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  1. I started with HD Pro and after a month I upgraded to CA X8. There is so much more flexibility with CA than with HD Pro -- polyline solids just to name one. Yes you can start with HD Pro and then get a $500 discount off CA when you upgrade. Alan
  2. English

    Bare Stud Walls

    Make the one wall that will retain the sheetrock a different style from the others. Then edit the three wall style and remove the sheetrock. Alan
  3. If you want to upgrade I believe (and you may want to contact sales) that CA will give you an allowance for the existing version and deactivate its license. I upgraded from HD Pro to CA X8 and was given a $500 allowance. Alan
  4. You can also move things in the increment snap using the arrow keys -- one click moves one increment in any direction. Alan
  5. I used ACAD Architecture for years and in my opinion Chief (or HD is much easier to use. Alan
  6. I had the same problem when I came from England -- the guy at the auto parts counter couldn't understand me when I asked for a rocker box gasket for my MGB. Alan
  7. That is uncalled for. Eric has helped lots of people on this forum including me. I think the bold text was to grab your attention as many people post questions and without knowing what version they are using it's just a shot in the dark. If only they would read the sticky at the top then it wouldn't be necessary to remind them. Alan
  8. Rod I could tell you are from down under as soon as you used the term "bench top". I guess your closets are robes as well. Alan
  9. Are you referring to the height of the floor? If so then select the room and go to the Structure DBX and change it in the Finished Floor Height box Alan.
  10. A lot of walls I've seen in California homes (watching the Flip or Flop series on TV) seem to have a knock-down finish -- sort of like they do with stucco. Not sure if HD has similar textures. Alan
  11. As Eric said -- just add the second floor addition to your existing second floor. You may want to make a new wall definition for this addition so they are easily identified as new. Just take the existing wall that you are using and make a copy then change maybe the hatch to distinguish it from the existing walls. If there are walls to be demolished you may want to separately identify them also. Alan
  12. If a plan was drawn in Chief Architect it cannot be edited in any HD products unless it is selected to do so in CA. Alan
  13. I guess it would only be of any use if you do an interior rendering -- but who does that for a garage? Alan
  14. I have the same issue. It seems as if the stair gets a little too wide (no idea why) and if I pull in the width then the winder section pops backing shape. If I go back to it later then sometimes it has stayed put but then on other occasions it goes back to what you are experiencing. I would send the plan to tech support and ask them to look at it. If you lookout the second screen shot it appears as if that wall is cutting into the stair at its LH end. If you pull that back then the stair winder section should correct itself. I should add that I was using Chief but they both have the same basic programming. Alan
  15. Don't know about metric but there is an option in Imperial to have the smallest dimension at 1". Have you tried to do that in preferences? Alan