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  1. 4ndrew

    Can preferences be saved?

    Thanks Eric. Will do.
  2. 4ndrew

    Can preferences be saved?

    Is there a way to set up everything (e.g. wall hatches) and save the settings as some type of preferences file? I realize I can do this & save a file, then re-use the file, but would prefer to be able to import at will. thanks
  3. 4ndrew

    Where to Find Topography Data?

    First - you might be able to get this from your local zoning office, or permits, or whichever department handles it. That said, as far as what you can find digitally, the data available online typically isn't granular enough for us to create an accurate yard-sized data set if you have subtlety to it (or even some big dips), but you can try looking here. I actually made my own "transit" for my yard using a laser measuring device (has a tripod mount on the bottom) and a tall stick with inches marked off.... really wasn't too hard. You keep the laser pointer in place, move around your yard with a plot plan or something similar, and mark off locations and heights. I just did mine rough, but you can grid it off if you really want to. My wife helped.. Probably good if you have a friend join in. Now, it's not official, but depending on your lot, it might work to get you started.
  4. 4ndrew

    Total beginner - Interior dimensions of walls

    Haakon, Sounds good. Did you do it using the Manual Dimension tool?
  5. I think you just go to File > Import > PDF. Not sure how the scaling works, though.
  6. 4ndrew

    Gap under bottom plate

    Whoops... I think of the plywood as framing. I see it's connected to "Floor Surface". Can we show the plywood without the finish flooring?
  7. 4ndrew

    Gap under bottom plate

    I'm getting a gap under the bottom plate and don't know why... here is a totally default structure in a new file - I simply drew four walls, added a camera & took a screenshot: Any explanation?
  8. 4ndrew

    Adjusting walls via dimensions - inside vs. outside?

    Yep - I've been doing that (those)... but in order to get the correct side of the wall selected (and thereby making the alignment helper available) I have to flip the wall. Would love a hot key for that because it happens a lot.
  9. 4ndrew

    Adjusting walls via dimensions - inside vs. outside?

    Thanks Eric - Ok, that works. Would be cool if it detected where your cursor was, and based the dimensions & wall drawing from that, (or have/set a hotkey) but this will do.
  10. Hey all, I'd like to be able to switch the side/alignment of the wall when drawing, and from which the dimension is being taken when I click on it to set an exact length. I don't know if there's a way to do this. In the image here, I want to change the length of the wall and extend it to the right based on outside dimensions. They only show up as outside dimensions if I click on the blue wall. However, when I try this, there's no setting to tell the software the place from which I want to extend the length, so pushes everything to the left. I'd also like to be able to choose whether the wall I'm drawing aligns to the left or right edge of my drawing line. Still looking through the Help file, but haven't found a way... Is there a way to control these?
  11. 4ndrew

    Building a "challenging" roof

  12. 4ndrew

    Building a "challenging" roof

    (First in what undoubtedly will be a bunch of "please help me recreate our house" series ) So far, I haven't been able to figure out how to build this roof, which is really a combination of two. On the back of our house, the kitchen and family room extend out a bit. The family room (and other parts of the first floor) are 16" lower/sunken. Additionally, the ceiling in the extended part of the kitchen is vaulted with the peaked end aligned with the outer wall of the house. I'm finding that HDP sort of knows where the roof should be, but the geometry is off. I'm not sure how to go about "fixing" this, or if I should try to do it manually. The pitches are also a little bit different over the kitchen and living room areas. Here are pics of about how the roofline should be, how HDP does it by default (single pitch / bad geometry), roof planes as generated automatically, and a pic of the inside of our kitchen where you can see the vault.
  13. 4ndrew

    new computer

    You'll probably have to make the license available to the new computer through your account online if you have a single license. (I do this regularly when switching from my desktop to my laptop.) Regarding the computer, I'd recommend a clean reinstall, including any libraries you use. Just make note of what they are in your current computer. Probably shouldn't take that long. Good luck!
  14. 4ndrew

    Remove gap under eave with concrete wall?

    Thanks! Sure seems easier this way. I'm not concerned with framing, but it looks like the framing still works correctly. Cheers & happy new year to you as well.
  15. 4ndrew

    Remove gap under eave with concrete wall?

    Ok, spoke to support - the fix is adding an exterior layer with some thickness. The materials overlapping the end of the concrete wall are easily adjustable in Chief, but not HDP.