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  1. Thought it might be something like that Here's a closer image of the area where the walls meet. Regarding accuracy, this is primarily for visualization, though the more accurate I can be, the better.
  2. Thanks Dennis - still having trouble with the area where the low wall meets the high wall - would you mind elaborating a bit?
  3. Would be interested to see how you did this. I've tried but... maybe that's why you commented about accuracy. I'm not sure how you set up the walls.
  4. Hi Eric, I'd like to be able to use the wall tools as intended so as to be able to include trim, windows, openings, etc.... is there a way to prevent walls from joining, or to change the join order?
  5. Hi - Thanks everyone - I've made some progress using walls and soffits, but have a few challenges. Starting with walls/soffits only for walls... 1) I can't figure out how to get the low wall to join the high wall without the tall wall becoming angled on the end. I want the opposite to happen. (See pic) 2) I assume I would draw soffits individually, adjust size / angle after drawing, then move them manually? 2a) Is there a way to get the soffits to match up exactly to the walls below?\ 3) Assume countertops work the same way as the soffits? thanks
  6. Hi David - I did, actually... the settings say angle snaps are 15 degrees, but for some reason, I'm getting something like 8 snaps through a 90 degree angle. I'll have to look again when I'm back at that computer to see if there's something I missed. I thought there was a snap-lock modifier key to hold down to limit it to 45 degree snaps, but I may be thinking of other software.
  7. Hey Eric- Two main issues - 1) can't get corners at the 45s accurate, and 2) can't figure out how to create accurate openings. I see below (above) a few people have modeled this, so I'll move ahead...
  8. I've been trying to figure out how to (successfully) model our bar area... without going into everything I've tried, I'm posting an image below. Bonus points for the little niche above the TV alcove [edit] I'm also having trouble keeping the 45˚ segments behaving...
  9. Probably. I've found a bunch of things that should be present in the Designer series (at least, Home Designer Pro) that are included in the Chief Architect software, such as round railings. Assigning objects to layers and generally creating/working with layers is 101-level stuff. Should be included.
  10. Hi all, Haven't had to do this before & thought it would be easy, but I've been unable to find a way to lock and / or hide a image I've imported to use as a floorplan reference. Turning off the visibility of Images doesn't do anything... Any help appreciated.
  11. Did these pretty quickly in Blender. I think there's probably a relatively straightforward way to create a number of objects that fit together more like cut stones.
  12. Ok, got my answer. Round railings are not available.
  13. Could swear I saw them somewhere... but can't find round railings for standard stairs. Is there a non-workaround way to select/show them? thanks
  14. Hi Eric & thanks again- Turns out that the wrench defaults override the cabinet-specific defaults; therefore, if I pick "Midnight" as a general default for cabinets, using the spraycan set to default will revert the cabinets to "Midnight" even if we have a different color chosen as a default through the Cabinet-specific selections. So... again, using the spraycan reverts defaults to the "Main Wrench Defaults", which are less specific but override the more granular object "defaults", which, obviously, are not actually defaults. By the way - what screen capture software are you using? Video/sound quality is great.
  15. Ok - watched it - thanks so much. Yeah, looks like you tried some of the same stuff I did; why there are two places for default material definitions is something to which I haven't found an explanation; further, the two don't match up. That said, getting to the defaults through the cabinet types themselves opens up more options. And again... might not be an issue if I could revert materials to default with the spray can, but I can't seem to do that. I may try restarting again to see what happens.
  16. Thanks Eric - going to watch now. Back in a bit.
  17. Hi Eric- No, I'm saying I can't do it by changing default materials & then by using the spray can in Default mode. (And then, naturally, by changing the defaults.) I figured I could revert to default & assign color/materials that way. But the spraycan isn't returning materials to Default when selected. I can change the colors to other colors by choosing a color with the spraycan, however, but obviously spraying 100 different pieces for a "simple" change is a non-starter... file is 36 megs, so I can't upload in native format. Zip attached. kitchen-test.plan.zip
  18. I am at a point where I can't change the material by either adjusting the default setting(s) or by using the "default" spraycan. No idea how to troubleshoot this. Below is what I get when I have Color - Charcoal assigned to all components for base cabinets except hardware. Also - if there isn't, there should be a way to change all identical colors in a default, so that if I'm using white and change to charcoal, I don't have to change it in 15 locations for all cabinets... is there a way to do this for all cabinets or cabinet types within a room? thanks
  19. Ok, I thought I'd find an option to center it on the face without having to do the math... guess I'll have to do the math.
  20. Hi Guys - thanks for the quick reply. When I do that, the knobs on the entire cabinet move similarly, i.e. the knob is in the location shown in Eric's upper screenshot (lower right), and in this case, 1 3/8" in from the edge.
  21. I've got a cabinet with two top side-hinge doors, and a bottom door with a top-hinge. The knobs on the top doors should are located near the inner split between the doors, but I want to center the knob on the bottom door. Is there a way to do this? For that matter - is there way to tell it to center knobs on top-hinged doors by default? thanks
  22. Hi David - thanks. I'm finding that it's not dependent on zoom level as I'm pretty zoomed in... simply, I can move some undercabinet lights, but not others. They're identical otherwise.
  23. Update: I can move under-counter lights in some elevations views, but not others.
  24. I saw the question as it appeared in my email - seems to have been the same question, i.e. how to put a light "inside" a cabinet. The cabinet type should largely be irrelevant. Why create more posts for the same topic? Genuinely curious. Obviously, leaving my topic in place was indeed helpful as anticipated, or, at least, a step in the right direction.