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  1. For some reason I had it in my head that skipping the OS update and going directly to the video card manufacturer would void the Mac warranty. Maybe they've changed that in more recent years?
  2. Did it word? I didn't think you could update a video card driver on the Mac and it was all just rolled in to OS updates?
  3. Just because it was a video card driver in my case doesn't mean the same is true for you. It seems like this is one of those random messages that comes up because something went wrong, but the program doesn't know specifically what, which is why there's so much to do for troubleshooting in the article. If you go through that article, there's also link to another different article with troubleshooting steps that only apply to the Mac, so you may want to go back through that and see if anything it lists helps you. If nothing there works, it doesn't hurt to contact the software techs.
  4. I think I've finally got things set up now so instead of asking about errors, I am ready to start designing, and now I have what I think should be a basic question, but I am not able to figure out how to set the height of a wall?
  5. Technical Support basically confirmed that the wording of this error isn't helpful in my case, and that the video card driver being outdated can result in this error. In my case it was on opening Specification dialog because they show a "preview" of the object (the white rectangle). I hadn't even made it to trying to create 3D camera views yet but apparently I probably would've gotten the same message with that using the outdated driver.
  6. Going through the article Kat linked on this specific error (thank you, btw, I didn't find this in my own search for whatever reason), I think the issue was with my video card. I updated from operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 10, but it never occurred to me that the driver for my video card wouldn't be compatible and need to be updated separately. So I followed the instructions from the other article on updating the driver that was linked in the one Kat posted and so far so good!
  7. The error message says to use Save As, so not sure what you mean by that saves the error too? Thanks Kat, I will check out the article as well.
  8. Assertion failed: An unexpected error occurred. You should use "Save As" to save your current work in a NEW FILE and restart this program. I have done Save As about a dozen times and the error keeps coming up, but I don't think it's actually a problem with my file, because it only comes up when I open up a Specification dialog box, and there's a big white rectangle in the right of the dialog. Anyone run across this before? I've already logged a ticket with Technical Support, but thought I'd post here too.
  9. Guess I shouldn't have been anticipating a long wait from technical support, since I heard back and their instructions resolved the problem. Save your work, exit out of any programs that are running Shut down the computer completely, then reboot RIGHT-click on the program's desktop icon and choose Run As Administrator If prompted to associate plan files, click Yes Once the software is open, close it and try opening it normally to see if you still receive the same warning These steps are in the article too, but I just hadn't made it that far yet. Anyway, seems to be working fine now, so maybe this can help someone else down the line! Thanks all!
  10. Windows 8 Doesn't show as running in Task Manager. I'll wait to hear from technical support and reply with their response if going through the article Kat linked doesn't work.
  11. I've already written in to the company's technical support, but I thought it was worth posting here too while I wait for a reply. Has anyone gotten this error before and know how to fix it? My software isn't running as near as I can tell, but it won't launch.