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    3D Library - GE Appliances

    Unless things have changed, older versions work in newer versions, newer versions will not work in older versions. try downloading the X11 version.
  2. LawB10

    3D Library - GE Appliances

    Were you signed into the site before tried downloading?
  3. LawB10

    Foundation under front porch

    The easier way is to build the porch and name it as such, leave the walls in place, turn off auto rebuild foundation, then make the walls invisible or use rails.
  4. LawB10

    Garage with dormer

    Rebuild the plan starting from scratch. Uncheck ignore 2nd floor, set the first floor ceiling height to what you want, set the main pitch to what you want. Set the overhangs to what you want, I would not edit the floor and ceiling structures, unless there is reason to do so. The default ceiling heights for the Garage(s) is 120 1/2" but the default specification says 107 5/8". Somehow 12" got added the ceiling height. The foundation auto rebuild is on, but yet can edit floor D that setting should be greyed out until you uncheck auto rebuild foundation. Build the second and lower the ceiling height to 48" or lower, set the pitch on the front wall of the one car garage to 4" or higher, build the dormer.
  5. LawB10

    Issues - front overhang, roof lines, front gable

    Here's the link to that plan... In Suite you have to build according to the floor plan, if you alter the plan, the roof may not build correctly. I can explain how to build that plan, but it's easier to build it and then upload. I'll be back with plan.
  6. LawB10

    Double Gable Issues in HD Architectural

    Here's a modified version of the plan. I unchecked "ignore top floor" and lowered the Loft, room over the Great room and Stairwell ceiling heights to 0" The Bathroom, Bonus room to 60" the bedroom and porch to 48". Deleted the Cabinet that was blocking entrance to the Pantry, checked the floor finish for the Dining and Kitchen and pantry. Created rooms over the Master Bedroom and Master Bath, and made them open below which fixed the gap. Manually built the dormers, the left side auto dormer would not work, the right side did. Turned on terrain features and redid the elevation regions Turned off Auto rebuild roofs and reset the ceiling heights. Plan_1_-_New_Master_Suite__2-1.plan
  7. LawB10

    Creating Built-in Sections in Walls

    I stand Corrected.
  8. LawB10

    Custom Hip Roof - Porch and 1 1/2 story

    Why did you stop working? LOL Put a roof over the Porch and gable the side wall, Gable the wall where the Garage is. Go to the second floor, click on the front wall that's gabled and check auto roof return, choose the length and extension you want, do the same for the back wall and check full. Lower the second floor ceiling heights and then turn off auto rebuild roofs and reset the second floor ceiling heights.
  9. LawB10

    Creating Built-in Sections in Walls

    The OP doesn't have Suite 2021, s/he stated " I have Home Designer Suite 2020" .
  10. LawB10

    Creating Built-in Sections in Walls

    Suite doesn't have a wall niche tool, use a pass thru and soffits or box shapes.
  11. LawB10

    Dormer Gable Roof and Attic Roof Showing on Exterior

    I take it, this a work in progress, generally when a have a 2nd floor you lower the ceiling heights 12" or more once the roof is how should be, then you turn off auto rebuild roof and reset the ceiling heights to there defaults. Where are the stairs to the second floor? there's 2 doors on the second floor, one on the bedroom and the other on the open below room. The attic and invisible walls are useless delete them, there's a room with double doors, draw a wall to make it a room also do the same for the hallway. On the first floor, why is that room open below? If you could, upload a picture of the rear and sides of the house, you can't see what the roof should look like from the one picture.
  12. LawB10

    HD Suite Roof Question

    When you build from a floor plan, you build all at once, not one section at a time, you keep auto rebuild roof and auto rebuild foundation ON until completion. When you build from a floor plan, it's not a good idea to alter it to how you think it should be, that's why you are having roof problems. Always draw the external walls first and then the interior walls/rooms according to the floor plan.
  13. LawB10

    HD Suite Roof Question

    Jo_Ann, I have seen this same problem in later versions of Suite and Architectural, both the roof and foundation does not build in Doll House view. You may have stumbled on the reason for that, the interior walls were built first, then the external walls were built. Even though this is a single story, you still need a second floor for that part of the roof to build, also the Porch size will effect how the Garage roof builds. Here's how it looks with current uploaded plan
  14. LawB10

    HD Suite Roof Question

    The plan you sent is corrupted, in Doll House view, the foundation doesn't show, the roof doesn't show and the floor and ceiling has no finish. Use Perspective Full overview to see the issues with the Garage roof.
  15. LawB10

    Stepped floor in garage not working

    Another way is to go to the foundation, draw a wall and raise floor D for that section.
  16. LawB10

    HD Suite Roof Question

    You need to upload the .plan file....
  17. LawB10


    Here's a modified version.... forest 1.plan
  18. LawB10

    simple shed roof

    Why are you manually doing that? What solver showed you is the easiest for that design. You are not going to get much of a shed with a 1" pitch. Start by turning on auto rebuild roofs, then build a 2nd floor, start with a 8" pitch, gable the side walls and high shed the front wall, click on the back wall and lower the pitch.
  19. LawB10

    High Ceilings

    I think it would help more if you upload the plan itself, not a copy of it. If it's to big, you make zip file to make it smaller and then upload the plan. To get the 24" walls, you click on each wall and change the thickness to 24" it thickens inward. The second floor walls will align to the outer edge not the inner edge. Also name the rooms what they going to be. I built the plan based on the uploaded picture, I have no idea what the roof looks like or what the rooms are. Unless you have mastered manual roof building, DO NOT turn off auto roofing building, until you are satisfied with the roof.
  20. LawB10

    Vaulted Ceiling in Living Room attached to kitchen

    First, Delete the first floor so that 2nd floor becomes the 1st floor and the third floor becomes the second floor. For the Living room gable, use the break wall tool, make a 12" or so break and ungable that little piece and lower the pitch.
  21. LawB10

    High Ceilings

    Looking at the picture it seems like you make the 1st floor walls 24" and ceiling height 16' then lower the second floor ceiling height to 7' and make the second floor "Open Below" with no ceiling.
  22. LawB10

    two stories with roof starting at first story

    That's easy do this!!!! Change the 2nd floor ceiling height to 0" (F), change the railing to a wall, use the break wall tool and change that little piece to siding with a 14" pitch. Delete the 2nd floor invisible wall and all other unneeded walls, Gable the 1st floor wall and move it to the left. Lower the other room to 84" or lower, then turn off auto rebuild roofs and reset the ceiling heights. Use the full camera to see how it looks.
  23. LawB10

    Problem with Floor defaults

    Keep in mind, what can be done in the real world, can or cannot be done with software. The walls on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors need to be the same thickness and same type, you can change the material later. If not, you will have wall alignment problems, the foundation walls are 17 1/2" 1st floor 13 1/2", 2nd floor 9 3/4" and the 3rd floor 6" those walls should be the same thickness. For the 1st floor default, the floor absolute elevation should be 0 you have it at -1 1/2. Uncheck " floor supplied by foundation room" and check "floor under this room". The defaults for the foundation are Walls with footings and a height of 37 1/2" which should make the ceiling height 30 or so inches. It's ceiling height is 2 1/2", for that to be a finished basement, the ceiling height will have to be higher. Turn auto rebuild roofs on, uncheck "ignore the 3rd floor" and set the ceiling height to 48" and on the 2nd floor set it between 48 and 84 " Once the roof is how you want to be, turn off auto rebuild roofs and reset the the ceiling heights to their defaults. The rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor that are open below, the whole room don't have to be open below, once you build the stairs and click the auto stairwell tool, it will create a room that's open below, you can use the space that's left over for something else.
  24. LawB10

    Move Floor From Level 1 to Level 0

    Start over... Go to default settings>foundations, click "Walls with Footings", keep or change wall thickness, change wall height to to the height you want. You know have a basement. Click on the terrain perimeter and uncheck automatic and flatten pad, use the elevation region tool and draw 2 regions one for the front and one for the back keep one at 0 and lower the other one to -90 or something.
  25. LawB10

    gable over alcove

    If the porch is already created, then use the break wall tool for that section. Break the wall in two places or extend the porch walls out to create a room.