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    Possible to select and size multiple objects

    Is there a way to select two or more cabinets and alter the dimensions to apply to all? I'm using home designer interiors. I know how to select defaults, but wondering if possible to just select 2. Also, my defaults won't reset when I click the checkbox for some reason.
  2. materializes

    aligning cabinets

    I don't understand how the center tool works. Do you select both and click "center"?
  3. materializes

    aligning cabinets

    Ah, I forgot about mentioning the version and product. I'm using Home Designer Interiors.
  4. materializes

    aligning cabinets

    Is there an easy way to select two cabinets and align them on one side? For example, I would like to align my uppers with my base cabinets and I know you can do it in the plan view, but I'm doing it visually. Is there a tool that automatically does this? thanks in advance.
  5. materializes

    changing light fixture

    thank you
  6. Hi, I'm trying to show my cabinet elevations and dimensions. I see there is a way to do it in pro through creating an "orthographic view" and creating a cross-section, but HD Interiors does not seem to have this functionality. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  7. materializes

    changing light fixture

    I'm doing kitchen cabinet work and somehow when I click "build>electrical>light" it defaults to this awful chandelier with candles. It used to default to recessed lighting, so not entirely sure how I changed this. Can someone advise how I change this? I am working in Home Designer Interiors 2017.
  8. I'm trying to stack wall cabinets for a kitchen design using Home Designer Interiors 2017 version. Is there a way to do this? I can't figure it out. I would like two rows of wall cabinets. Thank you for your help in advance!