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  1. Darren

    Bare Stud Walls

    Hi All A bit confused on how best to remove internal wall claddings from only 3 rooms in a plan. What I want to do is show the builder a walk through and in the copy I want to provide him the home theatre, studio and garage should be bare stud walls but the other rooms should be correctly showing the walls Basically I'll do those room builds myself rather than get the builder to do it... Darren
  2. Darren

    Solar Panels

    Hi All I want to drop solar panels onto a roof that's north facing so i can see both how many and how it would look. There is a 'solar panel' material but not an object. What would be the best way to achieve the desired outcome? Cheers Darren
  3. Hmmm, ok so: you broke the wall inserted the three new external wall sections inserted a window in each wall section added a soffit to the floor level of the appropriate type then on top of that you put the slab but I could use the countertop then just make the material a mattress/pillow type material then correct? Since I already have the bay window in the plan I might set the floor back to zero and just add the soffit and countertop and see how it goes....
  4. Solver, thanks for the advice - Home Designer Arch 2017 - I'll edit my sig. What I've done at the moment is to put the bay window at floor level so no seat and then manually added a foundation wall to match underneath and this looks good - I watched your how to do bay windows and was able to adjust the height of the windows all OK. If I then add the seat (raise floor) I get a gap in the exterior wall as attached, looks like it's smiling from some angles but not the look I'm going for LawB10, I have automatic foundation off because I have a foundation wall under the concrete porch
  5. Hi All I'm looking for some guidance on how to create an exterior bay window in a bedroom and placing a window seat/bed, storage underneath and making it a foundational exterior wall So I can create the bay window to the size I want then make the floor raised to the height required and it appears from inside fine Swap to an outside view and the wall doesn't extend all the way down to floor level (assuming because of the raised floor) and definitely doesn't go all the way down to the foundation First off I'm looking for guidance on how to create a bay window that goes all the wa
  6. Darren

    Fake Dormers

    Worked perfectly using the eyedropper on the walls below.
  7. Darren

    Fake Dormers

    Ok, a quick read and edit and I was able to fix it by moving up to the attic space, from there you can place a dormer that open into the attic cavity and remove the window Then messing around with the properties and setting the wall height to zero places it flush to the roof line where you place it I changed the pitch to 30 degrees from the default 45 to make it look more suited to the other gables Now to try and figure out how to apply an external texture/material to the dormer.... House-20151218.plan
  8. Darren

    Fake Dormers

    Hi Eric As these are fake 'dormer' like protrusions, there is no room or walls within the roof cavity to cater for... a large number of larger homes have this kind of feature over here. The plan is quite fixed as far as room sizes and orientation go (due to block layout) so changing the plan to suit the software if that's the limitation is not the answer - I'm sure its just me not knowing a way to add additional custom roofline data (I hope). I hope I added the attachment correctly The idea is to have two small fake dormers mid way between the portico/entrance and the garage o
  9. Darren

    Fake Dormers

    Thanks for the tip on the signature... With a fake dormer I'm still having issues as it will be above a wall on one side I don't need a window of course as it's just opening into the roof space but that seems to be the error I keep getting (about wall placement) Here's a link to something similar to what I want to achieve - the fake dormer in the enter of the roofline... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-mIc4jZqQGAQ/UGWvUcxF7jI/AAAAAAAATgs/_RcqhjpBCUE/s1600/kerala-house-plan.jpg Darren
  10. Darren

    Fake Dormers

    Hi All In a design I'm doing for the new home we have a wide house plan due to the contraints of the property. On the far left and right we have gables and in the centre a gabled portico which I've been able to do. The roof expanse is quite wide though and we want to add two dormer like structures to break up the flatness of the roof. Sounds easy but I can't seem to use the dormer tool to create a fake add-on Can somebody advise best way to approach this? Darren
  11. Thanks for that, I've created the terrain perimeter larger than the allotment as I have to show a distance to a standing body of water for the septic system (maintain a 60m distance for the evaporation field) I've added the actual allotment boundary as a fence, put in the road and left the terrain as flat for now I clicked on the build terrain though and nothing happens, no errors either What could I be doing wrong as in the video you click build and get a preview screen you can tile to view changes as you build... I haven't added a structure yet but a terrain preview shouldn't
  12. Hi All Newbie but I'm a bit confused at what I thought should be a simple thing to do... I know the dimensions and angles of the allotment plus some elevation data but I can seem to find where I can easily enter or specify said angles. In my case if we drew an east-west line as 0 degrees round to 180 degrees then: - the angle of the north-eastern boundary (102.93m long) is 59 degrees from horizontal - the angle of the north-western boundary (58.48m long) is 137 degrees from horizontal, this faces onto the road and so is the front boundary That gives me the first two lines