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  1. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Ok, got it. The roof, as built automatically, was not attached to the wall of the house. I dragged it to touch in plan view and that seems to have worked.
  2. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Hmmm... It doesn't appear to be connected (see daylight between roof and wall in section below), and editing the 2nd floor (besides causing a crash & forcing me to restart.. whoops) doesn't have any effect...
  3. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Not sure if this is a clue, but in section, the lower roof doesn't seem to be connected to the wall. Hmm...
  4. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Tried that for each wall; no dice. As noted in my first post, "...and not sure what to look up or what this is called."
  5. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Ah - maybe I'm editing the wrong thing? Which component should I actually be editing?
  6. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Interesting... I used a room divider - sliding it around doesn't seem to change much. I think it could be related to this.
  7. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Hi Keith - thanks - tried it - I don't think HD knows what's actually "inside" vs. "outside" the structure.
  8. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Here's the plan. gable-against-flat-wall.plan
  9. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    Not sure how to do that - the whole 2nd floor wall (including the exterior portions) is affected when I change the type.
  10. 4ndrew

    "Outside" walls on "indoor" surfaces

    I have a 1-story room with a vaulted ceiling that attaches to a 2-story wall. The geometry appears correct, but I'm not sure if it's possible to tell it that the 2nd story wall exposed by the vault is actually inside the house... and not sure what to look up or what this is called. What's the best way to "fix" it? Hoping there's something automatic.
  11. 4ndrew

    VR Compatibility

    Hi again- Just out of curiosity, what software are you planning to import into?
  12. 4ndrew

    Cabinet tools - Lighting "inside" cabinets?

    Hi Keith - good question. Someone may search with the same question and find the answer... I may have found it when I searched if someone else had posted it before me. I looked for the lighting first under the Electrical drop-down (thinking they'd work like hi-hats), though the light object info, and through various places in Cabinet settings...(note that it's under the heading of "Advanced Cabinet Tools" on the website - but it's not specifically a "cabinet tool") as well as looking through both the Reference Manual & User's Guide in the Cabinet sections - neither of which, for example, contained reference to "undercabinet" or "under cabinet", which are industry-standard terms. A search for "lighting" brings up 83 results, one of which is "A selection of free-standing and ceiling-, wall and cabinet-mounted light fixtures is available in the Library Browser at Home Designer Core Catalogs> Architectural> Lighting." - which would have worked, but I didn't do a generic search for "lighting". In fact, the description as it appears says lights can be placed "inside" cabinets - meaning to me something like a cabinet with glass fronts and interior lighting. Unfortunately this does not seem to work with a puck - it will only snap to the underside of cabinets, so I assume it would have to be positioned manually. So - essentially - to help others who may have the same question.
  13. The copy on the website reads: "Advanced Cabinet Tools ...Place objects and lighting inside of your cabinets and define multiple styles for doors, drawers, and hardware." However, I can't find any setting that lets me put lighting inside cabinets. I suppose I could create a light and wrestle it into a cabinet... I don't consider that to be an "advanced cabinet tool" though. Is there another way? [edit] Found out the lights are selected via the library, not the light or cabinet dialogs.
  14. 4ndrew

    VR Compatibility

    Hi - This (export) is one of the areas I really hoped would be updated; the export formats are limited to DAE (Collada) and STL. FWIW I'm able to open DAE in Twinmotion, but currently they need an update to get Oculus Touch controllers working again. I haven't used it much, but we're re-doing a few parts of our house, including the kitchen, and it's great to be able to stand inside. I just used VR for our daughter's room to re-arrange. There are a few things I need to figure out, such as making the export split up details that are currently "connected" by texture/color application. For example, if I have three granite countertops, I can only select all 3 together because of the way it exports (I think). FWIW I'm likely going to order the HP Reverb Gen 2 once available & reviewed. The resolution is much higher, and I use it for flight simulation in which I need to be able to see small details like numbers and charts. What software are you planning on using to view in VR?
  15. 4ndrew

    Drawing in wrong order? (plan view overlaps)

    Hey there Eric- I used Interior Staircase - I'll check draw order, but it's below the molding - should be drawn that way automatically in plan. [edit] Not finding anything for Draw Order in Help.