. Id like to use this data to create terrain ,in which i d like to place a house that ive drawn. tried a number of procedures but the best i get is strange terrain that looks extremely steep (as if its out of scale). anybody know how to adjust the scale of the imported map to match my house drawing. ( ive read Dave Potters note about tracing over contours ,tried it, with no joy!)First time for this . any help?!
  7. must be a simple way to lower the height of a single wall in a room?! (pro 16)
  8. Thanks David!! nice selection as well!
  9. hey, just upgraded from hd pro 9 to pro 16. People in various positions, goats and dogs have diappeared from the library!!!! Bummed. Use to liven up my plan proposals. anybody know if they are coming back in bonus content or i just cant finf them?1
  10. bigriles

    "large paintings"

    I'm trying to place some painting on a wall in HD16 from library/materials paintings. when placing them in plan they are huge and cover entire wall! how do I downsize?!1 thanks w
  11. got it back by resetting a few things. mybad.
  12. My library is gone in pro 16??