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  1. Hi, I'm having an issue with Home Designer Pro 2020 when trying to export to Sketchup. When I export with a DAE file, it imports into Sketchup as more of an object that you have to painfully edit component > then painfully select the lights because it turns the light faces into like a grid. I've seen others export in DAE and not have any issues with importing into Sketchup for external rendering. Attached an image with the light face for reference. Any ideas?
  2. UPDATE: I downloaded it and it will import the .dae files from HD Pro without Sketchup. Now need to figure out the materials and lighting. Having trouble with rotation of materials and how the lighting works.
  3. Hi Dominic, How are you importing into Sketchup? I can't seem to get it to upload, I keep getting an import error... I posted this on the Chief Architect Facebook group. "I know this has been brought up before, but I am curious about this even more now since I figured something out this morning. I learned by searching and also attempting it. I was able to export via the .Collada file (the only form of file export that HD Pro 2020 does. I read on a forum that you could import to Blender to save as a .Collada file (which ironically, from the Blender export, Sketchup uploads the .Collada file seamlessly with no issues except it doesn't keep the materials (colors and textures). I guess where I am stumped is why really small files (very small single rooms) from Home Designer Pro 2020 will load into Sketchup and can be rendered using Podium, yet, once the room gets bigger than a 10x12 and has more than 10 or so objects, cabinets, etc, it won't load - it "import fails". Then exporting to Blender and saving in the EXACT same file type, .collada - minus the colors and texture, it imports into Sketchup and can have textures and color added back in, then rendered. Just wondering if it's a software limitation, something in the file, texture/color or something else causing the issue. I have been using the PBR in HD PRO 2020 with really decent results but.... Was wanting to try rendering in Podium to see what results I could get. I have Sim Lab composer but Podium still seems to the be the easiest rendering option. Can't afford Lumion or other at this point, so just trying to figure out other options." As in that post, I can only get Home Designer Pro 2020 to export the .dae file to Blender without issue, however, when I do it, I get the model but the textures are totally gone and missing... Can you post how you did it in screenshots, I know that's asking a lot, I know several people that don't have an issue, but one of my really good friends who's become a mentor, told me he has issues and it doesn't work for him, so just curious if there is a way of doing it or if your file sizes are small enough, etc... Thanks, Zac. Side Note: Below is my latest render within, HD Pro 2020.
  4. Does anyone have a guide of sorts as to making items such as stainless steel appliances and fixtures have more of a relection. Also items like the countertop (when material is more of a reflective stone). Adjusted materials and lighting with little to no luck. This image was from a test, yes, I realize windows may help. But was using this test kitchen as a sandbox to try to adjust materials.
  5. It is for a walkout basement but I remember in the 2018 HD Pro, you could check an option if I remember correctly to convert the foundation to a basement. I might be mistaken.
  6. Okay, I am lost. Just about anyway I try it, I end up with this.
  7. I screwed up and didn't realize the basement would be a standard foundation. I need to make the back half of it into a walkout basement. Is there a way to do this without too much hassle?
  8. I tried that and it just copied the Mediterranean plan all over again. I just re-drew it in the one I wanted.
  9. I did do that but I tried a test beam and it seemed off. I am wondering if I got it on the wall or more through the wall. I did look through it, I must be in the wrong section, there are two different guides and I'll take a look at those again. Yes, a point.
  10. Is there a way once you start the floor plan to change the style from like the Mediterranean preset to Arts and Crafts for example?
  11. In the image below, I just started a full design, however, I am trying to measure between the exterior wall and the interior wall to make beams in Sketchup so I can import them in to make an arched timber frame interior. I keep trying the measuring tools but I can't get them to line up so the measurement is off I think. Also is there a way to put a marker, like a colored dot or x where you want an object or piece placed so you can measure from that object or snap to it? Thanks.
  12. In the 2018 version of HD Pro, the overall sq ft and each room square footage was displayed on the drawing. I can't seem to find it or turn it on anywhere. Is it just hidden somewhere?
  13. That's a nice difference and makes it so much better. Personally, I can't wait to finish my next project. Just the lighting and effects make 2020 worth it. Just would be nice to blow the dust off of my HD PRO skills a little quicker. I've been using Sketchup for 2 years and have forgotten so much in HD Pro, that I get a little frustrated when something doesn't automatically come to me.
  14. You can add under cabinet lights and lights in the cabinets. I put them in my designs. I'll post an image and guide to doing it when I get home from work.