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  1. You probably meant to post this in the Suggestions section and not the company's Sales forum.
  2. Not automatic, but if you're on Windows, then you can use the Character Map to Copy the Delta Δ from a font that has it and then Paste it into Text in Home Designer. Character Map on Mac does the same type of thing but is harder to search.
  3. Either you haven't created a Terrain Perimeter yet, or you're on the wrong floor. That's the only reasons why the tools would be grayed out. See this Knowledge Base article. KB-00278: Troubleshooting Why the Terrain Tools are Greyed Out
  4. katalyst777

    no trusses

    Not sure what you did wrong with building the shop with regards to the ceiling without seeing the plan. There's a bunch of prior threads with links to 3D Warehouse trusses if you just want import them as symbols for the basic look in some of the less advanced versions than Pro. KB-00888: Importing 3D Symbols
  5. Chief Architect has certified Trainers who offer this service as well. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/training/personal-training.html
  6. Make sure you're using the "Break Line" edit button when the roof plane is selected before clicking to place the break in the roof plane. Don't try to use the Break "Wall" tool instead.
  7. If you really do already have a Terrain Perimeter in your plan, then you need to be on the same floor in your plan as where your terrain perimeter is. So if you put the Terrain Perimeter on Floor 1, the other terrain tools will only be active while on Floor 1, not on Floor 0 or Floor 2.
  8. Did you actually go through the article I linked? Not only are there a bunch of troubleshooting steps, but it also explains if they all fail how to get the files that the company's actual Tech Support people need to be able to troubleshoot further when you contact them. That's definitely NOT "useless."
  9. This is a really old post, so the link was relevant when they originally replied but has since been updated because the new version just came out.
  10. I haven't gotten to try it out yet, but this post indicates that the rendering is substantially improved in the new 2018 versions. https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/3110-improved-rendering-in-architectural/
  11. Definitely a video card issue. KB-00897: Troubleshooting 3D Display Problems
  12. Select a different light using the Library Browser and then place it in the plan.
  13. Upgrade Info - https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/discounts/
  14. This Knowledge Base article deals with SEH Exception error messages. KB-00802: Troubleshooting Exception and Assertion Error Messages There's a bunch of troubleshooting instructions and also info on what to send to the company's Tech Support if none of the article steps fit it.
  15. https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/videos/watch/2225/dimension-defaults.html?playlist=203