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  1. JASInteriors

    How to do this (if possible).

    I'm not sure about this, can the program do this? I have Chief Architect X9. I have uploaded a photo for an example. Thanks in advance.
  2. JASInteriors

    Materials List

    For the materials list, under the cabinet section, its list different parts of the cabinet. For example C1 and then - C1.1 / C1.2 / C1.3 and so forth. What part of the cabinet is each one of those? Is there a way to show that corresponding (ID) to the the cabinet? And if there is more than one cabinet how do you know which cabinet is which without having to look at the size of the cabinet and going back and forth to the floor plan? I have the Home Designer Pro 2018 version & uploaded an example of a material list Thanks in advance James Materials List.xml
  3. JASInteriors

    Adding Apron Front Sink to Base Cabinet

    How do you add a apron front sink to a base kitchen cabinet without it being placed on top of the cabinet? It needs to be under the counter-top. Thanks in advance. - Home designer pro 2018
  4. JASInteriors

    Dimensions Interior vs Exterior

    I have the Home Designer Professional 2018 version.
  5. JASInteriors

    Dimensions Interior vs Exterior

    I am use to using a different design program and would like to see if this one can do it was well. While drawing up the walls, I want the dimension of them to be what it is on the interior of the wall, not the exterior dimension. Is there a setting to change that? Currently while drawing a wall it shows the exterior length which I do not want, I want the interior length of the wall. Thanks in advance.