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Hi all,


So we've come a long way in our house design and our architect has been great.  We've got a great set of prints but he's a little older school and doesn't have the 3d modeling yet.  I transposed the drawings into Home Designer Suite 2015 but have been foiled trying to get the roof right.  I've studied the threads and keep getting stuck.  I removed the porch pillars because they weren't coming out right either.  We are also eliminating the adobe slump accents in the house due to cost.


I have a two level parapet system with a flat roof that I'd like to model appropriately so I can start to play with colors and finishes.  I have attached both my transposed Home Designer file as well as the appropriate architectural drawings I am trying to mirror.


Any ideas?  Am I stuck by my version?





House Plan Transposed 2.plan


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Here is a You Tube video of me working on your file, I still think you should find and read about parapet walls in the Knowledge Base Help articles on the Home Designer website as well, like Eric suggested.



PS: This video excludes the annoying football audio of yesterday's You Tube video (my bad)

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I have a two level parapet system with a flat roof that I'd like to model appropriately so I can start to play with colors and finishes.


Hi Mike, I think nearly every single plan I've done has had a flat roof, so I've gotten the hang of modelling them.  I don't know what software/version you're using, but I've been able to do them equally well in Arch 2015 and Pro 2016.  There are articles in the Knowledge Base (search for "parapet roof"), but here are the basic steps:

  1. You won't actually be modelling the roof with the default roof function.  Add a blank second floor on top of your main level.
  2. Add half walls (railings) around the perimeter on the 2nd floor.  These are your parapet walls.
  3. Change the properties for the "room" on the 2nd floor to have no roof / ceiling overhead.  Often I just set it to the Balcony room type and it does all this for me.
  4. Make the parapet walls the same thickness as the exterior walls on the 1st floor, and align them to the walls below with the Align Below function.
  5. Set the height of the parapet walls as desired.
  6. Apply appropriate materials as desired to the roof surface, parapet walls, and caps.

Here's a design I'm working on for an apt with 2 flat / parapet roofs:



Hope that helps!  :)

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Awesome guys!  Thanks for the help.  I apologize for not getting back sooner.  My computer took an unexpected dive!


I did play with Parapet instructions but the uniqueness of the two levels was getting me.  I don't think I constructed the supporting walls right.


I like the ideas Eric but I don't think that's the route we are going.  There are some specific reasons for the two planes and the flat roofs.  We are looking for a strong Solar option that can be low profile.  Also trying to keep clean lines without too many elevation changes which d rive up cost.  I like how you've got it looking.


I thought I had mentioned in my first post that it was Home Designer Suite 2015.  I'll have to add that to my signature.


DavidJPotter.  Were you able to save the file so I can compare my end-state?



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