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  1. Hi - I did it with Wall Covering. Can we do a backsplash on a wall that doesn't have cabinetry/countertops?
  2. I have a bathroom with a tile wainscot as well as vertical edges at the tub. Is there a way to show this with a thickness? If so, I'd like to be able to show what will be Schluter edging. Thanks.
  3. How close can we actually get to windows with wall breaks? I only need to do this to define the tiling area around the tub and the wainscoting on the wall. When I drag or try manual entry, I'm not getting consistent results.
  4. Thanks again, but I'm not using 2024. I'll contact support.
  5. Thanks, but I need to troubleshoot the materials for now. This file is just a test.
  6. No emissivity...File below, wouldn't let me attach here. This is the default "Charcoal Tiles" material.
  7. Thanks - tried that. Here's what happens when I set Shininess to "Dull": So, it seems to have almost no effect. Maybe actually makes it shinier. Another angle, not what I'd typically describe as "dull":
  8. I am having a hard time getting the Physically Based materials to look as expected. Here is a comparison of Standard and Physically based views of the same materials in a room with a single wide window providing light. The materials in Standard look much closer to the previews, and as expected. Even with some adjustments, I can't get the colors to look correct in Physically Based, as well as getting far too much reflectivity on something like floor tiles (applied as wainscot to test here): Standard: Physically based: Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Hi David - I did a search before asking, and... However, I don't believe this searches library collection contents. Is there a way to do that?
  10. The default library has an undermount oval sink, but not rectangular, which we need. I did a search in the online library, but didn't find anything. Any suggestions? thanks
  11. Thanks Eric - Solved. I thought marqueeing (sp?) the plan & rotating it was the same thing, since I was rotating everything... but it's not.
  12. I rotated the plan 180 degrees (and got a warning regarding automatic dimension lines. Not sure why rotating something would require them being turned off. Before & after images shows the floor hatch is missing. I assume this shouldn't happen, but is there an alternative way to rotate an entire plan?
  13. Thanks David - actually, I need the ridge to be the same for both; I figured it out. Just need to manually enter and then lock the Ridge height, then manually enter pitch. It makes adjusting the ridge location kinda kludgy since it doesn't seem to understand what a ridge actually is (I'm sure Chief does) but it'll work.