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  1. Thanks David Appreciate your help once again. And I will post future posts on Chief talk. Regards, Rod
  2. Thank you David Yes I was able to fix it via the Edit > Default Settings etc, so thank you. ( I have attached a screenshot of where I edited). In terms of sharing the plan for ease of future post, what file format would you need that in, the original plan file? Or will I need to export to a certain format (listed in screenshot attached). Appreciate your help once again, if we ever cross paths, I will have to buy you a drink Regards, Rod
  3. Hi guys I have made some adjustments to some settings while trying to create a garden shed, and I realised that I'd altered something before I had saved it. I noticed the wall had a patch of wood (not the exterior material of bricks), so when I looked in doll house view, it's not displaying the top half of the wall. I'm really not sure what setting I altered, must be something with roofs maybe.... Any help would be greatly appreciated :-) Rod
  4. Hi guys Thanks for all your help, that soffit suggestion worked a treat :-) Side note: I also used the Soffit to create a canvas style painting on the wall (no frame) which had been bugging me for while. Much appreciated Rod
  5. Hi guys Sorry for the very delayed response :-/ been a little hectic the past few weeks with work etc. Thank you for your response, I searched the catalogue and found the mirrors easy enough, but they all had frames, apart from one, which was just named "mirror", but when I go to apply it, it is an effect (converts the whole wall), not an actual object. Unless I just need to have another look. I had a bit of a look on Knowledge base but could't see anything that stood out. I will have to have a closer look at that also. Thanks again for the help. Rod
  6. Hi all Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me..... I just need some help knowing how to apply a frameless mirror to a wall? Thanks in advance, Rod
  7. Hi guys I have looked on the knowledge base for this one, but just seem to be going around in circles, as I am not sure what it's even called :-/ The photo attached is the roof I am trying to build (just referring to the one over the front entrance) And the Screenshot is what I have so far. My Question: Is there an easy way to build this roof? I am not even sure what it's called? Thanks in advance, Rod
  8. Yes Alan, dead giveaway huh :-) Once I convert all the terminology I'll be on the home straight, I think that's my largest obstacle atm. Cheers, Rod
  9. Hi guys Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. I am slowly discovering the knowledge base and self help options that are available, and obtaining some knowledge of terms that are used U.S. to Australian terms etc. I have also added some info to my profile for ease of future correspondence etc. Thanks again, much appreciated. Rod
  10. Hi guys Wondering if anyone knows how to achieve an overhang, on only the back of a kitchen cabinet, while leaving the front (facing into kitchen) flush. I have attached a screenshot of what I am dealing with, if anyone can help. Cheers, Rod
  11. Thanks David. Having some success with your instructions. Thank you very much, Rod
  12. Hi David Thanks you for your post. I have followed your link and the instructions, and it set the texture I have selected out of my User Catalogue, and it does set the texture, however the grout (lines between the tiles) will not show up? I have made the lines black to see if they show up, but its just eh pattern as one image. Is there a step I am missing? Thank again for your assistance. Regards, Rod
  13. Hi Alan I appreciate your reply. That wasn't what I was after, However, the thing you suggested actually helped me out on another issue I am having (one at a time:-). So thank you for that. I am looking for a way to increase the floor tile dimensions (bigger tile)? Regards, Rod
  14. Hi guys I am a cheiftalk rookie, but glad to be here. Just wondering how I increase my floor tile size ( from default size to 400mm x 400mm). I am relatively new to Home Designer Pro, but I have had a look through the options, but can pull it off. Please help :-)