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  1. I realize that I could probably do this with three separate walls or something, but would like to do it in a single (window pass-through) step if possible.. How can I open this gap so that the opening goes all the way to the ceiling? (green line) thanks
  2. Just wondering if for kitchens, bathrooms, etc. if there is a way to automatically calculate square footage minus cabinet footprints, but to include appliance areas? thanks
  3. Been looking around but haven't figured anything out & have a bunch of them, so I'd rather not do it manually... I don't know what this type of angled detail is called. Sorry, image upload / code editing isn't working for me at the moment. I'll try again in a bit. Deep window with angled detail thanks!
  4. Not yet - seemed fast to split walls, convert the target wall to a pony, change bottom to interior type, set heights, and paint. I'll try it out, though.
  5. Pony wall it is. I don't like the extra geometry, but hey, it works.
  6. Hi Allen, I don't have wainscoting, just a chair rail with different paint above & below. I'm looking to see if there is a way to "split" a wall with a horizontal divider of some sort, like a room divider... but on walls
  7. I'd like to apply a few different materials above & below a chair rail in our dining room, and above and below a ledge shelf / mantle that divides our wall horizontally. Is there a way to do this without creating new geometry? thanks
  8. I am getting back to learning how to put roofs together in the software, and figured I'd try out my house. Some parts seem pretty straightforward, but others are probably complex, at least from a framing point of view. I don't need to get accurate framing, but would like to be able to represent the exterior and the interior fairly accurately. The thing I'm stuck on for the moment is how to model the three main masses (two large masses and central tall foyer); when I do this, roof planes seem to go a little nuts. Here's a basic model of the home, not super accurate, but just a way to visualize the roofs. Any thoughts on how to model the walls so the "collision area" in the center works out? Also, the lower roof area in the back is something I'm coming back to as I couldn't figure out how to get the geometry correct. Front of house with tall center hall (yes, the hall roof "cuts through" the adjacent roof. I didn't design it...) \ Rear of house thanks!
  9. Hi Eric - Yes, that worked, though the soffit has to extend above the ceiling plane - thanks
  10. 1st floor gable against the house where 2nd floor forms overhang... getting gaps above the soffits on the end. Is there a way to avoid this?
  11. Thanks - Actually, the cabinets are already installed under a soffit. Also wish we had more control over the door fronts as they don't always scale correctly, plus I need something specific I'll take a look at saving the entire cabinet(s) to see what happens. Here's a pic of the WIP just for fun. & one realtime from Twinmotion.
  12. Hi Eric - yeah, been through that process; at least, in some cases, selecting multiple components of a cabinet when the dialog is opened allows the user to set them simultaneously. Still, really clunky.
  13. More cabinet questions... probably more later 1) Cabinet fillers - I know I can make them by using a really narrow cabinet. However, when close to a wall, they seem to be added automatically - however, auto-backsplash doesn't honor the filler. Is using a 1" cabinet really the best way to do this? You can see the gap below: 2) Is there a way to assign default molding and have the existing cabinets updated? 3) Can I save a custom molding? I have to redefine it every time. 4) I need a straight molding flush with the cabinet edge. I can't set a negative thickness, so am just trying to use a 1/8" thickness. Is there a way to do this? 5) I'm getting a gap along the cabinet edge where the thin molding is & not sure how to mitigate this. The adjacent cabinet is getting an auto-filler. thanks
  14. I have defaults set up & working for cabinets if I add a new cabinet. However, if I try to restore defaults to an existing cabinet, it only works on some of the materials. I remember there being some odd conflict between "defaults" somewhere, but I believe I have everything set properly. You can see in this image that defaults are set to "Color - Light" for pretty much everything, but the cabinets are showing two materials. Further, when I change defaults, I don't see it reflected in all cabinets of the same type. How can I actually set & restore to material defaults? thanks
  15. 4ndrew

    Graphics Cards

    FWIW - I'm not sure of the "graphics card situation" now, but I recently built a new computer with parts from Microcenter; they keep a certain level of inventory for "full system builds", whether they build it or you do. I don't know what qualifies as a "full system" but it was less components than I thought. By doing this I got an RTX 3080 in a system better than what you might buy off the shelf, and a few hundred bucks less expensively.
  16. Not sure what to call this or what can be done to mitigate exterior siding in a vaulted 1st floor gable. Bonus question: This triangular surface is also being lit as if it's still outside (when using Physical)... maybe the fix is related to the main question; otherwise, is there a way to get HDP to recognize this as being inside/shadowed by the structure? thanks
  17. Hi David - Nah, it's a bug. Lights are identical. When I move my camera position, they randomly change. Edit: From support: If all of your lights aren't turning on for a scene, I'd recommend swapping over to Use Light Settings rather than Automatic lights. Automatic lights will try to grab the 20 closest lights in the scene, but it won't always find the ones you're interested in, so you can manually select which lights you want to be turned on in this camera view. To do this, from within the camera view (this will not work in plan view) you can go to 3D>Lighting>Adjust lights. Then, switch the radial button over to "Use Light Settings" at which point you can be very specific about which lights are turned on in this camera view - a checkmark under "On" indicates that that light is being used for this camera.
  18. I'm finding that Physically Based lights only seem to be actually working in some cases - in this pic, all lights are identical, but only the right one appears to be illuminating the scene. If I add another and then remove it, different lights may appear to be casting light. Before I took this screenshot, the middle light was "working" until I added another light & removed it. Any thoughts?
  19. Hi Keith- I was hoping to add it for visualization; it's a noticeable detail that's quite different from the included or bonus doors, and seeing it in context, in all affected doors, would make a pretty visible difference.
  20. Yes, nothing that matches. Does anyone know if there's a guide to creating Catalog items? (Parametric ones, of course...)
  21. Hi Scott- I'm not really interested in getting CA since it's just for home use for some remodeling projects. Unfortunately it feels a lot of basic functionality was removed from CA to make a "homeowner" version. Many quesitons asked here have an answer of either how to use workarounds or "Chief can do it." Perhaps the homeowner versions should include more things like handrail choices and working undercabinet lighting, and less things like the ability to see Tyvek and half-operational material calculators. There certainly have been some improvements (eg elevation views of interiors) but I'm still scratching my head at some features that are truly needed for non-professionals.
  22. Hi David - I've been using SketchUp much, much longer than HDP... I'm referring not to the color but to the geometry - I would like to replicate cabinets we're considering installing. I suppose I could model the wedges and add them manually, but was hoping to avoid that.
  23. Would like to build a Shaker-style frame but with additional components as show here in bright green. I can model them externally, but then, I could model everything externally. I'm assuming the answer is that "Chief can do this", but thought I'd ask anyway.
  24. I found that using a half-wall with shelves or custom countertops may be the way to go, since there are bends in the walls & I need overhangs on one of the ends that I can't do with a wall tool. Not super accurate but relatively close and fast.