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  1. To get that shed roof, click on the front wall, then check high shed/gable wall, do the same for the side wall then click full gable, set the pitch by opening the back wall.
  2. I don't know why, I tried to download and got the same error message. I didn't do anything special or tricky, I just added a second floor and lowered the ceiling height. On your plan check the walls and ceiling height for that room.
  3. ChiefChrisM, Your better off rebuilding the plan on the Mac. Keep auto rebuild roofs on until your done, then turn it off if you like... If your plan on making changes, turn on auto rebuild roofs before doing so.
  4. On the first floor, make the pitch 4 and the upper pitch 8.
  5. Try using the Material Definition tool. Click on the original wine glasses, click on colors and see what the numbers and settings are. Use those numbers and settings for the newer wine glasses
  6. When it comes to roof building, it's either manual or auto, you use auto until the roof is how you want it to be. If you manually build the roof you build the roof to how you want it to be. DO NOT use both at the same time....
  7. LawB10


    Click Terrain>Create Terrain Perimeter, then click on Terrain perimeter and uncheck automatic and flatten pad. Change the number to lower or raise the terrain. Click Build>Floor>Foundation and check, monolithic slab.
  8. Ungable the front wall and gable the side walls. Set the pitch on the front wall 4, if problems happen set the pitch to 4 and upper pitch to 8 Change the In From Baseline to 30 or more.
  9. Click > Build>Build Roofs>roof styles. You will see the various roof types. The roof in the picture is modified version of a Gambrel roof.
  10. And don't forget to add it to you're user catalog.
  11. Like I said before the Terrain Perimeter is on the wrong floor that's why you don't see it.
  12. I took a look at the plan, there's other problems with it.... The Terrain perimeter is on the wrong floor, should be on the 1st floor. Delete the terrain perimeter and rebuild the foundation then set it on the 1st floor Delete the cabinet that's causing the Z-fighting and showing the house in 3d wrong. The Garage and family room are one big room, put a wall on the other side and align it with the Wine Cellar it will separate the garage from the family room. Delete the panels and create a room in the Garage put a door there. The ceiling heights are incorrect (F) should be 144" and (E) should be 145 1/2". Put a roof over the Pantry. On the 2nd floor, delete the invisible walls, change the slab to a balcony, change and resize the newels on the railing. Uncheck extend the slope downward, it's not needed.
  13. You have to build the second floor, check make floor blank, then build the room over the garage and lower it to 48". None of the rooms are defined ie Bath, Kitchen etc. When you click on the electrical icon and click "auto place outlets". the software will automatically place the outlets. Rooms that are defined as Kitchen and Baths will have GFCI placed automatically.
  14. To get a flat roof, click on the walls for that room you want the roof to be flat, then change the pitch to 1/4" or lower.
  15. Here's what I came up with. Built a 2nd floor then lowered it to 0" For the shed roof, used the break wall tool and created a room, raised the ceiling height to 48" Gabled the side walls, lowered the pitch on the front wall to 4" and highshed/gable the back wall For the Bay area Gabled the side wall and highshed/gable the front wall. tiny.plan
  16. Pick the Stucco material you want, then click the spray painter (F) It will paint the material for that floor.
  17. LawB10

    Maine Lake House

    Good job on the build.... For Bay windows, build them manually, for the fireplace type "fireplace" in the library search bar, pick a fireplace and change the material or use box shapes to manually build it. Use a box shape to create beams, also for the box shape open it's specification box, click elevation reference, ceiling or roof and click flush mounted to get the shape at an angle. For the Deck rename it to Balcony.
  18. LawB10

    Porch Roof

    Raise the ceiling height for the room on left. Lower the pitch on the Porch, both front and side. Build a 2nd floor over the main house lower it, then gable the front wall.
  19. How about uploading pictures of the house, the front, rear and both sides, that way it can be seen how it is. It's really a guessing game right now.
  20. Keep in mind that you have to use a full height cabinet and it has to bigger than the refrigerator. Be aware of the two types, the Built in and the stand alone, Built in will place in the cabinet, stand alone will not.
  21. Use The Zip tool in Windows. Open Explorer, find the file, highlight it ,don't click on it, then click the Zip icon in the upper left corner.
  22. You do realize the Original post is 2 years old, If you would have followed the instructions solver gave in 2018, you would know that Suite can do what you wanted it to do, which is very easy to do in Suite.
  23. Here's a modified version. There are to many elevation regions and unnecessary terrain features. To retain the Porch foundations, keep the walls in-place, turn off auto rebuild foundation then make the walls invisible. Base Design.plan