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    LawB10 Thanks, I will try that. Sue
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    DJP Thank you for this information. I drew 4 walls outside of my plan and hit Terrain>Create Terrain Perimeter and the building looks like I want my plan to look like. Can I do this with my current plan? All I want is to have it look like it is sitting on the ground. I know this is not the proper way to do it but this is for my viewing. Thanks again, Sue
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    @Jo_Ann I tried to reply to your message that you sent to wyosue but it would not let me reply. I sent you another one from wyosue1. Sorry for the mix up.
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    I want to set up the plan so that there are no steps going into the house. I have Architect plans but I have my plan laid out in Home Designer Architectural 2022 so that I can visually see what everything looks like. I have removed the foundation and want it at zero clearance but don't know how to do this. I am sure there is a better description . How do I get everything to be at ground level? Also, the garage is at a different level than the rest of the house. I know some of the things are not correct but right now I would just like help with learning how to make the changes for the level of the floors. For some reason I have 2 user names. The first one was set up years ago when I purchased Pro 8 and when I first purchased Architectural 2019. I tried to update my Profile but for some reason it will not let me do that. Also, it will not let me delete the other profile. Thanks, Sue wyosue1 Window10 Pro 32 GB Intel Core i7-856SU Laptop Home Designer Architectural 2022