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  1. hansense

    Exterior wall in attic

    I have a gable garage that runs into a taller section of the house. From the attic area above the garage facing the taller part of the house the wall of the higher portion shows as an exterior wall, so I see brick where I would expect a framed wall. Shouldn't the interior part of the attic show an interior wall, and change to show brick on the exterior portion when split by a roof plane? I can change the wall to an interior wall, but then the exterior part changes from brick to an interior wall.. I tried splitting the wall, but it still leaves brick on part of the interior wall. Is this as designed, or is there a way to get the interior wall of attic to show as an interior wall, while the exterior shows as an exterior wall?
  2. hansense

    Terrain options grayed out

    Thanks for your help. Something must have been corrupt with my file. I copy and pasted into a new one, and now I have access to the other terrain features.
  3. hansense

    Terrain options grayed out

    Yes I'm on the same floor. Are you saying I should have access to the other options in terrain?
  4. hansense

    Terrain options grayed out

    I spent a lot of time looking through all of the things you mentioned, but couldn't find any answers. I only come here as a last resort.
  5. hansense

    Terrain options grayed out

    You guessed wrong. I do have a terrain in my plan, and as you can see from my original question I did include that I was working with Suite. (Suite 2012). Does anyone knows the answer to my question?
  6. hansense

    Terrain options grayed out

    Does the Suite line not have the ability to add a driveway or sidewalk to terrain? There are a lot of options under Terrain, but all of my terrain options are grayed out except plants and retaining walls? Anyone know how to utilize the other options in Suite?
  7. hansense

    Add group/block to library

    Thanks for the reply. It is unfortunate that they removed that capability. Fortunately I have some leftover that I created in a previous version.
  8. hansense

    Add group/block to library

    In previous version of Suite I was able to save a group (architectural block) to the library, and then ungroup them if I wanted, but I'm unable to figure out how to do it in Suite2012 version. Does anyone know if this is still possible, or did they remove the capability to do it?