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    Need a custom island with a granite countertop

    Got it. The soffit tool worked great. Thanks
  2. dgolfnut

    Exterior wall - stone up to window bottom - siding above

    I would have never guessed a soffit would be used for this. Thanks so much.
  3. dgolfnut

    Need a custom island with a granite countertop

    GeertDC - That's almost exactly what I'm looking for but I don't have a clue what you're saying about overlapping shelves and using soffits? This is my first project with the program. Would you create a slab on top of the cabinet bases?
  4. I'm using HD suite 2015. I need to put a custom shaped island in my kitchen. None of the grouped islands will work. I would describe it as a 24" base cabinet with an adjacent 36" base cabinet with a sink in the center. The second cabinet is at a 45 degree angle to the first. Then there is another 24" base cabinet at a 45 degree angle to the second cabinet. This entire structure is covered with a granite counter top with a 12" overhang in the back and sides and about 2" in the front. Bar stools would be facing the back sides of the cabinets and the spaces between the cabinets opposite where they are joined at the front would be covered with the same type of wood as the back of the cabinets. To help envision this, if the whole structure was in a corner instead of being a kitchen island, the sides would touch the walls and there would be a triangular gap between the counter and the walls where the sink is. Is there a way to create such an island group and counter that would show on my plan in 3d view?
  5. I am using HD Suite 2015. The house has a walk out basement. The front elevation will be stone from ground level up to the bottom of the 1st floor windows. Above the stone will be siding. Is there a way to do this so it shows right in 3d view??