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  1. Thank you SO much Dave! So helpful. I did not realize I could break roof planes...that solves it. Also thanks for cleaning up all the other issues, you saved me from a few other questions to post!
  2. I think my problem was/is I wasn't joining the roof edges correctly, so it seems to be correctly joined at the valleys now. However, the smaller intersecting gable is not "cutting through" the garage/office roof, it is just sitting on top of it. So the wall with the door into the office is not full height, it is cut off by the garage/office roof plane. I have tried adjusting settings for this wall ("full gable wall") instead of knee wall, tried adding a flat ceiling plane, etc., like I would with a dormer but I am doing something wrong. The images attached show what is wrong. I am also attaching the plan file. Cross_gables_at_garage.plan
  3. I am running HomeDesigner Pro 2017 and am having trouble creating cross gables manually. All of my roof planes are drawn manually and the lower gable roof (on the right in the images attached) intersects the garage gable roof. I am able to "fake" the look by dragging the roof edge of the lower gable over to where it intersects the garage, but in section it does not get "cut-off" on the inside. And the right side wall of the garage (where door to office is) does not seem to exist, though I drew it on the 2nd floor, so obviously I am not doing something correctly. I have searched the Knowledge base and forum but don't see anything about doing this manually. I would like the intersection of the lower roof to look on the inside essentially the way a floating dormer would. (Although if I need to add knee walls to do this I would). Any advice is appreciated! Thank you
  4. Thank you...turns out one wall was set to "No Room Definition" so that must be why I could not select the room.
  5. Hi, I am running HomeDesignerPro 2017. I had created a model of a small 2-story gable-roofed home in HomeDesignerPro (same version) that was complete. I now want to add a small addition to the gable end wall that consists of 1 room on the 1st floor & 1 rm on the 2nd floor. I have drawn the addition on the 1st floor and am able to select the interior as a "Room" to give it ceiling height, finishes, etc. On the 2nd floor I have drawn the walls of the addition, but how do I "Build Floor" for the 2nd floor of this addition when I already have a 2nd floor in the model? It wants to add a 3rd floor, which is not what I want. I don't want to delete the existing 2nd floor and start over. Is there a way to put an addition on an existing model? I can't select the space enclosed by the 4 walls of the addition (3 of the addition and 1 shared wall of existing) to bring up the Room Specification presumably because there is no floor. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I am running HomeDesigner Pro 2016 and cannot figure out how to create a plan view of the roof so that I can give it to roofers for bidding as well as be part of my permit set. I can only find a way to show the outline of it at the 2nd floor (my highest floor level), or the roof FRAMING in plan view, but not the roof COVERING (in this case standing seam roofing). The standing seam, gutters and so forth model in 3D views so I know I have drawn it correctly, but I need a PLAN VIEW of it that can be put on a layout sheet. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Thank you, Solver, it is indeed drywall. I went into the default settings for the railing and under "Wall Types" there is a pull-down for the wall type. I had ignored that thinking it would not matter since I was defining the panels, newel posts, rails and rail style. The default for "Interior Railing" was defined as a layer of drywall on either side of fir studs. While I can change the materials and delete some of the layers, I cannot delete the Main Layer. So I made it the "Insulation Air Gap" as you suggested and it is no longer visible. Thank you for the work around!
  8. Hi, Can anyone advise how to remove these phantom polylines that appeared in my 3D view? (see attached) They are not in plan and show as bands hovering above my railing and entry to the spiral stair, but when I click on them they show as planes extending to the underside of roof. I am running HomeDesigner Pro 2016 and created the loft space with the "Open Below" command. Thank you